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IDT Study Guide I

Study Guide for IDT

A visual diagram of the steps used to write a computer program flowchart
The cycle of input, processing, output, and storage The information processing cycle
The three Boolean operators. AND, NOT, OR
Used to store data and can have multiple values variable
The programming statement needed to cause the repetition of a series of steps for loop
The programming statement needed to sort based on a particular condition if-then
A written description of the step-by-step procedures to solve a problem algorithm
Examples of these include being a team player, taking initiative, and having good interpersonal skills employability skills
An IT career that deals with bridges, routers, gateways, adapters, NICS, and modems. networking
Inventions, literary or artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce intellectual property
The probable problem if an e-commerce company's customers are experience negative issues with their credit cards weak encryption
The organization that sets the standards for web design W3C
Where the operating system on a computer is stored ROM
The flowchart symbol used for a decision diamond
In programming, a variable that will only take one of two options Boolean
Services hosted on the Internet cloud computing
Network needed in order to have connectivity if your computer does not have built-in networking capability wireless
Added to images on a web page in so that users with disabilities can understand what the image is alternate text
Used by organizations to establish employment guidelines for employees Acceptable Use Policy
Drag and drop programming environment Visual Programming Environment
Created by: CaraNorton