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‘Brothers’ Andrew Forster revision notes GCSE English Ormerod

PoemKey Points
‘Brothers’ Andrew Forster SUMMARY The narrator remembers a moment from childhood when he & a friend/older brother (?) had to look after his younger brother. They are fed up with him but feeling grown up to be going out on their own. They run off leaving him behind.
‘Brothers’ Andrew Forster THEMES Sibling relationships. Growing up. Reminiscence.
‘Brothers’ Andrew Forster FEELINGS Frustration. Freedom. Guilt. Regret.
‘Brothers’ Andrew Forster STRUCTURE No rhyme or strict pattern to its rhythm 3 stanzas recount 3 stages of the afternoon 1st sets the scene, shows relationship between the speaker & his brother 2nd = disruption to plans for the afternoon 3rd concludes the story - brothers separated
‘Brothers’ Andrew Forster LANGUAGE Autobiographical – written from an adult perspective characters revealed through choice of verbs voice of the speaker suggests throughout that he is feeling resentment towards the younger brother
‘Brothers’ Andrew Forster KEY QUOTES ‘saddled with you’ ‘spouting six-year-old views’ ‘you windmilled home’ ‘doing what grown-ups do’ ‘unable to close the distance I'd set in motion’
‘Brothers’ Andrew Forster LINKS TO… ‘Sister Maude’ An unhappy event in the relationship between siblings ‘Nettles’ An adult reflecting on a childhood incident
Created by: lesleycollins