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EN to FR ES PT 04

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 04

bring FR apporter
bring ES traer
bring PT trazer
brooch FR broche
brooch ES broche
brooch PT broche
broom FR balai
broom ES escoba
broom PT vassoura
brother FR frère
brother ES hermano
brother PT irmão
brown FR brun
brown ES moreno
brown PT marrom
brush FR brosse
brush ES cepillo
brush PT escôva
building FR bâtiment
building ES edificio
building PT edifício
bullet FR balle
bullet ES bala
bullet PT bala
burn FR brûler
burn ES quemar
burn PT queimar
business FR commerce
business ES negocio
business PT negócio
butcher FR boucher
butcher ES carnicero
butcher PT carniceiro
butter FR beurre
butter ES mantequilla
butter PT manteiga
butterfly FR papillon
butterfly ES mariposa
butterfly PT borboleta
button FR bouton
button ES botón
button PT botão
buy FR acheter
buy ES comprar
buy PT comprar
cabaret FR cabaret
cabaret ES cabaret
cabaret PT cabaré
cabbage FR chou
cabbage ES col
cabbage PT couve
cabin FR cabine
cabin ES cabina
cabin PT cabina
café FR café
café ES café
café PT café
cake FR gâteau
cake ES pastel
cake PT bôlo
calf FR veau
calf ES ternero
calf PT vitela
call FR appeler
call ES llamar
call PT chamar
camel FR chameau
camel ES camello
camel PT camelo
camera FR appareil photographique
camera ES cámara fotográfica
camera PT máquina fotográfica
camp FR camp
camp ES campamento
camp PT campo
canal FR canal
canal ES canal
canal PT canal
candle FR bougie
candle ES vela
candle PT vela
cane FR canne
cane ES bastón
cane PT bengala
capital FR capitale
capital ES capital
capital PT capital
capsize FR chavirer
capsize ES volcar
capsize PT capotar
captain FR capitaine
captain ES capitán
captain PT capitão
capture FR capturer
capture ES capturar
capture PT capturar
car FR voiture
car ES coche
car PT carro
cardboard FR carton
cardboard ES cartón
cardboard PT papelão
careful FR soigneaux
careful ES cuidadoso
careful PT cuidadoso
cargo FR cargaison
cargo ES carga
cargo PT carga
carnation FR oeillet
carnation ES clavel
carnation PT cravo
carpenter FR charpentier
carpenter ES carpintero
carpenter PT carpinteiro
carpet FR tapis
carpet ES alfombra
carpet PT tapête
carrot FR carotte
carrot ES zanahoria
carrot PT cenoura
carry FR porter
carry ES llevar
carry PT levar
cash FR argent comptant
cash ES dinero contante
cash PT dinheiro de contado
cat FR chat
cat ES gato
cat PT gato
catch FR attraper
catch ES coger
catch PT apanhar
cathedral FR cathédrale
cathedral ES catedral
cathedral PT catedral
cattle FR bétail
cattle ES ganado
cattle PT gado
cauliflower FR chou-fleur
cauliflower ES coliflor
cauliflower PT couve-flor
caution FR caution
caution ES cautela
caution PT cautela
cellar FR cave
cellar ES bodega
cellar PT adega
cemetery FR cimetière
cemetery ES cementerio
cemetery PT cemitério
Created by: fafafooey



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