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Pre-Check In Time

Legal Hours, Ramp Check, Scream

9 Required Items for a Ramp Check Fam Pen FAA Airman Card Passport Badge/SIDA Full uniform (wings, apron, etc.) Watch Flashlight Ipad (charged at 90%)
How early must you report for duty prior to departure time? And how early for a charter/international flight? 1 hr / 1.5 hrs
What are the duties that must be performed prior to check in time? Check V-Files Check company emails Special memos Update FAM if applicable Check Allegiant University for required courses
What does the acronym S.C.R.E.A.M. stand for? S - Security (access to flight deck) R - Rout (time and weather) E - Emergency situations A - Additional information (turbulence, special needs pax, etc.) M - MEL (Minimum Equipment List); discrepancies the pilot is aware that are not "no go" status
Where should F/As stow personal luggage in cabin if needed? Row 5 b/c emergency equipments are stowed in first OHBs
The 3 times an F/A performs a pre-flight 1st flight of an F/As shift the A/C has been unattended or unsecured for 1 hr tail swap
When are security checks performed? And typically by whom? A/C's first flight of the day / ground crew
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