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End of Semester Game

Stack #191003

What is the name of the device that is used to measure range of motion or the angle of a joint. goniometer
What are the four classifications of angles? obtuse, acute, straight, right
Which term describes the flexibility in a joint? range of motion
What term best defines a number’s distance from zero on the number line. absolute value
What term is best described by the following items: things that move through the air unassisted, including a basketball, a discus, and a high jumper. projectiles
In the world of manufacturing, what does the acronym CNC stand for? computer numerical control
What method is defined as locating addresses or locations identified by X, Y, and Z values. Cartesian coordinate system
During what time period, beginning in the late 1700s and going into the 1900s, machines began replacing skilled labor. Industrial Revolution
Which axis on a milling machine travels in a vertical direction? z
What term is used to describe the process of turning raw materials into useful products? primary and secondary processes
A recipe calls for 40 ounces of flavoring. Flavoring is packaged in two-ounce bottles costing $3 and nine-ounce bottles costing $9. What is the most economical purchase? four nine-ounce bottles and two two-ounce bottles
Give an example of a ratio? A:B
A 12-ounce soft drink costs $.60. What is its unit price per ounce? $.05
If a six-pack of soda costs $1.89, how much would it cost to buy enough six-packs of soda so that 10 people could have at least two cans each? $7.56
A two-pound block of cheese costs $.40 per ounce. What is the total price for the block of cheese? $12.80
What did Bette Nesmith Graham invent by serendipity? Liquid Paper
The Wright brothers' flights were examples of which part of the Synergistic Problem Solving Model? test and evaluate
What is the first step in the problem-solving process? identify the problem
Which layer of Earth is thought to be the only liquid layer? outer core
Which type of map shows the actual shape of the land, not only in the two dimensions oflength and width but also in the third, or vertical, dimension? topographic map
Earthquakes generally occur along which type of areas? plate boundaries
“With every energy transformation, some energy is degraded to heat and the system becomes more disordered.” This is a statement of which law or principle? Second Law of Thermodynamics
A population is stabilized when which of the following situations occurs? Birthrates equal death rates
What process is occurring when selective pressures from the environment act on the genetic variability within a population? natural selection
What is involved with the study of hydraulics? pressure on liquids
What term best describes an energy source that replaces itself? renewable
Gear A has 12 teeth and a diameter of 2". Gear B has 6 teeth and a diameter of 1". How many rotations will Gear B make when Gear A completes one full rotation? 2
Which scientific law states: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another”? law of conservation of energy
How should a substance with a pH of 3.5 be classified? an acid
What percentage of Earth’s atmosphere consists of greenhouse gases, which trap and reradiate heat? less than 1 percent
The wing of an airplane is also known as a what? airfoil
Which principle states that “as the velocity of a fluid increases, its internal pressure decreases?" Bernoulli's principle
According to Newton's third law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore,what is the force that opposes lift? Weight
For an airplane to achieve lift, what must the air pressure on the top surface of the wing be in relationship to the bottom surface of the wing? less than
What is forensic science? the application of science to law
What principle states that with contact comes the exchange of material? Locard’s Exchange Principle
What is DNA? deoxyribonucleic acid
Hair strands, clothing threads, carpet fibers, dust, and powders are all examples of what type of evidence? trace
What process involves separating chemical compounds? chromatography
What is the slope of the line containing points (4,3) and (12,5)? 1/4
What is the average velocity of an object that travels 0.45 meters in 0.03 seconds? 15 meters per second
What is the potential energy of a 5 kg object eight meters above the ground? 392 joules
What term is defined as sense of worth, or how a person feels about himself or herself? self-esteem
Warning signs such as withdrawal, lack of interest, personality changes, moody behavior, neglect ofpersonal appearance, and the giving away of cherished possessions are indicators of what condition? suicide
What is the most common illegal drug used by teenagers? alcohol
You must first endorse a check in order to do what? cash a check
You have an outstanding check. What happened to the check? It was not received by the bank.
In which forming process is a polymer fully melted? injection molding
What are the repeating units that make up a polymer? monomers
The rate of a chemical reaction is affected by the temperature of the reaction, the presence of a catalyst, and what third factor? concentration of the reactants
What description is given to a chemical equation that has the same number of atoms of each type of molecule on each of the two sides? Balanced
Which type of reaction always releases heat into the environment? exothermic
The Tyndall effect is used to distinguish between which two types of substances? solutions and nonsolutions
According to Newton's second law of motion, which of the following is the formula for theacceleration of a dragster? Acceleration = mass • force
To complete a smooth paint job, what should be applied to the bare wood of your CO2 car? primer
Created by: Mrs. Lennstrom