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Hematology 1

Hematology in Practice - Chapter 2

What is the average M:E ratio for normal adult bone marrow? 4:1
The key organs involved in extramedullary hematopoiesis include the: liver and spleen
What assays is the best test to assess the bone marrow's response to anemic stress? reticulocyte count
Antibody-coated red cells that have their antibodies stripped away in the spleen usually reappear in the circulation as: sperocytes
A peripheral blood smear indicator of ineffective bone marrow response to anemia is: a lack of polychromasia
A patient with the following values-- RBC = 4.01 x 10^12/L, Hgb = 12.5 g/dL, and Hct = 37.2% -- will most likely have which of the following RBC indices? MCV = 92.8 fL, MCH = 31.2 pg, MCHC = 33.6%
The hormone responsible for red blood cell development in the bone marrow is: Erythropoietin
What site is the most preferable site for bone marrow aspiration and biopsy in adults? Iliac Crest
A patient's hemoglobin is 12.3 g/dL. On the peripheral smear, the red cells appear normochromic, normocytic. The hematocrit value that correlates with these data is: 37% = 12.3 x 3 = 36.9 (round up)
A Wright- stained smear of a patient with an elevated reticulocyte count should show: Polychromasia
When hematopoiesis occurs in the liver in an adult, it is called: Extramedullary
During midfetal life, the primary source of blood cells is the: liver
The CBC parameter that gives insight as to the amount of anisocytosis present in a specimen is: RDW
Patients with moderate anemias (7 to 10 g/dL) may be asymptomatic. True
What are the organs of hematopoiesis in fetal life? liver and spleen
How does the bone marrow respond to anemic stress? Production is expanded, and red blood cells are released to the circulation prematurely
What chemical substances are responsible for differentiation and replication of the pluripotent stem cell? Cytokines
A hormone released from the kidney that is unique for erythroid regeneration is: Erythropoietin
What is the most stable parameter of the CBC? MCV
What one of the red blood cell indices reflects the concentration of hemoglobin per individual red blood cell? MCHC
What formula indicates the correlation check between hemoglobin and hematocrit? Hgb x 3 = Hct
What CBC parameters may provide an indication of anemia before he MCV indicates an overt size change? RDW
What test is the most effective means of assessing red blood cell generation in response to anemia? Reticulocyte count
Created by: Megan Hohenberg