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Unit 3 Email Etiquet

Admit To agree, without wanting to, that something is true
Avoid stay clear from
Bad-mannered behaving in a way that is not polite; bad way to behave toward other people
Bully Someone who uses their greater strength or power to hurt weaker people
Colleagues People that you work with in a job
Contact A person you know who may be able to help or advise you because of the work they do
Courtesy Polite and pleasant behaviour that shows respect for other people
Distract Stop people paying attention to stop something happening, or to try not to do something
Dramatic impact Have a strong or big effect
Environment The condition in which you live
Etiquette Formal rules for polite behaviour in a group of people you
Formal Serious or official; the way you behave when you don't know people very well
Hierarchy Structure in which staff is organized in levels and people at one level have authority over those below them
Ignore To pay no attention to something or someone
Impolite Rude, bad-manner, disrespectful
Informal Relaxed and friendly; nor formal
Investing money To put money in the bank, or use it to buy property or shares in a business
Junior Having a lower position in an organization
Offend To hurt someone's feelings; to upset
Organization A company, business or group that has been formed for a particular purpose
Pressure A situation that causes you to be worried or unhappy
Psychologist Someone who studies the mind and the way it works
Punctual Arriving at exactly the time that has been arranged; not late
Recruitment firm A business that looks for people to work for other companies
Relationship The way in which people or groups work together
Respond to To say or do something as an answer or reaction
Rule An official instruction that says how you should do things or what is allowed
Status Social or professional position in relation to other people
Stuffy Old- fashion, boring, not friendly
Subordinate A person who is of lower rank or position
Two thirds Two out of three; 2/3
Working Environment The general conditions in a workplace, including things like heat, light, noise, and the relationships between people
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