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.Net Study

.Net Topics

Winforms vs. Webforms 4 diffs: State Management: stateful/stateless; Rendering: GDI+/HTML; Deployment: client-side/server-side;Cross Platform: windows only/cross platform
abstract class vs interface abstract class provides standardization via interface and implementation while interface provides it via interface only
Design Pattern solution for a known problem
Name 3 Design Patterns MVP, Factory, Observer
What experience have you had with Factory pattern? Command Factory/RedPlum; Call Factory/WCRIBMA
What are web services software components that can be accessed over http
What is WSDL Web Services Description Language - describes the interface of the web service
How do you create stored procs create stored proc
What is normalization database design for eliminating duplication and structural problems for storing and retrieving data
What is an outer join joins two or more tables without requiring a matching record
authorization vs authentication authorization: what you have privileges for; authentication: who you are
overriding vs overloading overloading; enhancing a method to accept different parameter types; overriding: replacing or adding to base class method functionality
What is an interface describes services of an object
What is encapsulation hides data and implementation for an object behind a stable, simple interface in order to minimize the impact of changes to clients
What is inheritance Reusing base class functionality in derived classes
What is your experience working with teams Brassring: I worked on a team of 5-6 developers. I served as DBA. I developed the management console. And completed two modules in the internet app.
What is polymorphism ability of one type to appear as another
What is a virtual function a function whose behavior can be overridden
What is the difference between the machine.config and web.config Machine.config represents default setting for entire machine; Web.config represents specific application settings.
What does the .net garbage collector do? reclaims unused memory references
what is the difference between an abstract vs value type abstract types have pointers on the stack with values on the heap; value types are stored on the stack
What does ref in C# mean? refer to same variable that was passed in to method; any changes in method will be reflected in the variable after method call.
What is a partial class? partial definition of a class; full definition is split across multiple files
What is a strong name? globally unique assembly identity: text name+ version+culturepublic key+digital sig
What is DOM? Document Object Model - provides an object based representation of xml and html documents
What is CSS? cascading style sheets - describes the presentation of a document written in a markup language
What is the difference between classic ASP and ASP.Net? Programming model: ASP.Net - event driven; ASP - procedural
What is code-behind? code in a script tag or separate file used to respond to events generated in asp.net page
What is a postback? posting the same page back to the server after after its initial creation
When does an aspx page compile? Depends on the compilation model: 1. Website - on its inital request on the fly after the request is authenticated and authorized via IIS and ASP.Net 2. Web Application Model - on 1st page request. 3. PreCompilation Model - on deployment
How does ViewState work? page-level state management - the values of the page controls are maintained across postbacks
What is XSD? XML Schema Definition
When creating web services in .net, do you need to explicitly define a wsdl? no. reference the web service will create the wsdl for you
What is the purpose of wsdl.exe creates client a proxy for a web service
What is the purpose of xsd.exe? generates xml schema
What is purpose of a web proxy? provides means for a client to interact with a web service
What are the different types of indexes on SQL Server? clustered, non-clustered, unique
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