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Mobile app

mobile app terms

Advertising(paid media) marketing exposure of an application and is paid or purchased various media
Analytics Collecting data on app usage analyze app and how it is successful and can be improved
Beta test Trial of software in the last phases of development conducted by an outside source with nothing to do with development
Button Allows user to perform a specific action
Competitor apps with similar functions and styles
concept or Creative Brief document used to develop a broad creative concept and timeline for development internal approval and is required before work can begin
Elevator Pitch short summary used to define a person product service or organization and its value
Friction Aim to decrease friction by reducing the number of steps used to complete a task
Functional Specifications Document (FSD) Document that describes desired behavior, experience, and interface of application
Gestures hand movements to control software
Home screen first screen that appears when app is loaded
Icon symbol clicked on to use app
Iterative development Cycle process of coding in repeated cycles of designing, developing, and testing
language or code How developers program the app
Market the App market
Minimum Viable Product Product with minimal core features
mobile Related to mobile devices
Mobile App able to be run on a mobile device
native app App written for a specific platform
Navigation how to travel through an app
Nested interaction interaction with submenues
Pair programming two programmers work side by side on a single computer
Platfrom(Hardware) electronic devices
Platform(Operating system software) what the app can be used on
Primary navigation Drives access to the apps core features
Proof of concept prototype of app limited test
Secondary navigation additional navigation points
Software development kit software tools used to create apps for certain software applications
Splash screen image that appears as app is loading
Target audience who the app is aimed for
toggle key or command that switches between two options
tone how the app make the user feel
Toolkit software in the SDK designed to perform a specific function
User Experience the way the user interacts with the visual experience
User interface how the user interacts with the visual experience of the app
user journey flow of steps that users take to complete tasks
Wireframe visual tool depicting labeled screens of the device
Version 1.0 first version of the app, features may be added later
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