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ISC 105

ISC Test 2

What is Pervasive Computing + Environments embedding microprocessors in everyday objects so they can communicate information-- Devices, Networking, middleware, and applications
Pervasive Devices Traditional devices - Keyboard, Mice.// Wireless Mobile Devices - Pagers, Cellphones.// Smart devices - intelligent applications, floor tiles with embedded sensors
Pervasive Networking Links devices together, "Backbone of the network"
Pervasive Middleware Software that enables two seperate programs to work with eachother. Can act as a communicator between two softwares/networks
Pervasive Applications Help guide middleware and networking issues
Advantages of using graphs and charts Save time, Gain attention, Show relationships, Permit study of data Efficient use of information
Graph uses: Efficient use of information Represent verbal descriptions, helps to make understanding information easier
What is a chart? Portrays structure of a set of data. Shows the parts in some relationship to the whole. Depicts a sequence of events
Line Graphs At least one data path to portray changes in a continuous variable
Bar charts Compare the values of one or more variables. Compare geographic areas. Compare components of a larger unit.
Advantages to Bar charts Flexibility and visual impact
Pie Chart Represented by slices.
Advantages of pie charts Visually appealing and can show precentages
GIS- Geographical Information Systems A geographic information system designed to capture store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present all types of geographical data
Geo Information Science The science underlying geographic concepts, applications, and systems
Famous Definition of a program Programs equal Data Structures plus algorithms
Algorithm A set of necessary steps to accomplish a particular task
Input Data being used by an algorithm
Process A way that the data can be manipulated
Output The result of applying the processes to the input
What makes semantic web possible? XML, RDF, Ontologies, Logic
XML Extensible Markup Language- a markup language that both machines and humans can read
RDF Resource Description Framework- Language capable of describing all sorts of information and metadata
Ontologies Ontologies- Language used to define vocabularies and establish the usage of words and terms
Logic Logical Reasoning- Used to establish the consistency and correctness of data sets and to infer conclusions that aren't explicitly stated
Pervasive Computing definition A term that signifies several new elements of computing
Elements of Pervasive Computing Computers and sensors everywhere in devices and a high degree of communication among devices
What is a semantic web? make data located anywhere in the Web accessible and understandable to people AND machines
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