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Chapter 16

Equipment and Supplies

Which graft must be obtained with a dermatone Split-thickness mesh graft
a Cavitron is used for Phacoemulsification
The power source for Hall's equipment is Nitrogen
In what surgery would a small fragment compression set be used Olecranon fracture
A permanent pacemaker operates on a pulse generator powered by lithium
Air drill Hill
Hypothermia is employed in cardiac surgery to reduce oxygen comsumtion
NOT a component of a cardiopulmonary bypass system Ventricular fibrilltor
Movement in a power instrument drills holes or insert screws, wires, or pins Rotary Movement
The power source for the Drill is Compressed nitrogen
The power source for air-powered dermatomes is Compressed Nitrogen Air
Suction tubing should be processed in the following way residual of distilled ware in lumen, steam sterilize, tubing coiled
The suction tip that is right angles and is used for small amounts of fluid such as in the brain Ferguson-Frazier
Suction tip has an angle and is used in the mouth or throat Yankauer
Each of the following steps can assist in the immediate determination of intraoperative blood loss EXCEPT Complete Blood Count
When using a cell saver for autologous blood transfusion, the blood is suctioned through a double lumen tubing and is Heparinized
During orthopedic surgery the suction tubing shoud be cleared frequently
Which type of surgery would require several patent suction cannulas and suction often controlled by a foot pedal Ear, nose, and throat (ENT)
When suctioning in neurosurgery a precaution taken is to avoid applying vacuum directly on brain or neural tissue
A tourniquet is utilized Only when hemorrhage is not controlled by other methods
The proper setting for a tourniquet applied to an arm is 250-300 mm HG
Exsanguination of a limb before tourniquet inflation is accomplished with wraping the elevated extremity with Esmarch
The amount of pressure used to inflate a tourniquet dependss on all of the following except Depth of surgical incision
A regional block that uses the tourniquet is a Bier Block
The tourniquet is contraindicated if patient's circulation to distal part of extremity is poor
Which action drains venous blood during tourniquet application Elevate extremity BEFORE tightening tourniquet
At what point should the surgeon be informed of the time of tourniquet application After 1hr, then every 15min
When would the use of Esmarch be contrindicated Patient has had recent injury Patient has had recent cast
Which agent is NOT used to inflate a pneumatic tourniquet Nitrous oxide
A precaution necessary when using a pneumatic tourniquet is Solution must be prevented from pooling under tourniquet
In which procedure would a tourniquet be contrindicated Gangrenous toe amputation
The following statement regarding a grounding plate for electrosurgery is not true The plate must be placed directly over bony prominence
A grounding pad is not required for the electrocautery in a bipolar unit
The inactive electrode of the cautery is the ground pad
The electrical circuit of the electrocautery when current flows to generator to active electrode, through tissue, and back to generator via the INACTIVE electrode
Why must the electorcautery tip be kept clean To ensure electrical contact effectiveness
In electrosurgery, "buzzing" refers to coagulation of cessel via metal instrument touching the active electrode
which electrode unit provides precise control of the coagulated area Bipolar
Which condition is MOST acceptable when using electrocautery Ground pad placed close to operative site
The active electrode on the electrocautery is the TIP
A cautery would not be used in neck or nasopharynx surgery if nitrous oxide is used (might cause fire or explosion)
Why are only moist sponges utilized during electrocautery use to prevent fire
Fulguration is utilized primarilly in _______ surgery Transurethral resection (TUR) and prostate operations
When working in the bladder, why is more or higher electrical current necessary during cautery use More current is needed when working in solution
Fulguration via the resectoscope is accomplised by the use of a ____ tip electrode
A direct visualization of the common bile duct is done by meand of a choledochoscope
Fiberoptic lighting is a cool light
Complications can occur during endoscopy such as bleeding perforation
An endoscopy procedure that does not require a sterile set up is bronchoscopy
All are precautions when handling fiberoptic cables EXCEPT cables are only gas sterilized
Fiberoptic cable integrity is questionable when dark spot are evident
A sterilant that is used on endoscopes that is bactericidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal in 20-30 minutes processing time is Peracetic acid
Whis statement is true regarding a STERIS system for endoscope sterilization Only one scope or a few instruments can be processed in a cycle
The endoscope that provies a view of the middle of the thorax, between the two pleural sacs is Mediastinoscope
Loupes are used for Magnification
Resolving power of an operating microscope means The ability to discern detail
Which item in the optical lens system is responsible for magnification Oculars Objective lens
The range of focal length of the objective lenses in the operating microscope is 100-400mm
A continuously variable magnification system is afforded to the eye by the zoom lens with foot control
The purpose of the "SLIT" lamp in eye surgery is defining depth perception
The operating microscope that visually ploys fiberoptics for its ligth source is Coaxial illuminators
Care of the microscope would include all of the following EXCEPT Damp dust lenses with detergent-disinfectant before use
The purpose of the beam splitter in an operating microscope is to coincide the assistan's field of view with the surgeon's
The colpomicroscope afford a view of the Cervix
the procedure employing the use of a self retaining laryngoscope and microscope is called a suspension microlaryngoscopy
The binocular microscope provides stereoscopic vision. This refers to The view afforded by double eyepieces
Which magnifying powers are available for the microscope eyepieces? 10x,12.5x,16x,and 20x
Which procedure is inappropriate when caring for optic lenses Oil or fingerprints are removed by soaking in solvent for 10min and drying with a cotton ball
The OR bed may have a metal crossbar between the two upper sections which may be raised to elevate the kidney gallbladder
Which item is also known as an airplane support Double arm board
Operative accessibility in thyroid surgery may be aided by the use of an shoulder bridge
In which position would shoulder braces be indicate Extreme Trendelenburg
A precaution necessary when using the kidney rest is to press firmly but not too tightly against body to pad well to place the longer rest beneath iliac crest
Chest rolls (bolsters) Facilitate respiration
A laser plume is composed of Carbonized particles, water, and odor
When using lasers, nonreflective instrumentation decrease accidental direct reflection of the laser beam to another area
which laser emission is primarly absorbed in tissue by hemogloblin or melanin Argon
The fire extinguisher of choice for a laser fire is a Halon
In a surgical procedure employing the use of the laser, prep solution on the patient's skin should be pat-dried because pooled fluids can retain laser heat and subsequetly burn tissue
laser surgery performed in the rectal area should be preceded by suctioning of lower bowel to remove methane gas
Ebonization refers to coating of instruments to decrease reflectivity
The use of each of the following items are measures employed to reduce laser-induced injuries EXCEPT plastic vaginal and rectal speculums
When utilizing the laser, occupational esposure to surgical smoke via the skin, eye, and mucous membranes is best minimized by the use of universal precautions
Which specialty would employ the use of a slit lamp and the laser Opthalmic
The following statements regarding lasers are true EXCEPT laser unit is in "ON" position during entire case
The lase used most commonly for retinal detachment, tear, or hole is Argon
The tunable dye laser used to disintegrate kidney stones is the Candela
A device used to correct and counteract internal bleeding conditions and hypovolemia ia a MAST (Medical Antishock Trouser)
Placement of a Levin would be in the stomach
The dressing used after nasal surgery mustache
Seamless tubular cotton that stretches to fit a contour and is used for padding is called a stockinette
which case would require the use of cottonoid strips Laminectomy
An item used for padding that has smooth and clingy layers is called Webril
Rectal packing is made of Petroleum-treated gauze
An elastic adhesive bandage is Elastoplast
A dissecting sponge that is a small roll of heavy cotton tape is kitner
A dissecting sponge made of gauze to dissect or absorb fluid is called Peanut
A temporary biologic dressing Porcine
Which procedure would not require a pressure dressing Hysterectomy
A sponge that is cotton-filled gauze with a cotton thread attached is a tonsil
Patties are moistened with saline
which of the following can be a supplement to a subcuticular closure steri strips
A protective skin coating is accomplished with tincture of benzoin
A dressing that is held in place by long structures ends crisscrossed and tied is called a Stent
the smallest diameter on a French scale is a 3
a stab wound is a separate small incision close to operative site
A tube placed into the tympatic membrane to facilitate aeration is the Maryngotomy tube
a common size chest tube is 30 Fr
what type of catheter would facilitate the removal of small gallstones Fogarty
A catheter commonly used in a gastrostomy is a Mushroom
which is NOT a type of ureteral catheter tip Pezzar
the drain that has a reservoir creating negative pressure to facilitate drainage is a Hemovac
All of the following statements are true of ureteral catheters EXCEPT that they provide direct visualization of the bladder
Long-term or temporary ureteral drainage can be accomplished with a stent
a central venous catheter is usually inserted into the external jugular vein
which of the following is not used for URETHRAL dilation Hegar dilators (Cervix)
a closed-wound suction system works by Negative-pressure vacuum
why is a 30-cc bag foley used after a transurethral resection (TUR) of the prostate Hemostasis
the tube that collects bronchial washings Lukens
Balloon angioplasty is accomplished with the use of a ______ catheter Gruntzig
A pezzer is a a mushroom catheter
the tree lumens of a foley are used for inflation, drainage, and continuous irrigation
an image intensifier converts the X-RAY beam into a fluoroscopic optical image
extracorporeal circulation refers to circulation of blood outside the body
the scoring system that assesses an infant's condition after birth is called a Apgar
which procedure records the electrical activity of the brain electroencephalogram
an X-RAY image is called a reontgenogram
Immobilization of the hip joints after surgery is accomplished by the use of abduction pillow
all of the following are true of disposable chest drainage units except aids in reestablishing positive pressure in the intrapleural space
which factor is not accomplished by chest drainage positive pressure reestablishment
a cast applied from the hip to the head, which is used to immobilize cervical fractures is the Minerva Jacket
a motorized device whose action prevents venous stasis and reduces risk of deep-vein clotting in high risk patients sequential pneumatic compression boots
which synthetic mesh may be used in the presence of infection Mersiline
Mersiline mesh can be steam sterilized ONCE, if unused but not soiled
a common donor site for an autogenous bone graft ILIUM
the patient coming to the OR with rupture of esophageal varices may have _______ in place to control bleeding Sengstaken-Blakemore
Either a Foley, Mallecot , Pezzer, or mushroom catheter can be inserted for gastrotomy
the risk of come biopsy are minimized by using the CO2 laser
stereotactic surgery takes place in the BRAIN
A blood flow detector is a Doppler
a secondary video monitor is referred to as a SLAVE
Which catheter facilitates the infusion of chemotherapeutic drugs Hickman
Total parenteral nutrifion (TPN) maintains patient's nutrition
An Ambu bag is a breathing bag
A blood warmer is used to maintain 89f-105f temperature
which is the most necessary item for a blood transfusion blood filter
each are measures to prevent heal loss in newborn, infant, or children in the OR except hypothermia blanket is prepared
a setup that would include a 1000-cc bag of normal saline, sterile IV tubing, an IV pole, and a pressure bag is choledochoscopy (visualization of common bile duct)
a laminaria tent is used to dilate cervix
in which procedure would be a radiant warmer be found cesarean section
the C-arm employs the use of fluoroscope
Equate the radiation exposure in fluoroscopy as compared to that of single x-ray 10:1
A PCA pump affords patient-controlled pain relief
an example of a passive drain Penrose
which drain is specifically used for drainage of bile T-tube
an example of a suction drain is HEMOVAC and JACKSON PRATT
What drain would commonly be used following a total hip arthroplasty HEMOVAC
A water seal drainage system restores pressure to the thoracic cavity NEGATIVE
When using a water seal drainage system, the collection unit must remain BELOW the level of chest tube
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