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Computer Problem Solving Sample Questions

First cache the CPU uses L1 memory
Bits in a byte 8
How many devices can be daisy chained to a USB port? 127
The "brain" of a microcomputer system is called microprocessor
a good example of firmware is ROM BIOS
The computer uses capacitor like cells to refresh this memory's circuitry DRAM
A Type I PCMCIA card is ___ thick 3.3 mm
Which type is used for a hard drive Type III
The major draw back associated with laptops is heat buildup
This is not a basic type of viruses iMule infector
A CMOS virus is an example of this type of virus Boot-sector
A major security feature of XP/2000 operating systems is Digital Certificates
The main security improvement in XP/2000 is the adoption of the __________ authentication protocol Kerberos
What is required when hazardous materials change hands an MSDS
ESD means Electrostatic Discharge
What area of a laser printer can be a burn hazard fuser
Laser light can damage your ___ eyes
Which version of Win XP only uses the Itanium processors Windows XP 64-bit Edition
This is considered Windows' most consumer-oriented version of NT Windows XP Professional
Only files on ____ volumes can be encrypted NTFS
Windows Advanced Server can support up to 8 symmetrical processors and 8M of memory
ICF stands for Instant Comment Format
This is not considered a type of network cable STP
A drawback of wireless networking is cable length
Which standard defines wireless 802.11
A number permanently assigned to a NIC that uniquely identifies it to the network is MAC Address
Bus, star, or ring are also known as access methods
Two methods for installing XP/NT/2000 are DOS boot disks and CD
A printer that creates an image by having a print wire strike "dots" onto an inked ribbon. Used for multi-copy. ?
The first in the Elctro-photostatic process is ?
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