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Hematology 1

Hematology in Practice - Chapter 4

What percentage of hemoglobin is synthesized in the reticulocyte stage? 35%
Fetal hemoglobin consists of which of the following chains? a2y2
What abnormal hemoglobins will result in a cyanotic condition? Hemoglobin M
What factors will result in an immediate increase on oxygen delivery to the tissues? Increased 2,3-DPG
What clinical condition is a definitive sign of intravascular lysis? Hemoglobinuria
Each hemoglobin molecule consists of _____ heme structures. four (4)
When iron is present in an oxidized state, as FE+3 or ferric iron, the resulting hemoglobin is known as: Methemoglobin
Hemoglobin begins to be synthesized at the polychromatophilic stage of red cell development. True
90% of in vivo hemolysis is intravascular. False
What hemoglobin is an embryonic hemoglobin? Hgb Gower
How many total genes does a person possess for the production of alpha chains? Four
Name one condition that may shift the OD curve to the left: Inheriting a high oxygen affinity hemoglobin
If polychromasia is increased in the peripheral smear, the _____ should be elevated. Reticulocyte count
If 2,3-DPG increases, the hemoglobin molecule releases more oxygen. This is known as a _____ OD curve. Right-shifted
What statement regarding 2,3-DPG is correct? It controls hemoglobin affinity for oxygen
When iron in the hemoglobin molecule is in the ferric (Fe 3+) state, hemoglobin is termed: Methemoglobin
What percent of hemoglobin is synthesized in the reticulocyte stage? 35%
Epsilon and zeta chains are part of which of the hemoglobins? Hgb Portland
Fetal hemoglobin consists of what chains? a2y2
Created by: Megan Hohenberg