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EN to FR ES PT 06

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 06

consulate FR consulat
consulate ES consulado
consulate PT consulado
control FR contrôle
control ES control
control PT revisão
conversation FR conversation
conversation ES conversación
conversation PT conversa
cook FR cuisinier
cook ES cocinero
cook PT cozinheiro
copper FR cuivre
copper ES cobre
copper PT cobre
copy FR copie
copy ES copia
copy PT cópia
corkscrew FR tire-bouchon
corkscrew ES sacacorchos
corkscrew PT saca-rôlhas
corn (maize) FR maïs
corn (maize) ES maíz
corn (maize) PT milho
correct FR exact
correct ES correcto
correct PT correto
cost FR coût
cost ES coste
cost PT custo
costly FR coûteux
costly ES costoso
costly PT dispendioso
cotton FR coton
cotton ES algodón
cotton PT algodão
couch FR couche
couch ES diván
couch PT sofá
cough FR tousser
cough ES toser
cough PT tossir
count FR compter
count ES contar
count PT contar
country FR pays
country ES país
country PT país
courage FR courage
courage ES coraje
courage PT coragem
cousin FR cousin
cousin ES primo
cousin PT primo
cow FR vache
cow ES vaca
cow PT vaca
cracker FR bisquit
cracker ES galleta
cracker PT biscoito
cranberry FR airelle
cranberry ES arándano
cranberry PT arando
crane FR grue
crane ES grúa
crane PT guindaste
cream FR crème
cream ES crema
cream PT creme
crib FR crèche
crib ES camita de niño
crib PT berço
crime FR crime
crime ES crimen
crime PT crime
cry FR crier
cry ES gritar
cry PT gritar
cucumber FR concombre
cucumber ES pepino
cucumber PT pepino
cup FR tasse
cup ES taza
cup PT xicara
curtain FR rideau
curtain ES cortina
curtain PT cortina
custom house FR douane
custom house ES aduana
custom house PT alfândega
cut FR couper
cut ES cortar
cut PT cortar
damage FR dommage
damage ES daño
damage PT dano
dance FR danse
dance ES baile
dance PT dança
danger FR danger
danger ES peligro
danger PT perigo
dark FR obscur
dark ES obscuro
dark PT escuro
date FR datte
date ES dátil
date PT tâmara
daughter FR fille
daughter ES hija
daughter PT filha
day FR jour
day ES día
day PT dia
deaf FR sourd
deaf ES sordo
deaf PT surdo
death FR mort
death ES muerte
death PT morte
debt FR dette
debt ES deuda
debt PT dívida
December FR décembre
December ES diciembre
December PT dezembro
deep FR profond
deep ES hondo
deep PT fundo
defective FR défectueux
defective ES defectuoso
defective PT defectivo
degree FR degré
degree ES grado
degree PT grau
deliver FR livrer
deliver ES entregar
deliver PT entregar
dentist FR dentiste
dentist ES dentista
dentist PT dentista
departure FR départ
departure ES salida
departure PT partida
desert FR désert
desert ES desierto
desert PT deserto
dessert FR dessert
dessert ES postre
dessert PT sobremesa
Created by: fafafooey



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