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Keyboarding Vocab #6

A feature of a chart, on which you can plot numbers. The horizontal line is called the X-axis, and the vertical line is called the Y-axis axis
The thick-bordered cell where you can enter numbers or formulas in a spreadsheet. active cell
Organizing or sorting information in order from smallest to largest, or A-Z or 1-9 ascending Order
One type of graph developed from spreadsheet data that uses parallel bars to compare data and changes in data over time bar graph
A vertical section of printed text on a page, or a vertical line of cells in a spreadsheet or table column
The working of mathematical equations. Formulas that are usually used in spreadsheets allow the computer to automatically perform calculations. calculate
The space at the intersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet. cell
A way to present information from a spreadsheet in the form of graphs or tables. chart
A picture showing the relationship of two or more sets of data using a circle. circle graph
A database is an organized collection of related information that can be used for searches. An application that helps manage large collections of information database
Organizing or sorting information in order from largest to smallest, Z-A or 9-1 descending order
The field where information is entered in a spreadsheet. entry bar
Individual categories of information within a database record field
A picture showing the relationship of one or more sets of numbers to each other. Some graph types are line, bar, area, and pie graphs graph
The term given to the words entered on a spreadsheet usually naming a column label
A graph used to display trends and compare data line graph
Pictures used to create a bar graph chart pictogram
Circle graph divided into pieces that look like a piece of a pie pie graph
A group of related fields that store data about a subject. A collection of records make a file record
The horizontal divisions in a spreadsheet named with a number row
Arranging information in a specific order (usually ascending and descending). sort
An application that can be used to do calculations, analyze and present data. It includes tools for organizing, managing, sorting and retrieving data and testing "what if " statements. spreadsheet
The term for a number in a spreadsheet that can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided value
a diagram representing mathematical or logical sets pictorially as circles or closed curves within an enclosing rectangle (the universal set), common elements of the sets being represented by the areas of overlap among the circles Venn diagram
Created by: k_murski