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‘Manhunt’ Simon Armitage revision notes GCSE English Ormerod

PoemKey Points
‘Manhunt’ Simon Armitage SUMMARY Narrated by the wife of a soldier who has returned from war with serious wounds. It is more difficult for her to understand his mental scars. Difficult to resume their relationship. Sub-titled ‘Laura’s Poem’ – based on her interviews with poet.
‘Manhunt’ Simon Armitage THEMES Pain (emotional and physical). Suffering. Rehabilitation. Love.
‘Manhunt’ Simon Armitage FEELINGS Pain. Patience. Love.
‘Manhunt’ Simon Armitage STRUCTURE Made up of a series of couplets, mostly unrhymed. This creates a sense of fragmentation, which matches the feelings of the soldier's wife as she seeks to understand the man her husband has become. Describes phases of the wife's search for answers.
‘Manhunt’ Simon Armitage LANGUAGE title puns on the idea of the 'manhunt' verbs ‘explore’ ‘handle and hold’ ‘mind and attend’ refer to careful treatment of husband's injured body & mental state refers to parts of husband's body metaphorically = compared to inanimate objects
‘Manhunt’ Simon Armitage KEY QUOTES ‘climb the rungs of his broken ribs’ ‘the blown hinge of his lower jaw’ ‘the parachute silk of his punctured lung’ ‘the foetus of metal’ ‘a sweating, unexploded mine’
‘Manhunt’ Simon Armitage LINKS TO… ‘To His Coy Mistress’ about the body of a loved one. ‘in Paris with You’ closed on the subject of the past - keen to focus on the present. ‘The Farmer’s Bride’ exploring a relationship from a male point of view. ( ‘Manhunt’ = from a woman’s)
Created by: lesleycollins