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TCM acupuncture points

PMS liver Qi Stagnation Distending pain in breast, costal, and hypochondriac region several days before mensturation colic pain in lower abs, scanty bleeding in fresh color, dark clots, headache, irritability, yellow coating, wiry pulse LI4, Ren4, SP6 PC6, LV3
PMS Yin Deficiency Liver and Kidney Dull pain, costal, hypochonriac region or distending colic pain before menstruation, excessive bleeding fresh or pale color, dizziness, vertigo, dryness of mouth, red tongue scantty coating wiry pulse LI4, Ren4, SP6 KÎ6, GB20
PMS Deficiency Heart and Spleen Palpitation, insomnia, lassitude, cold limbs, loose stool b4 mense, thin profuse leucoorhoea, pale tongue, white coating deep thready pulse LI4, Ren4, SP6 ST36, HT7
Dysmenorroea Stagnation Qi and Blood Distending pain in breasts, lower abs and lumbar region b4, after mense, retarded passage of dark purple menses with clots, stasis spotted tongue, taut unsmooth pulse Ren3, BL32, SP6 LI4, LV3, ST38
Dysmenorroea Obstruction due to Cold & Dampness Pain and cold feeling in lower abs, waist, back, alleviatd by warmth, scanty dark red menses with clots, sticky white tongue, deep string taunt pulse Ren3, BL32, SP6 ST29 with moxa
Dysmenorroea Qi and Blood Deficiency Dull pain in lower abs, during after mens, alliviated by warm and pressure, pale scanty menses, soreness and weaknes of loins and extremeties, lost of appetitte, dizziness , palpitation, pale tongue tihin weak pulse Ren3, BL32, SP6 ST36, BL23, Ren4
Uterine Bleeding Blood Heat sudeen onset of profuse or prolongued vaginal bleeding in bright red color, thirst, irritability, red T, Y coating, rapid pulse, further yin def. feverish palms and soles Ren4, SP1, SP6 Excessive Heat SP10, KI5
Uterine Bleeding Blood Stasis Irregular vaginal bleeding with closts, distending ab pain, dark purple or stasis spotted tongue, with thin coating unsmooth pulse Ren4, SP1, SP6 ST38, LV3
Uterine Bleeding Deficiency type Profuse bleeding or continuous scanty bleeding marked by light red and then blood, lassitude, shortness of breath, cold feeling and ain in the lower abs, pallor, poor appetite, pale tongue with white and slippery coating Ren4, SP1, SP6 ST36, BL20
Menopausal Syndrome - Kidney Yin Dizziness, headache, tinnitus, deafness, sore and weak back, kness, irritability, feverish sensation in soles and palms, spontaneous sweating, irregular menses, red T scanty coating, thready rapid pulse DU20, DU14, Ren4 ,Bl23, HT7, SP6, ST36 Irritability; PC5, LV5 Feverish sensation; LV3, KI3
Menopausal Syndrome - Kidney Yang Lusterless complexion, sore and weak back and knees, cold limbs, distension in abs, loose stool. oedema on face and limbs, pale mense with clots, white moist coating deep thready pulse Du20, DU14, BL23, HT7, SP6, ST36 Easy Sweating ; HT6, KI7
Morning Sickness - Deficiency of Spleen and Stomach Nausea, vomiting of liquid or undigested food immediately after the meals feeling of fullness and distension in the chess, lassitude sleepiness, pale tongue and white coating weak slippery pulse ST36, PC6, Ren12 SP4, Ren13
Morning Sickness - Disharmony Liver and Stomach Vomiting of bitter or sour liquid, epigastirc fullness and hypochondirac pain, belching, sighing mental depression, dizziness , white or yellow coating red tong wiry slippery pulse ST36, PC6, Ren12 LV3, Ren17
Chronic Pelvic Inflamation - Downward Damp Heat fever headache, distending pain, tenderness in lower abs, profuse leucorrhea, yellow or red white in mixed color , frequent yelow urination, dry stool red tongue yellow sticky coating slippery rapid pulse GB26, BL30, Ren6, SP6 LV2, SP9
Chronic Pelvic Inflamtion - Blood Deficiency with Cold Dampness dull pain in lower abs, better with warmth pressure, sore pain in lumbosacral region, proguse leucorrhoea, clear and thin, pale tongue with white sticky coating thready slow pulse GB26, BL30, Ren6, SP6 Ren4, ST36 with moxa
Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands distending pain in breast and multiple mammary lumps Liver Qi stagnation with retention of phlegm or Dysfunction of Chong and Ren meridian ST15, ST18, Ren17 ST36
Female Sterility - Kidney Deficiency Sterility, delayed menarche, post dated period, scanty pale mense bleeding, darkish lusterless complexion, soreness weakenss waist kness, hyposexuality, dilute urine, loose stool pale tonge, white coating deep pulse Ren4, SP6, ST29 BL23, ST36
Female Sterility - Stagnation of Liver Qi Sterility, irregular cycle, dysmenorrhoea, scanty but unsmooth bleeding in dark color, distending pain breast b4 period, depression, white coating and wiry pulse Ren4, SP6, ST29 LI4, LV3
Female Sterility - rentention of Phlegm Dampness Sterility, obesity, delayed menstrual period or even amenorrhea, lassitude and fatigue, dizziness, palpitation, stuffiness ches, pale tongue, with white sticky coating slippery pulse Ren4, SP6, ST29 ST40, BL20
Created by: dntcello
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