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Causes of the Civil

Was the South rural or urban rural
Was the North rural or urban urban
what was the north's economy based on Industrial
What was the south's economy based on Cotton
The south proposed this so if the government banned slavery they could ignore it Nullification
what is Nullification It is the Southern states could ignore laws made by the government
Compromise of 1850 did what Strengthened fugitive slave act, Gave popular sovereignty to Utah and New Mexico, Slave trade in D.C. is abolished, California enters Union as a free state
Missouri Compromise did what Missouri enters as a slave state, Maine enters as free state, creates 36,30 line where slaves above that line are free
Kansas-Nebraska act did what Gave popular sovereignty to Kansas and Nebraska and nullified the Missouri act
What are Abolionists People that don't want slavery
Who was dred scott, what did he do? A slave who sued his master for his freedom and lost.
What was uncle tom's cabin Harriet beecher stowe wrote it and it was about life on the plantation.
Lincoln and Douglas went around Illinois to do waht they politition to the people
who were the two democrats that ran against lincoln Stephen Douglas, John C beckridge
what did Lincolns campaign win meen for the south that they had no political power
Popular sovereignty That states could choose if they were a free or slave state.
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