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EN to FR ES PT 17

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 17

sit FR (être) assis
sit ES sentarse
sit PT assentar
six FR six
six ES seis
six PT seis
sixteen FR seize
sixteen ES dieciseis
sixteen PT dezesseis
sixty FR soixante
sixty ES sesenta
sixty PT sessenta
skin FR peau
skin ES piel
skin PT pele
skis FR skis
skis ES esquís
skis PT esqui
sky FR ciel
sky ES cielo
sky PT céu
sled FR traineau
sled ES trineo
sled PT trenó
sleep FR dormir
sleep ES dormir
sleep PT dormir
slowly FR lentement
slowly ES despacio
slowly PT vagarosamente
small FR petit
small ES pequeño
small PT pequeno
smell FR sentir
smell ES oler
smell PT cheirar
smoke FR fumée
smoke ES humo
smoke PT fumo
snake FR serpent
snake ES serpiente
snake PT cobra
snow FR neige
snow ES nieve
snow PT neve
soap FR savon
soap ES jabón
soap PT sabão
socks FR chaussettes
socks ES calcetines
socks PT peúgas
sofa FR sofa
sofa ES sofá
sofa PT sofá
soft FR mou
soft ES blando
soft PT macio
soldier FR soldat
soldier ES soldado
soldier PT soldado
solution FR solution
solution ES solución
solution PT solução
son FR fils
son ES hijo
son PT filho
sorrow FR chagrin
sorrow ES dolor
sorrow PT dor
sound FR sain
sound ES sano
sound PT são
soup FR potage
soup ES sopa
soup PT sopa
sour FR aigre
sour ES agrio
sour PT azêdo
south FR sud
south ES sur
south PT sul
space FR espace
space ES espacio
space PT espaço
speak FR parler
speak ES hablar
speak PT falar
special FR spécial
special ES especial
special PT especial
spice FR épice
spice ES especia
spice PT especiaria
spoon FR cuiller
spoon ES cuchara
spoon PT colher
spring FR printemps
spring ES primavera
spring PT primavera
stable FR écurie
stable ES establo
stable PT estável
staircase FR escalier
staircase ES escalera
staircase PT escada
stamp (mail) FR timbre
stamp (mail) ES sello de correos
stamp (mail) PT sêlo
stamp (seal) FR cachet
stamp (seal) ES sello
stamp (seal) PT carimbo
stand FR être debout
stand ES estar de pie
stand PT estar de pe
star FR étoile
star ES estrella
star PT estrêla
starch FR amidon
starch ES almidón
starch PT amido
station FR gare
station ES estación
station PT estacão
steal FR voler
steal ES robar
steal PT roubar
steel FR acier
steel ES acero
steel PT aço
stick FR bâton
stick ES palo
stick PT pau
sting FR piquer
sting ES picar
sting PT picar
stock exchange FR bourse
stock exchange ES bolsa
stock exchange PT bolsa de valores
stomach FR estomac
stomach ES estómago
stomach PT estômago
stone FR pierre
stone ES piedra
stone PT pedra
stop FR arrêt
stop ES parada
stop PT paragem
store FR magasin
store ES tienda
store PT loja
Created by: fafafooey



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