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Chapter 35

Brand a name, design, or symbol that identifies the products of a company or group of companies
Brand Name the word, group of words, letters, or numbers of a brand that can be spoken
Brand Mark the part of the brand that is a symbol, design, or distinctive coloring or lettering
Trade name identifies the company or a division of a particular corporation
Trade character A personified brand mark (that is, one given human form or characteristics)
trademark a brand name, name brand, trade character or a combination of these that is given legal protection
national brand a brand owned and initiated by a manufacture
private brand a brand owned and initiated by wholesalers and retailers
generic products "no frills" products that carry on brand name
brand extension A branding strategy that uses an existing brand name for an improved or new products in the product line
brand licensing The legal authorization by trade-marked brand owner to allow another company to use its brand, brand mark, or trade character for a fee
co-branding strategy A branding strategy that combines one or more brands to increase customer loyalty an sales for each individual brand
mixed-brand strategy The simultaneous offering of a combination of national, private, and generic brands
package The physical container or wrapping for a product
label An information tag, wrapper, seal, or imprinted message that is attached to a product or its package
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