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Pre-Flight & Phases

Arming/Disarming Doors, Emergency Equipment, Phases of Flight

Describe the arming procedure for the L1 door. Place the red warning strap across the viewing window. Remove the girt bar from the stowage hook Place the girt bar into the floor brackets And cross check.
Describe the disarming procedure for the L1 door. Remove the girl bar from the floor brackets Place into the stowage hook Move the red warning strap away from the viewing window And cross check
Describe the arming procedure for the T/C door. Move the headrest in the down position exposing the red emergency handle
Describe the disarming procedure for the T/C door. Move the headrest in the up and latched position exposing the silver handle
What items are included in the safety demo equipment? safety information card seat belt oxygen mask life vest
How man seat belt extensions are on an MD-80? And how many on an 757 and Airbus? Six / Ten
What 3 items are located in the seat pockets? Airsick bag, safety information card, Sunset Seeker magazine
What are the areas of responsibilities for LFA? LFA - pre-flight FWD (L1 & R1) doors, jumpseat, and galley
What are the areas of responsibilities for F/A 2? F/A 2 - AFT of bulkhead behind last row of seat, AFT barrier strap, AFT lavatories, AFT jumpseats, T/C door, T/C area and slide pack housing
What are the areas of responsibilities for F/A 3? F/A 3 - FWD cabin up to OWEs, check seat back pockets, OHBs, preflight emergency equipment
What are the areas of responsibilities for F/A 4? F/A 4 - AFT cabin up to Row 26, check seat back pockets, OHBs, preflight emergency equipment, AFT service door (L2)
What is an Enhanced Preflight? Which F/As perform the preflights and what are their areas of responsibilities? occurs during green light boarding when F/As will interface; the crew on board will perform preflight for incoming crew F/A 4 - preflights AFT moving FWD through Row 26 F/A 3 - preflights FWD moving through Row 25
How do you charge the Photo Luminescent lights? Turn on all cabin lights to bright and close OHBs for 15 min. If the A/C power has been off for more than 8 hrs charge for 30 min.
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