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Ace Photoshop CS5

ACA Exam Practice

How do you create a web page that has multiple JPEG images displayed with a navigation bar? Bridge>Output>Web Photo Gallery
What is the definition of gamut? Gamut is the range of colors that can be printed or displayed
How can a Camera Raw file be created? Create the file in a Digital Camera
What will the browser do if it cannot exactly match the original colors selected for an image? Dithering
What three statements are true about color? Complimentary colors are used to create contrast ; Complementary colors are made by mixing primary colors; Analogous colors are colors that are found side by side on the color wheel
How can an RGB document be previewed to see what it would look like when printed in CMYK without modifying image data? View>Proof Setup>Working CMYK
Which two factors should most influence design choices when working on a project for a client? (choose two) Client goals Target audience
What is the Rule of Thirds? Nine equal sections; dividing the image by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines.
Which option is available for Rendering Intent under color management for printing? Relative Colorimetric
Which two are phases of production that are specifically part of an artist’s responsibility in a Photoshop project plan? (choose two) Final image processing; Creating comprehensive sample graphics
A large, conservative security firm needs a logo and marketing materials that promote feelings of security, trust and strength. Which font type would be most appropriate? Sans-serif fonts
Which color mode is most effective to use for final output when a poster will be printed on an offset press? CMYK
What is the primary function of Adobe Bridge? To manage, open and view files
Which feature can be used to store information about copyright and ownership? Metadata
Created by: CTETechFL