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you gotta know

all of the you gotta knows from the packet

son of the founder of Tudor Brought England into Reformation ad Renaissance, Erasmus, Holbein the younger, Thomas More Head of Church 1533 to divorce Catherine of Aragon Henry VIII
Mother was Anne Boleyn, Succeeded by James VI Declared England a Protestant state, named Governor of the Church The Tudor "Virgin" Queen, Put down Phillip's Armada, and executed Mary of Scots Elizabeth I
House of Stuart, succeeded Mary of Scots, believed in absolutism the target of Guy Fawkes' Gun Powder Plot, dissolved parliament 1611-1621 great-great grandchild of Henry VII,claimed English throne after Elizabeth I, Expanded into north america James I (aka James VI)
House of Hanover, Suffered from Porphyria causing madness Expanded British economy, ministers Pitts, Lord Bute, Lord North Lost American Colonies in Revolutionary War George III
House of Hanover, longest reigning monarch in British History Passed the Reform Act of 1867 that doubled the amount of Britons that could vote Known as the Empress of India, favored ministers Melbourne,Peel, and Disraeli, went into seclusion after husband Albert's death Victoria (Alexandrina)
house of Normandy, promised the throne by Edward the Confessor Surveyed his kingdom in the Domesday Book 1086 Defeated the Anglo Saxons in 1066, killing king Harold II, replaced Anglo Saxon Clergy with Normans William I the Conquerer
house of Stuart, the last absolute English monarch Signed the petition of Right to get Parliament's $, frequently dissolved parliament(short and long parliaments) attempted to reform Scottish church parliament defeated him in the English Civil War, executed for treason Charles I
House of York, duke of Gloucester 1461 his brother (Edward IV) put down Henry IV of Lancaster, he served as Regent to nephew Edward V(probably had him killed) killed by Henry Tudor's Lancastrian forces in Bosworth Field ending the War of the Roses, Henry VII becomes King Richard III
House of Windsor, representative of modern ceremonial monarchy husband is Prince Phillip Mountbatten marital failures by her sons, Charles of Wales and Andrew were constant Elizabeth II
House of Plantangenet, tried to seize the crown from his brother Richard,but he forgave him, and made him the successor Excommunicated by the Pope for 4 years for not accepting Langton as Archbishop of canterberry, Weak fighter, was route by Phillip II and Bouvines 1214, Signed Magna Carta in Runnymede beginning british constitution John Lackland
house of Stuart, The "Merry Monarch" king of Scotland during Commonwealth under Cromwell Used the Declaration of Breda to restore himself as King of England, Fought against Dutch and Louis XIV under Treaty of Dover he had 14 illegitimate heirs not by his wife Catherine of Braganza, tolerated catholics, dissolved parliament in 1681 Charles II
House of Stuart, Favored Catholics, accused of a Popish plot against Charles II by Titus Oates Protestants invited William of Orange to depose him as the King of England overthrown in the Bloodless Revolution, exiled to Louis XIV's court, attempted to regain the crown but routed at Battle of the Boyne James II
house of Plantagenet, son of Geoffrey of Anjou, married Eleanor of Aquitaine Invaded England in 1153,developed common law, fought with Thomas Beckett over submission to the pope Executed Thomas Beckett in 1170 and performed penance at Canterbury, Eleanor and the Four sons conspired with Philip II of France against him Henry II
House of Plantagenet, Third son of Henry II, 5 months of his rule were in England Fought in the Third Crusade, was caught by HRE Henry IV Fought Phillip II in Normandy, and died defending Aquitaine Richard I (the Lion-Hearted)
Saxon House, King of Wessex in Southwest England Expelled the Danes from Mercian London 886, Conquered Danelaw territory Fostered literacy, translated Boethius, Augustine, and Bede's work, into Anglo Saxon, saving England from the worst of the Dark Ages Alfred The Great
He took office on May 17, 2007, appointed by Michaell Jean current leader of the Conservative party, appointed after Paul Martin He is the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
A hydroelectric Engineer graduate in 1965, he joined the Chinese Communist party in 1964 and worked for the ministry of water conservancy until 1974 was party leader in Guizhou (1985–88) and Tibet (1988–92), where he imposed martial law in order to suppress Tibetan nationalists Is the Current President of China, succeeding Jiang Zemin Hu Jintao
The son of an aristocratic Hungarian immigrant father and a mother of French Catholic and Jewish descent Marie-Dominique Culioli,Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz, and Carla Bruni were his wives Preceded by Jacques Chirac, this incumbent of French Presidency was the leader of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) centre-right party Nicolas Sarkozy
born in Heidenstein, Poland under German occupation,his Political party is the Christian Democratic Union, his spouse is Eva Bohnet had a distinguished career in politics and the civil service, and had most recently been head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). is a German politician (CDU) and economist who serves as the current President of Germany. Horst Koehler
obtained a law degree from the Government Law College, Mumbaithe 24th, and the first woman Governor of Rajasthan (2004-2007) a member of the Indian National Congress (INC)the 12th person and first woman to hold the office This current President of India was sworn in as President of India on July 25, 2007, succeeding Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Pratibha Patil
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