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Tongue Diagnosis

Match tongue symptoms with conditions

Pale color Generally deficient
Red color Heat excess
Deep Red color Blood and Heat and Yin, really sick people, like ebola
Blue color Cold
Red color at tip Heart fire or heart empty heat
Cracked, different colors, patchy Severe mental illness
Missing patch in the middle where protective qi is missing Cancer/chemo
Thin white coating Normal
No coating or cracked Yin deficiency
Thick gross tongue Pneumonia
White coating Excess damp or cold, excess yin
Yellow coating Excess heat
Rooted coating Fine/okay
Unrooted coating Deficient yang causing accumulation of stuff
Greasy thick yellow coating Excess heat
Greasy thick white coating Excess cold
Too wet Yang deficient dampness, not processing fluids properly
Too dry Yin deficiency ( or heat, depending on coating)
Thin shape Deficiency in general
Thin, no coating, and red Yin deficiency (inc night sweats)
Scalloped edges Damp, spleen qi deficiency
Cracked Yin deficiency or heat excess
Swollen, yellow coating, wet, red Damp heat
Pink or light red color Normal
Reddish purple color Heat and blood stagnation
Purple color Can be both heat and cold conditions
Dark reddish purple color, dry tongue Depleted fluids due to excess heat
Light purple, bluish or greenish purple coor Cold and blood stagnation
Red (darker) color with thick yellow coat or swollen buds Excess heat
Red (darker) color with bright shiny coat, little coat, or no coat Deficient heat
Pale, thin tongue Qi and blood deficiency
Pale color, moist tender and swollen tongue Yang cold
Stiff Excess (often internal wind)
Swollen and pale Qi deficiency
Swollen and bright red and painful Heart and spleen Heat (or alcohol consumption)
Created by: jenmylo