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Allumer To light up
Apprendre To learn
L'atelier Workshop
Le brevet Certificate
Le cahier exercise book
le cartable cassette
le censeur deputy head
le CES Secondary school
La chaise chair
charger to load
chercher to look for
la chose thing
le classeur file
le clavier key-board
la colle glue
la composition essay
le concierge care taker
le concours competition
le congè leave
conseiller to advise
le conseiller d'orientation carees adviser
le controle test
la copie copy pupils work
corriger to correct
le couloir corridor
couramment fluently
le cours lessons
la craie chalk
d'accord all right
le delegue de classe class perfect
demander to ask
le demi pensionnaire day pupil
desole sorry
le dessin art
le devoir to have
dire to say
le doute doubt
douter to doubt
dur hard
durèe length
durer to last
echouer to fail
ecouter to listen too
l'ecran screen
effacer to rub out
l'emploi du temps time table
l'esseignant teacher
l'enseignement school education
enseigner to teach
entrendre to spell
l'epreuve tesr
l'erreur mistake
eteindre to put out
être recu a to pass an exam
l'etude study
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