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Non Verbal Comm

Non-Verbal Communication

communication without words is ______________ non-verbal communication
______ percent of our communication is verbal 7
hand and body movements gestures
how we sit and stand posture
the most noticeable aspect of non-verbal communication facial expressions
the most important non-verbal symbol eye contact
______________ gestures are types of gestures that use the arms and hands to help emphasize an idea emphatic
________________ gestures helps the audience visualize the message descriptive
non-verbal symbols to convey emotion and emphasize meaning paralanguage
________ percent of our communication is tone 38
gestures of surprise flashbulb eyes/jaw droop
gestures that indicates impatience fast swing of the leg
lying hand left
side of the brain that is creative right
number of pumps in a correct handshake three
____________ before answering a question indicates lying swallowing
a slow dangle of the shoe indicates ___________ flirting
rubbing the chin might indicate that some is seriously _____________ evaluating
when one's voice rises and falls inflection
the sound of ones voice (like on a musical scale) pitch
the quality of the sound of one's voice tone
side of the brain that is factual left
non verbal communication can ____________ and accompany words reinforce
the distance from the speaker to the audience is proximity
gesture of uncertainty shoulder shrug
gesture of acceptance palms up
largest gesture of sincerity hand spread over heart
largest gesture of confidence steepling
one's handshake is indicative of their self esteem
controlling type of hand shake facing down
a gesture of power and dominance swaggerwalk
Created by: DeborahCrenshaw