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R & J Act I-III Test

How old is Juliet? Juliet is 13 years old.
Who killed Mercutio? Tybalt killed Mercutio in a street duel.
Who killed Tybalt? Romeo killed Tybalt.
Who is Romeo in love with when Act I opens? Romeo is in love with Rosaline.
Why was Romeo banished from Verona? Banishment was his punishment for killing Tybalt
Why is Romeo sad in Act I? Rosaline does not return his love.
Who performed the marriage ceremony between Romeo and Juliet? Friar Laurence married the couple.
According to Romeo, what is worse than being killed? Banishment is worse than being killed?
In Act I Scene i, who tries to break up the fight between the Montague and Capulet servants? Benvolio tries to break up the fight.
Who asks Juliet to look at Paris and see if she could marry him? Lady Capulet
Where was Romeo when the fight began in Act I? He was walking in the woods.
What is Friar Laurence's motive for marrying Romeo and Juliet? He hopes the marriage will unite the two families.
Where does the story take place? Verona, Italy
Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare
In Act I, who asks Lord Capulet to marry Juliet? Paris
In Act I Scene i, how did the fight start in the street between the Capulet and Montague servants? The Capulet servants thumbed (insulted) his nose at the Montague servants.
At the end of Act III Scene iv, Juliet asks the nurse for advice. Should she marry Paris or remain faithful to Romeo? What advice did the nurse give Juliet? The nurse told Juliet to marry Paris because she will never see Romeo again.
In Act II Scene v, how long has the nurse been gone? The nurse has been gone three hours.
In Act II how did Rome get into the Capulet orchard? He climbed over the wall.
In Act I Scene v, who forbids Tybalt from fighting Romeo at the Capulet party? Lord Capulet
Who decreed that anyone found fighting in the streets of Verona will be put to death? Prince Esculus
In Act III Scene iv, Lord Capulet is upset with Juliet and threatens to put her out on the street. Why is he so upset? Juliet refuses to marry Paris.
Created by: ssmunson7