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ENT II Unit 1

Arkansas Entrepreneurship II Unit 1

Check that is returned to a business by the bank because the customer's checking account has insufficient funds to cover the check amount Bounced check
Offered when a retail business allows its customers to buy merchandise now and pay for it later Consumer credit
Risk that can be reduced or possibly even avoided by actions the insured takes Controllable risk
Law that provides benefits to employees who have suffered work-related injuries or occupational diseases Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA)
Risks in which the amount of loss can be predicted Insurable risks
A payment made to an insurance company to cover the cost of uncontrollable events Insurance
Payment that is made to an insurance company to cover the cost of insurance; price paid to cover a specified risk for a specific period of time Premium
Insurable risk that is faced by a large number of people and the amount of the loss can be predicted; presents the chance of loss but no opporutnity for gain Pure risk
Involves looking at all aspects of a business and determiningthe risks it faces Risk assessment
Involves taking action to prevent or reduce the possibility of loss to a business Risk management
Act of knowingly taking items from a business without paying Shoplifting
Risk which offers the insured the chance to gain as well as lose from the event or activity Speculative risk
Offered when one business allows another business to buy now and pay later Trade credit
Risk on which actions have no effect, such as the weather Uncontrollable risk
A government-regulated program that provides medical, income, and training benefits to employees who are injured on the job Worker's Compensation
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