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IL Constitution

IL Treasurer- Who is it Mike Frerichs
Treasurer What are their duties Responsible of safe keeping of funds.
If something happens to the governor who are the next 3 in line? Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State
Describe the IL flag white background with state seal in center a bald eagle on a rock with a red, white and blue shield in it's talons and 13 stars and stripes for the 13 colonies the banner reads state sovereignty national and union with rock with dates 1818 and 1868
IL state animal White tailed deer
Who is the county clerk and what is there job? Cathy Jenkins files birth, death, marriage certificate that relate to a county's populations
Who is the Recorder of Deeds, and what is their job Dave Stone records and maintains records to real property
What must the person taking office take an oath to support what before taking office to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic
The General Assembly has power to raise state revenue
What type of income tax does Illinois have flat 5%
Created by: dawnbrown