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EN to FR ES PT 05

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 05

century FR siècle
century ES siglo
century PT século
chain FR chaîne
chain ES cadena
chain PT cadeia
chair FR chaise
chair ES silla
chair PT cadeira
chambermaid FR femme de chambre
chambermaid ES camarera
chambermaid PT criada de quarto
change FR changer
change ES cambiar
change PT mudar
cheap FR bon marché
cheap ES barato
cheap PT barato
cheek FR joue
cheek ES mejilla
cheek PT bochecha
cheese FR fromage
cheese ES queso
cheese PT queijo
chemistry FR chimie
chemistry ES química
chemistry PT química
cherry FR cerise
cherry ES cereza
cherry PT cereja
chess FR échecs
chess ES ajedrez
chess PT jôgo de xadrez
chest FR poitrine
chest ES pecho
chest PT tórax
chicken FR poulet
chicken ES pollo
chicken PT frango
child FR enfant
child ES niño
child PT criança
chin FR menton
chin ES barbilla
chin PT queixo
chive FR ciboulette
chive ES ceboletta
chive PT cebolinha
chocolate FR chocolat
chocolate ES chocolate
chocolate PT chocolate
Christmas FR Noël
Christmas ES Navidad
Christmas PT natal
church FR église
church ES iglesia
church PT igreja
cigar FR cigare
cigar ES puro
cigar PT charuto
cigarette FR cigarette
cigarette ES cigarrillo
cigarette PT cigarro
circle FR cercle
circle ES círculo
circle PT círculo
citizen FR citoyen
citizen ES ciudadano
citizen PT cidadão
clean FR propre
clean ES limpio
clean PT limpo
clear FR clair
clear ES claro
clear PT claro
clergy FR clergé
clergy ES clero
clergy PT clero
climb FR grimper
climb ES subir
climb PT trepar
clock FR horloge
clock ES reloj
clock PT relógio
close FR fermer
close ES cerrar
close PT fechar
clothing FR vêtements
clothing ES ropa
clothing PT vestuário
cloud FR nuage
cloud ES nube
cloud PT nuvem
clove FR clou de girofle
clove ES clavo
clove PT cravo da India
clover FR trèfle
clover ES trébol
clover PT trevo
coal FR charbon
coal ES carbón
coal PT carvão
coat FR manteau
coat ES chaqueta
coat PT casaco
cockroach FR cafard
cockroach ES cucaracha
cockroach PT barata
cocoa FR cacao
cocoa ES cacao
cocoa PT cacau
codfish FR morue
codfish ES bacalao
codfish PT bacalhau
coffee FR café
coffee ES café
coffee PT café
cold FR froid
cold ES frío
cold PT frio
collar FR col
collar ES cuello
collar PT colarinho
color FR couleur
color ES color
color PT côr
comb FR peigne
comb ES peine
comb PT pente
come FR venir
come ES venir
come PT vir
comfort FR confort
comfort ES confort
comfort PT comfôrto
compartment FR compartiment
compartment ES compartimiento
compartment PT compartimento
competition FR concurrence
competition ES competencia
competition PT competição
concert FR concert
concert ES concierto
concert PT concêrto
condition FR condition
condition ES condición
condition PT condição
connection FR connexion
connection ES conexión
connection PT conexão
Created by: fafafooey



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