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EN to FR ES PT 16

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 16

risk FR risque
risk ES riesgo
risk PT risco
river FR fleuve
river ES río
river PT rio
roast FR rôtir
roast ES asar
roast PT assar
roast beef FR rosbif
roast beef ES rosbif
roast beef PT rosbife
roll FR petit pain
roll ES panecillo
roll PT pãozinho
roof FR toit
roof ES tejado
roof PT telhado
room FR chambre
room ES cuarto
room PT quarto
root FR racine
root ES raíz
root PT raiz
rope FR corde
rope ES cuerda
rope PT corda
round FR rond
round ES redondo
round PT redondo
rubber FR caoutchouc
rubber ES caucho
rubber PT borracha
run FR courir
run ES correr
run PT correr
rust FR rouille
rust ES moho
rust PT ferrugem
rye FR seigle
rye ES centeno
rye PT centeio
sad FR triste
sad ES triste
sad PT triste
saddle FR selle
saddle ES silla de montar
saddle PT sela
safety FR sûreté
safety ES seguridad
safety PT segurança
sailor FR marin
sailor ES marinero
sailor PT marinheiro
salt FR sel
salt ES sal
salt PT sal
sample FR échantillon
sample ES muestra
sample PT amostra
sand FR sable
sand ES arena
sand PT areia
Saturday FR samedi
Saturday ES sábado
Saturday PT sabado
sausage FR saucisse
sausage ES salchicha
sausage PT chouriço
scarf FR cache-nez
scarf ES bufanda
scarf PT chale
school FR école
school ES escuela
school PT escola
science FR science
science ES ciencia
science PT ciência
scissors FR ciseaux
scissors ES tijeras
scissors PT tesouras
scrambled eggs FR oeufs brouillés
scrambled eggs ES huevos revueltos
scrambled eggs PT ovos mexidos
screw FR vis
screw ES tornillo
screw PT parafuso
sea FR mer
sea ES mar
sea PT mar
see FR voir
see ES ver
see PT ver
sell FR vendre
sell ES vender
sell PT vender
send FR envoyer
send ES enviar
send PT enviar
September FR septembre
September ES septiembre
September PT setembro
seven FR sept
seven ES siete
seven PT sete
seventeen FR dix-sept
seventeen ES diecisiete
seventeen PT dezessete
seventy FR soixante-dix
seventy ES setenta
seventy PT setenta
sew FR coudre
sew ES coser
sew PT coser
shave FR raser
shave ES afeitar
shave PT barbear
sheep FR mouton
sheep ES oveja
sheep PT ovelha
shirt FR chemise
shirt ES camisa
shirt PT camisa
shoe FR soulier
shoe ES zapato
shoe PT sapato
short FR court
short ES corto
short PT curto
shoulder FR épaule
shoulder ES hombro
shoulder PT ombro
sick FR malade
sick ES enfermo
sick PT doente
signature FR signature
signature ES firma
signature PT assinatura
silk FR soie
silk ES seda
silk PT sêda
silver FR argent
silver ES plata
silver PT prata
sing FR chanter
sing ES cantar
sing PT cantar
sister FR soeur
sister ES hermana
sister PT irmã
Created by: fafafooey



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