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PMP Chapter 9

When conducting the planning for human resources on a project, a project management team will encounter five interfaces. What are they? Organizational, Technical, Interpersonal, Poltical & Logistical
When a project needs human resources it is considered a (BLANK) Staffing requirement
In organizational structures whose matrix is weak or functional the project manager will often need to share project team member's time with (BLANK) The functional manager
While contracts and agreements with unions may serve a human resource project constraint, the union's themselves are considered (BLANK) Stakeholders
The theory that posits that management sees workers as either lazy or motivated is called what? McGregor's Theory of X and Y
The five types of power that the project manager wields are: Expert, Reward, Formal, Coercive and Referent
If a project manager rules with an "iron hand" he or she is most likely wielding which "power" Coercive
The assumption that skilled technologist would also be skilled at managing a technology project is known as the... Halo Effect
What are the five approaches to conflict resolution? Collaboration, Force, Compromise, Smoothing & Avoidance
The avoidance method of conflict resolution results in a (BLANK) - (BLANK) solution. Yield - Lose solution where one party disengages to avoid a conflict.
True or False - The most likely source of conflict for project teams is personality conflict. False - Personality are often the least likely cause of issues.
Which organizational theory focuses participative management by employees? Ouchi's Theory Z
This organizational theory states that people will behave based on what they expect as a result of their behavior; that people will work in relation to the expected reward of the work. Vroom's Expectancy Theory
This type of "power" is often present when the project team personally knows the project manager. It can also manifest when persons or organizational prestige have selected a PM. Referent
When the person with the power makes a decision to resolve a conflict this is known as (BLANK). Forcing
In which organizational structure would the project managers position always be full time? Projectized
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