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GK 9


Which science-fiction writer coined the term "cyberspace"? William Gibson
What is a male swan known as? Cob
What is a female swan known as? Pen
Which giant screen film projection system, which gives an enhanced visual impact, has its origins in Montreal's Expo 67? IMAX
Which actress was born Lucille Fay LeSueur in San Antonio, Texas, in 1908? Joan Crawford
Which military leader poisoned himself in Bithynia in Asia Minor in around 182BCE? Hannibal
What is the branch of astronomy that is concerned solely with the moon called? Selenology
The mouflon, native to Corsica and Sardinia, is a small, wild form of which animal? Sheep
Which religion, founded in 3rdC CE Persia, at its 3rd-7thC height one of the world's biggest, taught an elaborate dualistic cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of darkness? Manichaeism
The Loyalty Islands in the Pacific are part of which territory? New Caledonia
Which orchestral march by William Walton was first performed at the coronation of King George VI, and was used as the recessional music at the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011? Crown Imperial
What was the real name of 'Dr Seuss'? Theodore Geisel
The sixth labour of Hercules involved defeating what sort of creatures who were destroying the countryside around Lake Stymphalia? Birds
The address of which constituent college of the University of London is: Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE? London School of Economics
Extending from 500 to 10,000 kilometres above the earth’s surface, what is the uppermost layer of the earth’s atmosphere called – beyond which there is only outer space? Exosphere
Which species of cat, with scientific name Acinonyx jubatus, is found in much of Africa, can be known as the hunting leopard, and is unusual among cats in having claws which are not fully retractable? Cheetah
At the Academy Awards held in February 2015, Ida became the first film from which nation to win the award for Best Foreign Language Film? Poland
What shrub gave its name to the revolution which saw Zine El Abidine Ben Ali overthrown as President of Tunisia in 2011? Jasmine
Which musical features numbers including "Gee, Officer Krupke" and "I Feel Pretty"? West Side Story
What flower gave its name to the revolution which saw Askar Akayev overthrown as President of Kyrgyzstan in 2005? Tulip
What name is given to the Persian language in Afghanistan? Dari
How was the Amu Darya river known in Ancient times? Oxus
Which mountain range divides the Amu Darya and Indus valleys? Hindu Kush
Give a year in the rule of the Achaemenid Empire. 550-330BCE
Which large snake-like lake monster said to live in Lake Seljord in Seljord, Telemark, Norway? Selma
Which parliament is located in Karasjok, Norway? Sami parliament
Which Norwegian figure skater and film star was a three-time Olympic Champion (1928, 1932, 1936) in Ladies' Singles, a ten-time World Champion (1927–1936) and a six-time European Champion (1931–1936)? Sonja Henie
Johann Koss of Norway won four Winter Olympic golds at what sporting event? Speed skating
Who won a total of 29 medals in the Olympics and World Championships in the period between 1991 and 1999, making him the most successful cross-country skier in history? Bjorn Daehlie
Which Dutch city is the home of Rabobank? Utrecht
The bulk of the Great Pyramids at Giza are constructed in which stone? Limestone
Which Theban king reunited Egypt after the First Intermediate Period and started the Middle Kingdom? Mentuhotep II
Which group of "foreign princes" ruled a part of Northern Egypt during the latter Middle Kingdom at the Second Intermediate Period, from their capital at Avaris? Hyksos
Which Egyptian deity was god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead? Osiris
What two-word term indicated the "life-force" in Ancient Egypt that would be reunited with the soul by the process of mummification? Ka
Hatshepshut was the widow of which Egyptian king who preceded her as ruler? Tuthmosis II
In which century was Tutankhamun's rule of Egypt? Fourteenth BCE (1333-1323BCE)
Ramses II fought the Hittites at which battle in 1274BCE? Kadesh
Phaistos, Mallios and Zakros were all towns located in the territory of which ancient civilisation? Minoan
Linear B was the script used by which ancient peoples? Mycenaeans
Where is the intermittent Ghaggar-Hakra river, once critical to an ancient civilisation? Between India and Pakistan (IVC)
Dilmun or Tilmun was an ancient area that centred on which modern-day nation? Bahrain
The ancient Yangshao culture of China, which lasted c.5000-3000BCE was centred on which river? Yellow River
Who excavated the palace at Knossos between 1900 and 1932? Arthur Evans
As yet undeciphered, what was the script used by the Minoan civilisation? Linear A
Which dynasty ruled China from 1600-1046BCE? Shang
Which Neolithic henge and stone circle is about 6 miles north-east of Stromness? Ring of Brodgar
When was Skara Brae exposed by a storm? 1850
Who was the first US Vice-President to become President upon the death of their predecessor? John Tyler (on death of Harrison)
Father Edward Daly is best known for a photograph taken during which notorious event? Bloody Sunday (he waves a blood-stained white handkerchief as he trie sto escort a mortally-wounded person to safety)
What is the name of the detective in 'Bleak House'? Inspector Bucket
In 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' who does Helena marry? Demetrius
In 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', what job is done by Peter Quince? Carpenter
In 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' what job is done by Robin Starveling? Tailor
Based on the four 'humors' what four personality types were proposed by Galen? Phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric, melancholic
Which Frenchman (26 August 1743 – 8 May 1794) was called 'The Father Of Modern Chemistry'? Antoine Lavoisier
Which chemical element, atomic number 20, can be used to make orange fireworks? Calcium
Name either of the two chemical elements, atomic numbers 29 or 56, that can be used to make green fireworks? Barium, Copper
Lithium or Potassium generally produce which colour of fireworks? Purple
What type of food has varieties called "Loch Ness", "Masterpiece" and "Tendergreen"? French Beans
Which chemical element is named for the capital of Sweden? Holmium
Procyon is the brightest star in which constellation? Canis Minor
Spica is the brightest star in which constellation? Virgo
Vega is the brightest star in which constellation? Lyra
What is the collective name for toads? Knot
Which mollusc is lined with mother-of-pearl? Abalone
What is the approximate gestation period of a rabbit? One month/30 days
What is the approximate gestation period of a dog? Two months/60 days
What name is given to a horse that is black and white in colour? Piebald
What name is given to a golden horse with a pale mane? Palomino
What type of foodstuff has varieties called "Early Market", "Lyon Prizetaker" and "Royal Favourite"? Leek
Which animal's name translates as "no drink"? Koala
What name is given to subatomic particles without a whole number spin value? Fermions
What are the fundamental, force-carrying bosons called? Gauge Boson
Which element's name means "inactive" or "inert"? Argon
What is the translation of the constellation 'lyra? Harp
Bar the Sun, which is the nearest star to Earth? Proxima Centauri
Which is the next brightest star in the sky after the Sun? Sirius
Which French king, who reigned for just one year, was betrothed to Mary Queen of Scots? Francois II
Who was the wife of Henri II of France? Catherine de Medici
Which playwright wrote "Tartuffe", "L'Ecole Des Femmes", and "Le Misanthrope"? Moliere
What was the name of the salon hostess (1634-92) who was also an author, writing "Le Grand Cyrus" and "Clelie"? Madame De Lafayette
Who (8 July 1621 – 13 April 1695) was the most famous French fabulist and one of the most widely read French poets of the 17th century? Jean de la Fontaine
Which opera composer was born in Florence in 1632, and died at the peak of his powers in Paris in 1687? Jean-Baptiste Lully
Who was the stage designer (1631-1713) responsible for the 'Enchanted Isle' at Versailles? Carlo Vigarani
As of 2015, who enjoyed the longest unbroken reign of any European monarch? Louis XIV (72 years)
What relation was Louis XV to Louis XIV of France? Great-grandson
Who acted as regent to Louis XV of France? Philippe d'Orleans
Which opera by Gheorghe Enescu, usually considered his masterpiece, received its world premiere in Paris on 13 March 1936, and features a musical saw? Oedipe
Which city's German name is Kronstadt? Brasov
What is the highest peak in Romania (2544m)? Moldoveanu
Which Romanian town, home to 'Dracula's Castle' is also known as Torzburg? Bran
Which King of Romania succeeded Carol I in 1914? Ferdinand
What is Romania's biggest ski resort? Poiana Brasov
Which church in Brasov, is the largest Gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul? Black Church
What is the Romanian/Transylvanian name for a vampire, or the undead? Strigoi
Who had a 1994 hit with the song "As If We Never Said Goodbye" from Sunset Boulevard? Barbara Streisand
In which year were dog licences abolished? 1988
What is produced by a female donkey and a male horse? Hinny
What is the largest rodent native to Europe? Coypu
Who was the Greek Muse of song and oratory? Polyhymnia
In Greek myth, which place was the heroes' paradise? Elysian Fields
Who killed Procrustes in Greek myth? Theseus
Who is the heroine of Wagner's opera 'Lohengrin'? Elsa
Which chemical element's name means 'unstable' in Greek? Astatine
What is immediately below 'diamond', on the Mohs scale, signifying number 9? Corundum
What is a yaffle, specifically? Green woodpecker
What is the spin value of the Higgs boson? Zero
What type of particle, defined as an elementary, half-integer spin (spin 1⁄2) particle that does not undergo strong interactions, is an electron? Lepton
What does QANTAS stand for? Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service
Which has been the world's busiest airport, by passenger numbers, from 1998 to 2015? Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta (accept Atlanta)
Which airport reclaimed the 'most take-offs and landings annually' title in 2014? O'Hare, Chicago
As of winter 2012/2013, which airport served 264 destinations in 113 countries, making it the airport with the most international destinations in the world; it is normally the third busiest in Europe? Frankfurt
Who (September 22, 1904 – August 22, 1965) was the first female flight attendant? Ellen Church
What type of fruit are "Russet" and "Laxton's Superb"? Apples
What is the SI unit of magnetic flux? Weber
Which three chemical elements are present in Britannia Metal? Tin, Antimony, Copper
What does EPBM, sometimes seen on cutlery, stand for? Electro-plated Britannia Metal
What food stuff are "Duncan" and "Marsh" varieties of? Grapefruit
What are the three species of swan native to the UK? Whooper, Bewick's, Mute
What name is given to fuel used in UK agricultural vehicles that has a significantly reduced tax levy compared to un-dyed fuel used in ordinary road vehicles? Red diesel
Which radiation has wavelengths that lie between visible radiation and X-rays? Ultraviolet
What is the name of the space-time point at which matter is compressed to an infinite density? Singularity
What is the angular momentum quantum number of an electron in the S-orbital? Zero
In molecular science, for what does MFP stand? Mean Free Path
Lucy Ashton and Edgar are the doomed lovers in which opera? Lucia di Lammermoor
What is the real name of 'Madame Butterfly' in the Puccini opera? Cio Cio San
In Puccini's "Madame Butterfly", which American does the titular character fall in love with? Lt Pinkerton
Which musical show features the songs "Nice Work If You Can Get It" and "I Got Rhythm"? An American In Paris
In myth, who opened Pandora's box? Epimetheus
Which musical work, by Erik Satie, features a piece that is to be repeated 840 times? Vexations
Which work by Stravinsky has gone into history as 'causing a riot' at its premiere, though as usual, the truth is a little more complex? The Rite of Spring
What is the proper name for Bach's "Air On A G string"? Air From Suite No 3
In myth, who were the parents of Dionysus? Zeus and Selene
What was the name of the island upon which Sean Connery's James Bond confronts "Dr No"? Crab Key
Which building overtook the Eiffel Tower as the world's highest? Chrysler Building
Which port is the largest cargo handler in the UK? Felixstowe
In which English county is the onshore oil field of Palmers Wood? Surrey
In which county is Felixstowe? Suffolk
Which stadium is used by QPR? Loftus Road
Who won their first Davis Cup in 2014? Switzerland
Since 2006, where have Doncaster Rovers played? Keepmoat Stadium
Which Wakefield RLFC player died of a heart attack at the gym in 2008, aged just 31? Adam Watene
What is the name given to the symbol of a snake devouring its own tail? Ouroboros
What substance speeds up a chemical reaction without itself being chemically altered? Catalyst
What is the chemical symbol for lead? Pb
Which valued decorative substance is largely made of China Clay? Porcelain
What is the name given to a compound with the same formula but different properties to another? Isomer
Which bird nests by barricading itself in a hollow tree? Hornbill
What type of bird is an 'Openbill', whose beak never fully closes? Stork
What is the largest bird of prey in the UK? Golden Eagle
Which bird, native to the UK, buries acorns for later retrieval? Jay
What is an alternate, one-word name for lines of longitude? Meridians
What, in degrees, are the upper and lower limits of latitude on Earth? 90 (N & S)
What is an alternate, one-word name for lines of latitude? Parallels
Into what further unit are degrees of angle subdivided? Arc minutes
To the nearest thousand, what is the approximate circumference of the Earth in miles? 25000
Which term means "of the stars"? Sidereal
What name is given to the temporal interval that it takes for an object to reappear at the same point in relation to two or more other objects, e.g. when the Moon relative to the Sun as observed from Earth returns to the same illumination phase? Synodic Period
What is the alternative name for sengis? Elephant Shrews
Anteaters, sloths and armadillos form which 'superorder'? Xenarthra
Which IUCN conversation rating lies between 'endangered' and 'lower risk'? Vulnerable
In the IUCN conservation ratings 'lower risk' is itself divided into which two categories? Near Threatened and Least Concern
Which animal has the scientific name 'vulpes vulpes'? Red fox
What are "Gillyflower", "Gladstone" and "White Transparent"? Apples
What is 'relative atomic mass' also called? Atomic weight
Keynes' "General Theory" was published in which year? 1936
Herbert Croly co-founded which influential paper? The New Republic
Give a year in the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. 1901-09
Which party did Teddy Roosevelt run for in the 1912 US presidential election? Progressive Party
Which 1942 man's eponymous 'report' helped paved the way for the modern British welfare state? Beveridge
The 1944 Education Act raised the school leaving age to what in the UK? 15
In which year was the UK NHS Act? 1948
What was the ECSC, a forerunner of the EU? European Coal and Steel Community
What relation was Liszt to Wagner? Father-in-law
Which religious group are baptised into the 'Khalsa'? Sikhs
What was Leo Sayer's only UK number 1 single? When I Need You
Mussorgsky's "Picture At An Exhibition" was written for which musical instrument? Piano
Who orchestrated Mussorgsky's "Picture At An Exhibition"? Ravel
Who was the high priest of Judea at the time of Christ's crucifixion? Caiaphas
What is Oklahoma's nickname? Sooner State
What is Oregon's nickname? Beaver State
What is Pennsylvania's state capital? Harrisburg
What is the highest square number in the Fibonacci sequence? 144
Who wrote "Prologomena to Any Future Metaphysics That Will Be Able to Present Itself as a Science"? Immanuel Kant
Which Depeche Mode song was inspired by Priscilla Presley's memoir "Elvis and Me"? Personal Jesus
What are the forenames of the historian AN Wilson? Andrew Norman
Who wrote the famous 1859 work "Self-Help"? Samuel Smiles
Which writer of adventure novels was brought up by a Billingsgate Fish Market porter? R Horatio Edgar Wallace
Who wrote the Maigret novels? Georges Simenon
Which Shakespeare play features the line "we few, we happy few, we band of brothers"? Henry V
The seafarer Jack Aubrey was created by which writer? Patrick O'Brian
Which was the first Conan Doyle story to feature Sherlock Holmes? A Study In Scarlet
Which artist joined the First Regiment of African Light Cavalry in Algeria for a seven-year commitment, but, two years later left due to contracting typhoid? Claude Monet
Who, in 1999, became the first Children's Laureate? Quentin Blake
What does the Latin phrase "ora pro nobis" mean? Pray For Us
Which poet and novelist wrote the "Barrack Room Ballads"? Rudyard Kipling
Who was the Poet Laureate from 1790 to 1813? Henry James Pye
Complete the saying: "Curses, like chickens...."? Come home to roost
Complete the saying: "Desperate diseases..."? Must have desperate remedies
Which NFL team won the 2014 Superbowl but then lost the 2015 game? Seahawks
As of 2015, which two NFL teams have exactly won 5 Superbowls, joint second to the Steelers with six? Cowboys, 49ers
Which lake forms a large part of the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia? Kariba
The Victoria Falls lie on which river? Zambezi
Averaging 13cm tall, what is the smallest dog breed? Chihuahua
In DIY, what is 'MDF' short for? Medium density fibreboard
A tenon is a type of what tool? Hammer
Where are espadrilles worn? The feet (they are shoes)
John Laing and Taylor Woodrow (until the latter merged with another company) were both famous companies in which field? Construction - Taylor Woodrow merged with Wimpey
On the coin used until 2008, what does Britannia hold on a 50p piece? Trident and an olive branch
Who wrote 1936 work "Mathematical Theory of Computing"? Alan Turing
What is a fear of heights called? Acrophobia
"We go about our daily lives understanding almost nothing of the world" is the opening sentence in which book, said to be one of the least-read of all bestsellers? A Brief History of Time
Which surrealist and Dadist posed the question "who am I" in the opening sentence of his 1928 novel Nadja? Andre Breton
What colour links the common names of the canons of the Premonstratensian order, founded by St Norbert, and the Carmelites? White
Who wrote "The Red Shoes"? Hans Christian Andersen
"The Lollipop Shoes" is the sequel to which novel? Chocolat by Joanne Harris
"Blue Shoes and Happiness" is the seventh in a series of novels by which author? Alexander McCall Smith
Who did Fanny Caplan attempt to assassinate in 1918? Lenin
Created on December 20, 1917, which Russian security service was a forerunner of the KGB? Cheka
So shrouded in legend that even his birth and death dates are unknown (c. 1870 – c. 1880 – c. 1925), which British agent was known as the 'Ace of Spies'? Sidney Reilly
Who was Oscar nominated for his performance as Solomon Northup in "12 Years A Slave"? Chiwetel Ejiofor
Who directed "Chariots of Fire"? Hugh Hudson
Who played the titular role in Dennis Potter's TV play "The Singing Detective"? Michael Gambon
Who was the first actor to play Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films? Richard Harris
Who directed the film "8½"? Fellini
Ivan Owen provided the voice of which TV puppet until his retirement in 2000? Basil Brush
Which actress played the devil in 2000 film "Bedazzled"? Elizabeth Hurley
Who was the doctor who controversially tended to Michael Jackson, including supplying the propofol that killed him? Conrad Murray
What was the name of the character John Cleese played in the bond films? R
What was the name of the tortoise in "Bill and Ben: The Flowerpot Men"? Slowcoach
Which actor wrote the autobiography "In and Out Of Character"? Basil Rathbone
Which actor was the subject of biographies "The Fourth Musketeer" and "His Majesty The American"? Douglas Fairbanks Sr
What does CBS stand for in the name of the US TV network? Columbia Broadcasting System
Which 1929 movie was the first feature film with an all-black cast? Hallelujah
Who played Dr No in the 1962 film - he died in October 2009? Joseph Wiseman
Where is there a 240m World Trade Center with two towers and three wind turbines in between them? Bahrain
Which famous man, an inventor, (1771-1833) was born in Camborne? Richard Trevithick
Which castle, built by Henry VIII, between 1540 and 1542, is near Falmouth? Pendennis
On which river is the Tarbela Dam in Pakistan? Indus
What is the correct full name of Westminister Abbey? Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster
Which US Army officer (1858-1928) supervised the construction of the Panama Canal? George Washington Goethals
Which canal in France links the Atlantic to the Mediterranean? Canal Du Midi
Who was the consort of Richard I of England? Berengaria of Navarre
Which crusade was Richard I part of? Third
In which deal did Richard I surrender feudal claims to Scotland for money? Quitclaim of Canterbury
Which European king held Richard I to ransom? Leopold of Austria
In which month and year did the UK go decimal? February 1971 (15th to be exact)
The Danes were defeated, losing 14000 troops, at which battle of 1710, marking their last invasion of Sweden? Helsingborg
In 1804, 'Black' George Petrovic led an uprising of which people against the Ottomans? Serbs
Who defeated Mike Tyson in February 1990 and became Heavyweight Champion of The World, despite being 42-1 to win the fight? James "Buster" Douglas
In 303, which Roman Emperor ordered a persecution of Christians, including apparently the martyrdom of St Sebastian, who was a member of his Praetorian Guard? Diocletian
Who was murdered in Dumfries' Greyfriars Kirk on 10th February 1306 by Robert the Bruce, the culmination of a bitter feud for control of Scotland? John "Red" Comyn
In the Iliad, who killed Hector? Achilles
Who, in Homeric myth, was Hector's father? Priam
Hebe was the Greek goddess of what? Youth
Who was the Roman equivalent of Greek goddess Hebe? Juventus
Which playwright wrote that Helen of Troy's face "launched a thousand ships"? Marlowe
Dom Perignon belonged to which monastic order? Benedictine
What is a cor anglais? Oboe
Which religion were most of the USSR'S "refuseniks" who were denied permission to emigrate? Jews
Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and Shingo Katori are the members of which Japanese boy band? SMAP
In myth, who was the father of Lohengrin? Parsifal
Who composed string quartets called The Joke, The Bird, The Rider and the Emperor? Haydn
Which Turkish dish features leaves wrapped around a filling? Dolmades
In the Old Testament, to whom was Joseph sold for 20 pieces of silver? Ishmaelites
Which musical instrument's name literally means "soft loud"? Pianoforte
"Don't Bring Me Down" and "Evil Woman" were 1970s hits for who? ELO
Which bird is associated with the Greek goddess Athena? Owl
Who are the two lead characters in La Boheme? Mimi and Rodolfo
In the opera, who kills Carmen? Don Jose
In the opera, with which toreador does Carmen run away? Escamillo
Who were the backing band of Herb Alpert? Tijuana Brass
Who were the backing band of Captain Beefheart? Magic Band
In which city is the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art located? Amsterdam
A French term , what name is given to a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side to create a design in low relief? Repoussé or repoussage
Which painting technique, used mostly in oil painting, sees layers of wet paint applied to previously administered layers of wet paint? Alla prima (sometimes 'wet on wet')
From the Latin for 'gypsum' what is a white paint mixture consisting of a binder mixed with chalk, gypsum, pigment, or any combination of these? Gesso
Which French term is used for a painting executed entirely in shades of grey or of another neutral greyish colour, particularly used in large decorative schemes in imitation of sculpture? Grisaille
The Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations Relating to Two New Sciences, was published in 1638, the final work of who? Galileo Galilei
Who discovered both Saturn's ring and its moon Titan? Christiaan Huygens
Which Polish astronomer (28 January 1611 – 28 January 1687) gained a reputation as "the founder of lunar topography" and described ten new constellations, seven of which are still recognized by astronomers? Johannes Hevelius
Who is the hero of the Roman novel 'The Golden Ass'? Lucius
Who wrote the Roman novel popularly known as 'The Golden Ass' - albeit its proper title is Metamorphoses? Apuleius
Renowned for his wealth, who was the king of Lydia who, according to Herodotus, reigned for fourteen years: from 560 BC until his defeat by the Persian king Cyrus the Great in 546 BC? Croesus
Who, in Greek myth, was the son of Oecles and Hypermnestra, and husband of Eriphyle? He was the King of Argos along with Adrastus— the brother of his wife, Eriphyle— and Iphis? Amphiaraus
Who, in ancient Roman religion, was the protector of grains, represented by a grain seed? Consus
The Sphinx in Giza is thought to represent the Pharoah Chephren fused with which God? Horus
The Biblical place On is better known by what name? Memphis, Egypt
"Golden Twigs" is a work by which controversial figure? Aleister Crowley
The ancient site of Ur, birthplace of Abraham, is in which modern-day country? Iraq
Who wrote "The Magic Mountain", published in 1924? Thomas Mann
Which author wrote 'The Sandman' series of graphic novels? Neil Gaiman
The Rosetta Stone was written in which three languages? Demotic, Greek, Hieroglyphics
Who wrote the graphic novel 'Promethea'? Alan Moore
Irenaeus described who as 'the father of all heresies'? Simon Magus
Which Japanese airport is located on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay, 38 km (24 mi) southwest of Ōsaka Station? Kansai International Airport
What is a name given by archaeologists to a distinctive type of stone knapping developed by precursors to modern humans during the Palaeolithic period, named after a place in France? Levallois Technique
Give a year In the life of St Augustine. 354-430CE
Who became President of Iran in 2013? Hassan Rohani
What name is given to a device that "stores" static electricity between two electrodes on the inside and outside of a glass jar? Leyden jar
Which disease of cattle was declared officially eradicated in 2011? Rinderpest
Which jazz trombonist and bandleader, whose real first name was Edouard, was an important force in reviving interest in New Orleans jazz, making popular 1940s radio broadcasts—among them a number of slots on The Orson Welles Almanac program? Kid Ory
Where was a meeting convened in January 1604, for discussion between King James I of England and representatives of the Church of England, including leading English Puritans? Hampton Court (Hampton Court Conference)
If the books of the Hebrew Bible are removed from the Septaugint, what is left? Apocrypha
Karlstadt am Main lies in which German lander? Bavaria
How are the Biblical books James 1-2, Peter 1-3 and John collectively known? Catholic Epistles
How are the Biblical books 1&2 Timothy and Titus collectively known? Pastoral Epistles
The apocryphal book of 'Jubilees' is a retelling of which book in the Hebrew Bible? Genesis
What is the second-largest city in Zimbabwe? Bulawayo
Who wrote the infamous 1992 tract "The End of History & The Last Man'? Francis Fukuyama
The 7/7 atrocity occurred in which year? 2005
HL Mencken was a famous name in which field? Journalism
Originally developed by UK manufacturer Hawker Siddeley in the 1960s, what emerged as the only truly successful design of the many vertical/short takeoff aircraft attempted during that era? Harrier jump jet
What is the name of the manufacturer of the Tornado, a family of twin-engine, variable-sweep wing combat aircraft? Panavia
There are four ways of measuring time: solar, dynamical, international sidereal, and which other? Atomic
What is the collective name for moles? A labour
What was invented by Robert Whitehead in 1866? Self-propelled torpedo
What is an 'Acme Thunderer'? A whistle
What is the Swahili word for 'master'? Bwana
Which shops, by tradition, feature the Medici coat of arms? Pawnbrokers
What is made by a cordwainer? Shoes
Whose portrait appears on a US $5 bill? Abraham Lincoln
Which is the nearest galaxy to our own Milky Way? Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
Which precious stone can be said to be 'of the first water'? Diamond (a way of assessing their translucence)
The now-extinct solitaire was what type of creature? A bird
What was the first message sent by Morse telegraph? What hath God wrought
In which part of the world did the hamster originate? Middle East
What is a troika? A Russian sled or carriage drawn by three horses harnessed side-by-side
Which chemical element comes first alphabetically? Actinium
Which man created the periodic Table? Mendeleyev
What are the five halogen elements? Iodine, Chlorine, Fluorine, Astatine, Bromine
How many feet are there in a yard? Three
Which chemical element takes its name from a word meaning 'heavy'? Barium
Which chemical element takes its name from the German for 'goblin'? Cobalt
What is the proper anatomical name for the Achilles tendon? Calcaneal tendon
Amino acids are linked together by what type of bond? Peptide
What does 'hydrogen' mean in the original Greek? Water-producing
Which metal has the highest boiling point of all? Tungsten
Who discovered the chemical element hydrogen? Henry Cavendish
Which bird takes its name from the Spanish for 'fool'? Booby
Which acronym has been used for 2 police computer systems, one introduced in 1985 and its successor in 2000? HOLMES
Who discovered helium in 1895? William Ramsay
What paper size is 210x297mm? A4
Smithson Tennant discovered which element and metal, in 1803? Osmium
What is the UK's largest native carnivore? Grey seal
Who plays the main villain, opposite Wesley Snipes, in 1998 film "Blade"? Stephen Dorff
Which comedian's "Good News" show started on BBC3 in 2009? Russell Howard
In which country is the Ridley Scott film "Black Rain" set? Japan
In which film does Liam Neeson search Paris for his kidnapped daughter? Taken
Which character was played by Peter Capaldi in "The Thick Of It"? Malcolm Tucker
Who directed "The Truman Show"? Peter Weir
Who played the character Kay Adams in all three Godfather films? Diane Keaton
Who played Robin Hood in 1981 film "Time Bandits"? John Cleese
In The Waltons, what was Grandpa Walton's first name? Zeb
In which year did badminton become an Olympic sport? 1992
What size is a badminton singles court? 44 x 17 feet
Who became only the fourth nation, after Indonesia, Malaysia and China, to win the Thomas Cup with victory in 2014? Japan
The winner of a men's badminton game is the first player to reach how many points? 15
The winner of a women's badminton game is the first player to reach how many points? 11
How many feathers must protrude from the base of a badminton shuttlecock? Sixteen
Which European nation have been Thomas Cup runners-up eight times, as of 2015, but never won it? Denmark
Who won the Tour de France in 2007 and 2009, but was stripped of his 2010 title for doping? Alberto Contador
How many counters are on the board at the start of a game of backgammon? Thirty
Which Lancashire batsman hit Malcolm Nash for 34 in a single over in 1977? Frank Hayes
Highgrove House has been the residence of which Royal since 1980? Prince Charles
What is the Gloucestershire residence of Princess Anne? Gatcombe Park
How was the Hoover Dam formerly known, before being re-named for the ex-US President? Boulder Dam
What is the more correct title for the building that contains the Houses of Parliament? The Palace of Westminister
The Itaipu Dam lies on which river? Parana
Which writer created the word 'yahoo'? Jonathan Swift
David LaChapelle is a famous name in which field, he has been called the 'Fellini of' this field? Photography
Which newspaper is nicknamed The Gray Lady? The New York Times
Poet Pablo Neruda hailed from which country? Chile
First published in 1867, what was Emile Zola's breakthrough novel? Therese Raquin
Wordsworth wrote five poems between 1798 and 1801 dedicated to which girl - the poems are now collectively known by her name? Lucy
Meaning 'splinter' which word refers to an artist's studio? Atelier
Which author, born in Rhodesia in 1933, wrote novels that featured the Courtney and Ballantyne families? Wilbur Smith
Which playwright married Antonia Fraser in 1980? Harold Pinter
Who wrote "The Good Earth", that won the 1932 Pulitzer Prize? Pearl S. Buck
Who presented the Hope Diamond to Louis XIV? Tavernier
In which year was the first cash machine opened, in Enfield? 1967
Who kidnapped James I when he was 15 years old, a crime for which he was later beheaded for high treason? William Ruthven, Earl of Gowrie
James I's book "Basilikon Doron" was an extended defence of which principle? The Monarch's divine right
Which monarch of England faced the Monmouth Rebellion? James II
In which year did citizens of Washington DC attain full voting rights? 1961
Which British government special advisor and press officer resigned after an infamous "bury bad news" comment following 9/11? Jo Moore
Which member of the British Royal Family held a 21st birthday party in 2002 in Windsor dungeons? Zara Philipps
What was the cause of death, a probable suicide, of Alan Turing? Cyanide poisoning
In Greek myth, who created the labyrinth on the island of Crete? Daedalus
"I Feel Pretty" and "Maria" are songs from which musical? West Side Story
Who were Buddy Holly's backing band? The Crickets
Who were Tommy James's backing band? The Shondelles
Give a year in the life of musical conductor Henry Wood. 1869-1944
Which Russian composer was a naval officer, composing while he sailed on a two-year-and-eight-month cruise aboard the clipper Almaz in late 1862? Rimsky-Korsakov
Florestan & Leonara are characters in which opera? Fidelio
"Cheek to Cheek" and "Isn't This A Lovely Day" are songs in which musical? Top Hat
"Honeysuckle Rose" and "The Sheikh of Araby" are songs from which musical? Tin Pan Alley
Biologically, what determines whether an individual of a species is female or male? Individuals with the larger sex cells (gametes) are female
The Epistles of Wisdom is the foundational text of which faith? Druze
What was the last silent film made by Charlie Chaplin? Modern Times
Who did John Wayne play in "Stagecoach"? The Ringo Kid
Who played Heathcliff in the 1938 film version of "Wuthering Heights"? Laurence Olivier
Who did the choreography for 1933 film "Footlight Parade", as well as creating the musical numbers? Busby Berkeley
Who played Grusinskaya, a dancer, in the 1931 film "Grand Hotel"? Greta Grabo
In which movie did "Garbo talk" for the first time? Anna Christie
Which real-life gangster was the movie "Scarface" based on? Al Capone
What profession was held by Mr Chipperfield in the classic movie "Goodbye Mr Chips"? Teacher/schoolmaster
Which character is the lead heroine in "Gone With The Wind" - she was played by Vivienne Leigh in the 1938 film? Scarlett O'Hara
Edward Fox portrayed Edward VIII in the 1978 TV series 'Edward and Mrs Simpson', and the assassin in which 1973 film? The Day Of The Jackal
Louis Nicolas Vauquelin discovered beryllium, and which other chemical element? Chromium
From Latin for 'do the whole thing' what name is given to an employee who has multiple tasks? Factotum
Severino Antinori is an Italian doctor known for his controversial views in which field? IVF and/or human cloning (accept fertility)
Which dog breed, originally used in fox-hunting was named after a 19th century clergyman, born 1795? Jack Russell Terrier
Red, Sugar and Japanese are all types of what tree? Maple
Hilbert's eighth problem, which unsolved hypothesis implies results about the distribution of prime numbers? Riemann Hypothesis
Which free language-learning platform was founded by professor Luis von Ahn and his graduate student Severin Hacker? Duolingo
In science and philosophy, and from the Greek for 'pattern', what is defined as 'is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field'? Paradigm
In office since 2006, which President of Liberia became the first elected head of state in Africa? Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Serving as President from 2006 to 2010 (and then, again, from 2014) who was Chile's first female President? Michelle Bachelet
Mentioned throughout the Hebrew Bible and once in the New Testament, what name is given to winged angelic beings who are considered to attend on the Abrahamic God in biblical tradition? Cherubim
Held from 1414 to 1418 which Roman Catholic ecumenical council ended the Western schism? Council of Constance/Konstanz
Give a year in the life of chemist Robert Boyle. 1627-91
Which German Scholastic philosopher, theologian and mathematician (1325 – 11 February 1397) wrote 7 works on astronomy, 18 treatises on the Western schism, seventeen polemics, 50 ascetical treatises, and 12 epistles, sermons and pamphlets? Henry of Langenstein
Which capital city's airport is located at Katunayake? Colombo
What is the largest working waterwheel in the world? Laxey Wheel, isle of Man
The Shwedagon Pagoda dominates the skyline of which city? Yangon/Rangoon
What is the longest undersea tunnel in the world, although the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France has a longer undersea portion? Seikan Tunnel, Japan
Who was the father of the Biblical Abraham? Teran
The early Egyptian God Khnum is usually depicted with the head of which animal? Ram
Where did a genocidal massacre against the Kurdish people take place on March 16, 1988 that killed between 3,200 and 5,000 people and injured 7,000 to 10,000 more using chemical weapons? Halabja
The Fox Moth was a successful small biplane passenger aircraft from the 1930s, manufactured by who? de Havilland
Which division of non-vascular bryophyte land plants are also referred to as hepatics, and are similar to mosses? Liverworts
On what date did Roald Amundsen become the first man to reach the South Pole? 14th December 1911
One of the safest harbours in Antarctica, in which archipelago is Deception Island? South Shetlands
Regarded as the "father of geodesy" which scholar of the medieval Islamic era and was well versed in physics, mathematics, astronomy, and natural sciences, and also wrote a History of India after a 1017 trip there? Al-Biruni
The FARC is a guerrilla movement that primarally operated/operates in which country? Colombia
What is the highest peak in the Brecon Beacons? Pen-Y-Fan
What name is shared by both a town in Cornwall, and the second city of Tasmania? Launceston
Which is the second largest city in New Zealand? Christchurch
On which island was the Celtic 'Hendy Head' found? Anglesey
Deadwood, where Wild Bill Hickock was killed, is in which US state? South Dakota
Which is the only French department beginning with an F? Finistère
Which motorway links the M4 to Bristol city centre? M32
Which UNESCO World Heritage Site near Chongqing, features a series of Chinese religious sculptures and carvings, dating back as far as the 7th century AD? Dazu Rock Carvings
Who designed the wide boulevards of Paris in the 1850s and 1860s? Haussmann
Where are the HQ of the African Union, seat of the African Union Commission? Addis Ababa
What does the word 'cenotaph' translate as? Empty tomb
Where are the headquarters of OPEC? Vienna
Which two islands are separated by the Cook Strait? New Zealand's North and South Islands
Apapa Quays are part of the port of which African city? Lagos
What was the name of Hong Kong's old airport, in use until the 1990s? Kai Tak
In which national park is the lowest elevation in North America? Death Valley
In which country is the lowest elevation in South America? Argentina
Jamaica, Surrey and Yorkshire all share a town or city with what name? Kingston
Sir Edward Burnett Tylor and Lewis Henry Morgan were pioneering figures in which field? Anthropology
What is the systematic study of people and cultures, designed to explore cultural phenomena where the researcher observes society from the point of view of the subject of the study? Ethnography
What is by far the most frequently used ethnic term in the Bible, commonly described as a people who had been annihilated by the Israelites? Canaanites
What was the official religion of Persia and its distant subdivisions from 600 BCE to 650 CE? Zoroastrianism
What language spoken by Zoroaster, used for composing the Yasna Haptanghaiti and the Gathas? Avestan
Who is the one universal, transcendent, supreme god in Zoroastrianism? Ahura Mazda
The Hardknott Pass lies at the east end of which Lake District valley? Eskdale
Give a year in the life of Petrarch. 1304-74
For what does 'DNB' stand? Dictionary of National Biography
Who wrote 'Exodus', a 1958 historical novel about the founding of Israel? Leon Uris
In poetry which month "comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb"? March
In Pinter's "The Caretaker" what is the name of the tramp offered the titular role? Davies
In which play does the character Gwendoline Fairfax appear? The Importance Of Being Earnest
What is "i.e." actually short for? It est
Bagot, Bushy and Green are characters in which Shakespeare play? Richard II
Which architect designed Banqueting House at Whitehall and the portico of St Paul's that was destroyed in the Great Fire? Inigo Jones
Who wrote the play "The Entertainer"? Osborne
Which Shakespeare play features the line "neither a borrower nor a lender be"? Hamlet
Thomas Wakley founded which journal? The Lancet
Give a year in the life of William Wordsworth. 1770-1850
In which city was the Chartist newspaper "The Northern Star" founded? Leeds
Who painted "Slavers Throwing Overboard The Dead & Dying: Typhoon Coming Up"? Turner
Disraeli's trilogy of novels are "Coningsby", "Sybil" and which other? Tangred
Who wrote "Pippa Passes"? Browning
Which Australian Rugby League player played for Wigan in 1984-5, won 4 premierships with Parramatta and was voted the world's best player in 1986? Brett Kenny
Which British sailor broke the world record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe twice, in 2005 and 2008? Ellen MacArthur
Who did Jacques Rogge succeed as IOC President? Juan Antonio Samaranch
In which US State is Valhalla Golf Course? Kentucky
Who coached the 2009 British and Irish Lions team to South Africa? Ian MacGeechan
Who designed Valhalla Golf Course? Jack Nicklaus
Who coached 2013 British and Irish Lions tour to Australia? Warren Gatland
What are tatami, hitori, fillomino and futoshiki? Japanese number puzzles
In which year did Fabio Capello score a Wembley winner for Italy against England? 1973
As of 2015, what is the most populous country in the world never to have won an Olympic medal? Bangladesh
Maurice Flitcroft achieved brief notoriety in which sport in 1976? Golf (he hoaxed as a professional golfer, and hit a score of 121 in the qualifying competition for the 1976 Open Championship)
In which two months of the year can the 2000 Guineas be held? April/May
How old are horses that run in the 2000 Guineas, St Leger and Derby? Three
Which WW2 commander died on 23rd March 1944 in a plane crash near Bishnupur, Manipur State, India? Orde Wingate
Which battle took place in Europe on 13th March 1704? Blenheim
Rudolphs and Randolphs are types of what in trampolining? Front Somersaults
The pet of George V, Charlotte, was what type of creature? Parrot
Which international force fought for the left-wing Republicans in the Spanish Civil War? International Brigades
In the Spanish Civil War, what was the name of the Nationalists' German-sponsored air division? Condor Legion
Where was the 2016 Superbowl, between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, held? Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara
In 1920 Berbers in which mainly mountainous region of northern Morocco revolted against Spain? Rif
Which philosopher interoduced the 'felicific calculus' algorithm, for calculating the degree or amount of pleasure that a specific action is likely to cause? Bentham
In medieval times, what were 'Winchester Geese'? Prostitutes
What is the meaning of the name Honolulu in the local language? Sheltered bay
What is the maximum number of people allowed into a pod on the London Eye? 25
The World's Columbian Exposition was held in 1893 in which city? Chicago
Which architect took a leading role in creating master plans for a number of cities, including Chicago, Manila and Washington, D.C, and also designed several famous buildings, including the Flatiron Building in NYC and Union Station in Washington? Daniel Burnham
'Broadacre City' was a hypothetical planned city designed by who? Frank Lloyd Wright
Which Israeli-American psychologist, the author of "Thinking Fast And Slow" is one of the few non-economists to win a Nobel Prize in Economics? Daniel Kahneman
Who (29 January 1850 – 1 May 1928) was the English founder of the garden city movement? Ebenezer Howard
In which year did the original Disneyland theme park in Anaheim open? 1955
What is a spigot? A (usually outdoor) tap (faucet)
Which archipelago lies in the northwest corner of the contiguous United States between the U.S. mainland and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada? San Juan Islands
In the contest to name Athens, in myth, which god or goddess lost out to Athena? Poseidon
In myth, Athena won the contest to have Athens named after her because her gift to the city was deemed more useful than her competitor's - what was that gift? An olive tree
Which order of column was used in the Parthenon? Doric
Which element in classical and neoclassical architecture consists of a gable, originally of a triangular shape, placed above the horizontal structure of the entablature, typically supported by columns? Pediment
In classical architecture, what name is given to a rectangular architectural element that fills the space between two triglyphs in a Doric frieze? Metope
The Beulé Gate lies at the entrance to which tourist attraction? Acropolis
Which man (1880-1930) popularised continental drift theory? Alfred Wegener
What was the name of the character played by Dustin Hoffman in 'The Graduate'? Benjamin Braddock
For which two films did Dustin Hoffman win a best actor Oscar? Rain Man, Kramer v Kramer
Which opera do the sisters Fiordoligi and Dorabella appear in? Cosi Fan Tutte
Which German abbess (1098 – 17 September 1179), wrote innovative 12th Century plainsong and is considered to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany? Hildegard of Bingen
Who were the backing group of Joan Jett? The Blackhearts
Who were the backing group of Country Joe? Fish
Which conductor used the pseudonym Paul Klenovsky? Henry Wood
Which composer married Constance Weber? Mozart
Which composer was nicknamed "The Red Priest"? Vivaldi
Which three British composers died in 1936? Elgar, Holst, Delius
In which city was JS Bach Cantor of St Thomas? Leipzig
Which composer of 'An Irish Symphony' was the conductor of the Halle Orchestra from 1920-33? Hamilton Harty
Which character, in Greek myth, was turned into a laurel tree? Daphne
Which fellow composer down the music of Frederick Delius when the composer was blind and paralysed? Eric Fenby
Which mythical Greek herald had a famously loud voice, so much so that his name lives on as an English adjective? Stentor
In Germanic myth, who said that she would only marry a man that was stronger than she was? Brunnhilde
In Greek myth, who slew Medusa? Perseus
What is a vertical bar dividing a window called? Mullion
Which 1843 ship was the first to be propelled by the turn of a screw? Great Britain
Howard Hughes bought 25% of which airline in 1938? TWA
What does OECD stand for? Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
Which class of birds are flightless ones? Ratites
What is the SI unit of electrical capacitance? Farad
What is the SI unit of electrical charge? Coulomb
How many inches are in a cubit? 18
Which city is served by Boryspil Airport? Kiev
What is the highest mountain in Ukraine? Mt Hoverla
In which month and year was the Chernobyl Accident? (26th) April 1986
Kiev stands on which river? Dnipro
In which year was the month-long Sino-Indian War over a disputed Himalayan border? 1962
Which battle of 15 June 1389 cemented Ottoman rule over Serbia? Battle of Kosovo (or Kosovo Polje)
The flag of Kosovo features a map of the country surmounted by how many white stars? Six
The third-largest city in Afghanistan, what is the capital of Balkh province? Mazar-i-Sharif
How many time zones are there in Russia? Eleven
Charles XII of which country led a failed attack on Russia in 1708? Sweden
All 4 members of which band were killed in a car crash outside Stockholm in February 2016? Viola Beach
Which former Eastern Bloc nation joined NATO in 2009? Albania
Ivan The Terrible was Tsar in which century? Sixteenth (1547-84)
Which Tsar founded the Russian Empire in 1721? Peter the Great
As of Feb 2016, who were the 5 members of the Eurasian Economic Union? Armenia, Belarus, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia
What was the fourth, chronologically, of Hercules' labours? Capturing the Erymanthian Boar
What was the fifth, chronologically, of Hercules' labours? Cleaning the Augean Stables
What was the sixth, chronologically, of Hercules' labours? Killing the Stymphanalean Birds
Which 17th century musician died from gangrene, having accidentally struck his foot with his long conducting staff during a performance of his Te Deum? Jean-Baptiste Lully
Which Spanish composer was killed when the SS Sussex was torpedoed in 1916? Enrique Granados
Written in 1607 for a court performance during the annual Carnival at Mantua, what is the earliest surviving opera that is still regularly performed today. Moneverdi's "L'Orfeo" (Peri's "Dafne" is older but not regularly performed)
Who wrote opera "The Silken Ladder"? Rossini
Who was the composer of operas "Don Pasquale" and "Lucia Di Lammermoor"? Donizetti
First produced at La Scala in Milan on 26 December 1831, which is Bellini's most oft-performed opera? Norma
Give a year In the life of composer Vincenzo Bellini. 1801-35
Who composed the short opera "I Pagliacci"? Leoncavello
Who were the backing band of John Mayall? The Bluesbreakers
Who were the backing band of Gary Numan? The Tubeway Army
Who were the backing band of Gary Puckett? Union Gap
Brian Poole was the lead singer of which band? The Tremoloes
Which British conductor of Polish and Irish descent, born 1882, spurned a baton when performing? Leopold Stokowski
Who, in myth, was the Greek Muse of Epic Poetry? Calliope
How many symphonies were written, in total, by Leonard Bernstein? Three
In which city did Rudolf Nureyev defect in 1961? Paris
Which musical features the song "Another Suitcase In Another Hall"? Evita
A false attributation, that persisted for many years, had a Charles Moncke as the alleged inventor of what? Monkey Wrench (in fact he never existed)
Luke Howard (1772-1864) developed the nomenclature for what, still used today? Clouds
What can be classified into 'hesperiodea' and 'papilonoidea'? Butterflies
Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus all belong to which "infraorder" of dinosaurs? Sauropods
Which breed of dog is understood to have the best sense of smell? Bloodhound
Which was the first iPod to be sold without a scroll wheel? iShuffle
Dental amalgam is traditionally around 50% comprised of which metal? Mercury
What were first successfully marketed in around 1904 by shop merchant Thomas Sullivan from New York? Tea bags
Waldo Hanchett patented which aid to dentistry in 1848? Dentist's chair
Which structure connects the larynx to the lungs? Trachea
Which company was founded in 1937 by Edwin H. Land? Polaroid
The first commercially available iPod had how many GB of memory available for use? 5GB
Bill Moggridge's GRiD Compass 1101 is generally regarded as the first ever example of what? Laptop
What symbol shares a key with '4' on a computer keyboard? $
What is the name given to a cross between a male false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens) and a female common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)? Wolphin
Which bird has the scientific name "struthio camelus", meaning "sparrow camel"? Ostrich
What communication method was first successfully used in the USA in March 1955? Fax
Who led the Visigoths that sacked Rome in 410CE? Alaric
What also goes by the name Sagarmatha, in the language of its native country? Mt Everest (in Nepal)
Which Pre-Socratic was nicknamed 'the weeping philosopher'? Heraclitus
The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth lasted from which year until 1795? 1569
The Church of England parish church of Saint Giles in which village near Slough claims to have been the setting for Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard"? Stoke Poges
Who was Archbishop of Constantinople from 10 April 428 until August 431, when the emperor Theodosius II confirmed his condemnation by the Council of Ephesus on 22 June, for teaching the disunity between Christ's human and divine natures? Nestorius
Which battle took place in AD 451 between a coalition led by the Roman general Flavius Aetius and the Visigothic king Theodoric I, against the Huns and their allies commanded by their leader Attila? Chalons (or Catalaunian Plains)
What was a cithara? Ancient Greek lyre-like instrument
Which 6th century historian's most notable work was his Decem Libri Historiarum or Ten Books of Histories, better known as the Historia Francorum ("History of the Franks"), a title given to it by later chroniclers? Gregory of Tours
Who was the last of the western Roman Emperors? Romulus Augustulus
Which city had the Roman name Burdigala? Bordeaux
At which battle of 507 did Clovis of the Franks defeat the Visigoths under Alaric, thus taking the territory of Tolosa and setting the stage for the unification of France? Battle of Vouillé
What is the largest town on the Isle of Bute? Rothesay
Which hills, with a high point at Duncolm, stretch from Dumbarton to Strathblane? Kilpatrick Hills
Which UK TV series was set in the fictional village of Portwenn? Doc Martin
Which BBC journalist won the 2005 Paul Foot award and attracted controversy for a row during the filming of "Scientology and Me", a 2007 Panorama investigation into Scientology? John Sweeney
For which film did Jon Voight win a Best Actor Oscar? Coming Home
For which film did Richard Dreyfuss win a Best Actor Oscar? The Goodbye Girl
Who won a Best Actor Oscar for the film "A Double Life" in 1948? Ronald Colman
In which century is the original 'Star Trek' series set? 23rd
Which famous author and playwright was born and buried in Kirriemuir, Scotland, which he called "Thrums" in some of his early novels? JM Barrie
Who lived at Hughenden Manor, Bucks between 1848 and his death in 1881? Benjamin Disraeli
What is the summer residence of the French President? Fontainebleau
In which country is there a 24.51 km tunnel that became the world's longest road tunnel upon opening in 2000? Norway
Who played Alex Cross in both 1997's "Kiss The Girls" and 2001's "Along Came A Spider"? Morgan Freeman
The Brummie Kevin Turby was a comic creation of which actor? Rik Mayall
MGM Cartoon character "Droopy" was what type of animal? Dog
Who created the characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Droopy, and Screwy Squirrel? Tex Avery
Who played Dr Watson to Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes from 1939 to 1946? Nigel Bruce
In Doctor Who, which assistant to the Doctor was played by both Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward? Romana
What was the original title of "The Phil Silvers Show"? You'll Never Get Rich
In which film of 1963, adapted from a novel, does Tom Courtenay play an undertaker's clerk? Billy Liar
In the original "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)", who played Randall? Mike Pratt
Who played both Carol in "The Rag Trade" and Grace Pulman in "New Tricks"? Sheila Hancock
Who played the murderer Franz Becket in Fritz Lang's "M"? Peter Lorre
In whih 1993 film does Tom Cruise work in a Memphis law firm with Mafia connections? The Firm
Who was the first male non-pro dancer, and the first sportsperson, in 2005, to win "Strictly Come Dancing"? Darren Gough
Who was born Julia Wells on 1 October 1935? Julie Andrews
Which 2001 film starring Joseph Fiennes, Ed Harris and Jude Law is set during the Battle of Stalingrad? Enemy At The Gates
In 1942 patriotic war film "In Which We Serve", who played Captain E.V. Kinross, captain of the HMS Torrin? Noel Coward
The Propylaea, Arrephorion and Erechtheum are all structures that can be found together in which specific place? Acropolis of Athens
The Al-Azhar Mosque is an influential mosque, established 972, in which city? Cairo
Who is Big Ben named after? Benjamin Hall (civil engineer and politician)
In which country is the Cahora Bassa Dam? Mozambique
Christ the Redeemer of the Andes, a monument high in the Andes at 3,832 metres (12,572 ft) above mean sea level, lies on the border of which two countries? Chile and Argentina
Built from 1555–61 on orders from Ivan the Terrible, to whom is the famous multi-domed cathedral on Red Square dedicated? St Basil (Vasily)
The Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew, built between 1175 and 1490 is more commonly known by what name, that includes the name of its small cathedral city in Somerset? Wells Cathedral
Opened for traffic on 17 September 1871, which is the oldest of the large rail tunnels through the Alps? Fréjus Rail Tunnel (also called Mont Cenis Tunnel)
From which city was London's Cleopatra's Needle taken? Alexandria
For what, in the UK, does CCHQ stand? Conservative Campaign Headquarters
Hadrian's Wall ran between which two towns? Bowness and Wallsend
In which country is the Kariba Dam? Zambia
The Altamira caves lie 30km west of which Spanish city? Santander
The prehistoric statue the 'Venus of Willendorf' was named after a village in which country? Austria
Which company, founded 1851, is the major operator of passenger and vehicle ferries, and ferry services, between the mainland of Scotland and 22 of the major islands on Scotland's west coast? Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac)
Which Yorkshire race course was known for staging only National Hunt racing but staged its first Flat racing fixture in April 2015? Wetherby
Which are the two major suits in Bridge? Hearts, Spades
Who was the World Snooker Champion in 1970, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1978? Ray Reardon
Irving Saladino was a 2008 Olympic Gold medallist in which event? Long jump
In which county is Kempton Park Racecourse? Surrey
In which year were the Snooker World Championships first held at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield? 1977
Who won the 2015 World Snooker Championships at the Crucible aged 38, the first trophy in his 20-year career? Stuart Bingham
Irving Saladino, in 2008, became which country's first and - as of 2015 - only Olympic gold medallist? Panama
Give a year in the life of Jan Van Eyck? 1394-1441
The word 'quark' originated in which novel? Finnegan's Wake
1945 Nobel Literature prize winner Gabriela Mistral was from which country? Chile
Give a year in the life of Daniel Defoe 1660-1731
For which novel did Ian McEwan first win the Booker Prize? Amsterdam
Who wrote "Memoirs Of An Infantry Officer" in 1930? Sassoon
Who wrote "The American Way Of Death"? Jessica Mitford
Which Shakespeare play features the phrase "the world is mine oyster"? The Merry Wives of Windsor
Which plant 's leaves appear on a Corinthian column? Acanthus
On waking, which author regularly said "good, another day's pipe smoking"? JRR Tolkien
Who was the oldest of the Mitford sisters? Nancy Mitford (b. 1904)
The most recent to die, in 2014, who was the youngest Mitford sister? Deborah Mitford
Which author won the 2005 Booker prize with his novel "The Sea"? John Banville
What is the forename of Charles Saatchi's brother, with whom he co-founded Saatchi & Saatchi? Maurice
Who wrote the novel "Enigma of Arrival"? VS Naipaul
The novel "World's End" which featured the Van Brunt family, set over 300 years in New York, was written by who? TC Boyle
What is the name given to a right to silence warning given by police in the United States to criminal suspects in police custody (or in a custodial interrogation)? Miranda Warning
Whose work was "Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners"? John Bunyan
Who was Chancellor of Germany from 1998 to 2005? Gerhard Schroeder
Who was the leading member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s and 1960s, convicted of plotting the assassination of Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser and executed by hanging in 1966? Sayyid Qutb
The anthropological hoax involving the supposedly-untouched Tarasay people occurred in which country? Philippines
What name was given to statement issued on 25 January 1981 by Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Bill Rodgers and Shirley Williams, confirming they were to leave the Labour Party and join the SDP? Limehouse Declaration
The first commercially successful cultured pearls were grown in which country? Japan
What is the currency of Bahrain? Bahraini Dinar
The first species ever to have its status changed from "Extinct In The Wild" to "Vulnerable", after a successful reintroduction programme, what is the national animal of Bahrain? Arabian Oryx
What is the name of the rosewater drink sprayed in place of champagne at F1 Grands Prix in Bahrain? Waard
Later known as Ea in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology, who was the Sumerian God of Wisdom, Mischief and Water, named in the Epic of Gilgamesh? Enki
Who was the first winner of a Bahrain Grand Prix, when the inaugural event took place in 2004? Michael Schumacher
Principally a fertility goddess, and found in the Epic of Gilgamesh, who was a mother goddess of the mountains, and one of the seven great deities of Sumer? Ninhursag (accept Ninh)
From 1521-1602 which country ruled over Bahrain? Portugal
Revered by Muslims as an Islamic relic which, according to Muslim tradition, dates back to the time of Adam and Eve, what can be found at the Easternmost corner of the Qaaba? Black stone
Which term, from the Latin for "containing a thousand", is the belief by a religious, social, or political group or movement in a coming major transformation of society, after which all things will be changed? Millenarianism
What is the national air carrier of Bahrain? Gulf Air
The sooty, Amur, and Eleonara's, are all species of what? Falcon
Now destroyed, which monument in the centre of a roundabout was the focus of the Bahraini uprisings in 2011? Pearl Monument
Which Christological doctrine that emphasizes the disunion between the human and divine natures of Jesus is named after the Patriarch of Constantinople from 428–431? Nestorianism
In which decade did Bahrain become independent? 1970s (1971)
The rhim gazelle favours which type of environment? Desert
What is is the first month of the Islamic calendar? Muharram
The Day of Ashura, the tenth day of the first month in the Islamic calendar, which marks the climax of the Remembrance of Muharram, marks - for Shia - Muslims, whose death? Husayn, the grandson of Mohammed
Visited by approximately 50,000 tourists every year, in which country is there a mesquite tree called The Tree Of Life, in legend said to be the only remainder of the Garden of Eden? Bahrain
What is the main international airport of Berlin? Tegel Airport
Who wrote "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry"? Rachel Joyce
Deposed 1806, who was the last Holy Roman Emperor? Francis II
Which Holy Roman Emperor, sharing a name and regnal number with a later great king, lived 1194-1250, and controlled a vast swathe of Europe? Frederick II
Seen as an enormous turning point in history, a which 732 battle did Frankish and Burgundian forces under Austrasian Mayor of the Palace Charles Martel defeat an Islamic army keen to subjugate Europe? Battle of Tours
The Sack of Rome on 6 May 1527 was a military event carried out by the mutinous troops of which Holy Roman Emperor? Charles V
What was the name of the alliance of France, Pope Clement VII, the Republic of Venice, England, the Duchy of Milan and Republic of Florence that fought the Habsburgs from 1526-30? League of Cognac
What popular name has been given to a failed coup attempt by the Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler — along with Generalquartiermeister Erich Ludendorff and other Kampfbund leaders — to seize power in Munich, Bavaria, during 8–9 November 1923? Beer Hall Putsch
Who was the last Ottoman sultan, reigning until 1922? Mehmet VI
How was the mobster born Salvatore Lucania better known? Lucky Luciano
Known to its native speakers in Ireland as De Gammon, what is the language of Irish travellers, spoken particularly in Ireland, the USA and Great Britain? Shelta
Which (c. 1572 – 25 August 1632) English Elizabethan dramatist and pamphleteer wrote The Shoemaker's Holiday (1599), his acknowledged masterpiece? Thomas Dekker
Which English Jacobean playwright and poet (1580 – July 1627) wrote plays " A Chaste Maid in Cheapside", "A Game At Chess" and "The Revenger's Tragedy", and was apparently called on to help revise "Macbeth" and "Measure for Measure"? Thomas Middleton
In 2015, Justin Bieber became the first solo male artist to simultaneously occupy positions 1,2 and 3 on the UK singles chart, as well as achieving Number 1 with each of the 3 songs involved; what were the three songs? What Do You Mean, Sorry, Love Yourself
The first step in winemaking, what name is given to freshly pressed grape juice before it becomes alcoholic? Must
Who wrote the satirical 1956 novel "Noblesse Oblige"? Nancy Mitford
Which US detective fiction author, who worked extensively on the HBO series The Wire, created the characters Nick Stefanos and Spero Lucas? George Pelecanos
Which Hungarian–French artist's 1930S work "Zebra" is considered by some to be one of the earliest examples of op art? Victor Vasarely
The pedestrianized Strøget is a street and tourist attraction in which European city? Copenhagen
Lucia Costa and Oscar Niemeyer were together responsible for the design of which city? Brasilia
In which decade were university constituencies abolished in the UK? 1940s (1948)
What title was possessed by George IV before he assumed the throne? Duke of York
What title did Anthony Eden take on elevation to the peerage? Earl of Avon
Which Prime Minister became the Earl of Stockton on elevation to the peerage? Harold MacMillan
What name was given to the period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the US and Canadian prairies during the 1930s? Dustbowl
Which sea battle fought on 24 June 1340 was one of the opening conflicts of the Hundred Years' War between England and France? Battle of Sluys
Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough was a close friend and the confidante of which British monarch? Queen Anne
Which company introduced tea bags to the UK? Tetley
What is the most popular non-alcoholic beverage in the world (excluding water)? Coffee
What position was held by Anders Fogh Rasmussen from 2009 to 2014? NATO secretary-general
In 2009, Kirsty Moore became the first female to be appointed to which post? Pilot for the Red Arrows
In post 1952-57, who was the first NATO secretary-general? Hastings Ismay
What nationality is Jens Stoltenberg, appointed Nato secretary-general in 2014? Norwegian
Who were the two consorts of King John of England? Isabella of Angouleme; Isabella of Gloucester
In popular legend, where did King John lose many of his crown jewels? The Wash
What colour robes are worn by Fransciscan monks? Grey
Which order of monks ran Fountains Abbey? Cistercians
In myth, who was the father of the giant "Albion", brother of Bergion? Poseidon/Neptune
Born in Uganda, who became the 97th Archbishop of York in 2005, and famously skydived for charity? John Sentamu
What is the name given to the sticks used to stir cocktails? Swizzle sticks
How is a blood pudding also known? Black pudding
The song "Stranger In Paradise" is taken from which musical? Kismet
In myth, who killed Agamemnon? Either his wife's lover Aegisthus, or his wife, Clytemnestra
Who were the two children of Agamemnon who avenged their father's death, in Greek myth? Orestes and Electra
In Greek myth, who was Oedipus' father? Laius
In Greek myth, who was Oedipus' mother? Jocasta
In Greek myth, who was the mother of Eros? Aphrodite
Anu was the supreme god in the mythology of which ancient civilisation? Babylonian
Give a year in the life of JS Bach. 1685-1750
What was the forename of JS Bach's first wife? Barbara
Clifford Chance, Slaughter & May and Linklaters are all companies specialising in what? Law
On which number is the duodecimal system based? 12
What is the profession of a cordwainer? Shoe-maker
What is the profession of a loriner? Makers of metal parts for bridles, harnesses, spurs and other horse apparel
What is a pricket? A spike for candles
Which three word term refers to a temporary recovery in share prices after a fall? Dead cat bounce
What term is given for interest added to the principal of a deposit or loan so that the added interest also earns interest from then on.? Compund interest
What name is given to the end product of a mathematical division? Quotient
In the AS level in schools, what does AS stand for? Advanced supplementary
What appeared on the reverse of a five pence piece from 1971 to 2008? Thistle
Who thought to be the first English person to work as a printer and the first to introduce a printing press into England? William Caxton
What was designed by Claude (Claudius) Honoré Desiré Dornier? Aeroplanes
Who, in the UK, are the DWI, based in Whitehall? Drinking Water Inspectorate
Up to what value are 5p and 10p pieces technically legal tender? £5
Which is the lowest value British coin that is legal tender for an unlimited amount? £1
Eau de Nil is a pale shade of which colour? Green
On which earlier plane were Nimrods modelled? DeHavilland Comet
What is the name given to a vertical partition separating a ship's compartments? Bulkhead
Erythema Pernio is another name for which condition? Chilblains
In photography, what does DPI stand for when referring to a camera's resolution? Dots Per Inch
What were the forenames of the five Marx brothers? Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Zeppo, Gummo
Which class of nuclear submarine is slated to replace both the Swiftsure and Trafalgar class in the UK Navy? Astute
Who wrote "The Four Million", his second collection of published stories, and coined the term "banana republic"? O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)
Who created Mutt and Jeff, the first successful daily comic strip in the United States? Bud Fisher
Which newspaper, that was published between 1865 and 1932, was known as "The Pink 'Un"? The Sporting Times
"Guys and Dolls" was based on which newspaperman's two stories, "The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown" and "Blood Pressure"? Damon Runyon
Controversially used in 1996 by the Oakland School Board, which portmanteau word is a symonym for African American Vernacular English? Ebonics
Who originally coined the phrase "Dark Ages"? Petrarch
Their name memorialised in a Welsh poem, which P-Celtic speaking Brittonic people of north-eastern Britannia's territory, in post-Roman times, included Dùn Éideann, later Edinburgh? Gododdin
Which battle, fought around AD 600 between a force raised by Brittonic people from the "Old North" of Britain, and the Angles, ended in a catastrophic defeat for the former, and paved the way for the Angles to colonise much Brittonic territory? Battle of Catraeth (possibly Catterick)
Which Roman word signified the area between Hadrian's and the Antonine Walls? Intervallum
Which city was known to the Romans as Luguvalium? Carlisle
Intimately associated with the king Urien, which kingdom of the Hen Ogledd ("Old North"), the Brittonic-speaking region of what is now Northern England and southern Scotland, included Cumbria and the Solway Firth? Rheged
Which city was known to the Romans as Pons Aeilius? Newcastle
What was tanistry? A Gaelic system for passing on titles and lands
Which German-born painter who moved to Flanders lived 1430-1494, and painted "Scenes from the Passion of Christ" in the Galleria Sabauda of Turin and the "Advent and Triumph of Christ" in the Pinakothek of Munich? Hans Memling
What is Britain's smallest historic county, often nicknamed "The Wee County"? Clackmannanshire
Which major victory for the Anglo Saxons over the native Britons in the early 7th century saw Æthelfrith of Northumbria annihilated a combined force from the Welsh kingdoms of Powys, Rhôs (a cantref of the Kingdom of Gwynedd) and possibly Mercia? Battle of Chester
What name is given to a stable natural language that has developed from a pidgin, becoming nativized by children as their first language, with the accompanying effect of a fully developed vocabulary and system of grammar? Creole
The 1932 film "Horse Feathers" was a vehicle for who? Marx Brothers
What did Robert Falconer Keith do on 31st May 1911? Launch the RMS Titanic
What, as of 2016, is the deposit for standing as a candidate for the European parliament? £5000
How is Vitamin B3 also known? Niacin
Who had a UK Number 1 album in 1992 with "Wish"? The Cure
There are two main types of coffee bean sold worldwide, accounting for over 96% of production, which two? Arabica and Robusta
The wind known as the 'Doctor' blows in which country? Australia
Steinlager is produced in which country? New Zealand
Otoplasty is the correction of deformities of which body part? Ears
Whose motto is "Indocilis Privata Loqui (not apt to disclose secrets)"? The Magic Circle
Who plays the title role in TV series "Endeavour"? John Evans
Whose motto is "Regnum Defende (Defence of the Realm)"? MI5
Who wrote the Booker Prize winner "A Brief History of Seven Killings"? Marlon James
Which currency was used in Qatar before 1966? Indian Rupee
In which country of the UK is Big Dog Forest? Northern Ireland
What are the components of a B&B Cocktail? Brandy and Bendictine
In which city was Anne Frank born? Frankfurt
Who was the first British monarch to visit the UK? George VI
Accuracy International make which product? Guns
Who sang the theme tune to "To Sir With Love"? Lulu
Camembert cheese is made in which region of France? Normandy
What is a cryptonym? Codeword
Jimmies and sooks are the males and females of what species? Blue crabs
The Ralph Reader Gang Show had what signature tune? On The Crest Of A Wave
The Lakeside Hammers are a team in which UK sport? Speedway
Where would a Mexican wear huaraches? Feet
In which London building is the round reading room? British Museum
The River Len is found in which English county? Kent
What is the currency of Botswana? Pula
The Bell X1 plane that first broke the sound barrier had what nickname? Glamorous Glennis
Which US president had the middle name Birchard? Rutherford B Hayes
Which actor and produced was married to Anne Bancroft from 1964 until her death in 2005? Mel Brooks
Anne Bancroft won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her lead role in which 1962 film? The Miracle Worker
Who played Bottom in the 1935 film version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"? Jimmy Cagney
Which director of 2006's "Marie Antoinette" also received the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for the comedy-drama "Lost in Translation"? Sofia Coppola
What was the theme tune for "Octopussy"? All Time High
Who was the first actress to earn $1,000,000 for a single film? Elizabeth Taylor
Which character unsuccessfully hunts Bugs Bunny? Elmer J Fudd
Which TV show regularly ended with "the story you have seen is true, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent"? Dragnet
What was the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award? Beauty and The Beast
Who appeared in more "Carry On" films than anyone else? Joan Sims
Which 1998 American fantasy romance film, loosely based on the 1934 film Death Takes a Holiday, was the second pairing of Antony Hopkins and Brad Pitt after their 1994 film Legends of the Fall? Meet Joe Black
Which film re-united as its two lead actors the Pretty Woman stars Richard Gere and Julia Roberts? Runaway Bride
Which two Carry On films were the only two not to have "Carry On" in the original title? Don't Lose Your Head and Follow That Camel
How is Hiram B Hackenbacker better known? Brains in "Thunderbirds"
What is Lady Penelope's surname? Creighton-Ward
What is James Bond's family motto? The World Is Not Enough
Who played L.B. "Jeff" Jefferies' (played by James Stewart) girlfriend Lisa Carol Fremont in "Rear Window"? Grace Kelly
Who played the main female role opposite Cary Grant in "North by Northwest"? Eva Marie Saint
What was the first name of Dorien's husband in "Birds Of A Feather"? Marcus
What is the real name of Cliff Richard? Harry Webb
Who, as of 2016, is the most nominated director in Academy Awards history with 12 nominations? William Wyler
Which US newsreader was well known for his departing catchphrase "And that's the way it is," followed by the broadcast's date? Walter Cronkite
The Kalahari lies mainly in which country? Botswana
What was the more northern of two supercontinents (the other being Gondwana) that formed part of the Pangaea supercontinent around 300 to 200 million years ago? Laurasia
What name is given to a geographical dictionary or directory used in conjunction with a map or atlas? Gazetteer
What name is given to a mixture of molten or semi-molten rock, volatiles and solids that is found beneath the surface of the Earth, and which forms igneous rocks? Magma
What is the one-word alternative name for a rhumb line, an arc crossing all meridians of longitude at the same angle? Loxodrome
What represents a youth hostel on an Ordnance Survey map? Red Triangle
What name is given to a narrow strip connecting two land masses? Isthmus
What is the Cumbrian name for a small lake or large pond? Tarn
Where do Cowdenbeath FC play home games? Central Park
Which Irish Olympic bronze-winning boxer was found hanged in London by Frank (later Kellie) Maloney in 2009? Darren Sutherland
As of 2016, which cricketer holds the record for most Test dismissals by a wicket-keeper, with 532 catches and 23 stumpings? Mark Boucher (SA)
Who defeated Jim Corbett in 1897 to become World Heavyweight Champion? Bob Fitzimmons
In which city did Tyson Fury defeat Wladimir Klitschko for WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO and The Ring Heavyweight titles? Dusseldorf
Who founded Taoism? Lao-Zi
Also known as the Classic of Changes or Book of Changes in English, what name is given to the ancient divination text that is the oldest of the Chinese classics? I Ching
What is the southernmost district of Sweden, that lends its name to a vehicle manufacturer and a dialect? Scania
Which island, to the east of most of Denmark, south of Sweden, northeast of Germany and northwest of Poland, contains the ruin of Hammershus? Bornholm
What is the largest island in the Baltic Sea? Gotland
Hammershus, Scandinavia's largest medieval fortification, was probably built for which King, who reigned 1202-41? Valdemar II (the Victorious) of Denmark
The island of Inchgalbraith lies on which body of water? Loch Lomond
Which Roman poet and astrologer was the author of a poem in five books called Astronomica? Marcus Manilius
Which Roman senator of the late 1st century AD is best known to the post-Classical world as an author of technical treatises, especially "De Aquaeductu", dealing with the aqueducts of Rome.? Frontinus
Regarded as the patron of Portuguese exploration, which man - a Duke of Viseu - lived from 1394 to 1460 and was the main initiator of what would be known as the Age of Discoveries? Henry the Navigator
The moon rises how many minutes later than the day before each day? Fifty
Which Jesuit polymath (1602-80) has been described as "The Last Renaissance Man", and wrote treatises on volcanoes, fossils, automatons, China, comparative religion and medicine, although his claim to have deciphered hieroglyphics was nonsense? Athanasius Kircher
Which language did Jesus Christ speak during his public ministry? Aramaic
What feat did aviator Hubert Wilkins achieve in 1928? Flew across the Arctic and Antarctic
Who was the first man to reach the South Pole by air - he also claimed to have been the first to do the same to the North Pole, but this claim is disputed? Richard E Byrd
Who was the Brazilian partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald, controversially detained at Heathrow in 2013 under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000? David Miranda
The Lockheed Martin F-35 is better known by what name? Lightning II
Which Bible edition took its name from a misspelling of the word 'vinyard' in Luke 22? Vinegar Bible
What important misprint led to the 1631 'Wicked Bible' being recalled to the printers? It omitted 'not' in "Thou shalt not commit adultery"
The Jewish War (c.75CE) was a work of history by which man? Josephus
Which infectious viral disease of cattle was declared eradicated worldwide in 2011? Rinderpest
Which man, the mentor and teacher of Louis Armstrong, wrote many tunes still played today including "Dippermouth Blues", "Sweet Like This", "Canal Street Blues", and "Doctor Jazz"? Joe 'King' Oliver
Which Black US author wrote a series of Harlem Detective novels featuring Coffin Ed Johnson and Gravedigger Jones, New York City police detectives in Harlem, and "If He Hollers Let Him Go"? In 1958 he won France's Grand Prix de Littérature Policière. Chester Himes
Both Presocratic philosophers Parmenides, and his pupil Xeno (of paradox fame), hailed from which Greek colony in Southern Italy? Elea
As of 2016, who has won six Grammy Awards, five Brit Awards – 2 for Outstanding Contribution to Music and the first Brits Icon in 2013 for his "lasting impact on British culture", an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a Tony Award & a Disney Legend Award? Elton John
Who wrote "Of Time and the River", "You Can't Go Home Again" and "The Web and the Rock", before dying aged 37 from TB? Thomas Wolfe
What is the function of the website Zoosk? Dating
Which NBA team won 6 championships in the 1990s but none before, or as of 2016, since? Chicago Bulls
Why was the Stanley Cup not awarded in 1919? Spanish flu
Which team won a record 17th NBA championship in 2008? Boston Celtics
Which NBA team, previously based in Philadelphia and San Francisco, won the 2015 championships while based in Oakland? Golden State Warriors
In the Gospel of Luke, Luke reports that Jesus appeared, after his death and resurrection, before two of his disciples while they were walking on the road to where? Emmaus
What is the most-produced supersonic jet aircraft in aviation history and the most-produced combat aircraft since the Korean War? MiG 21
Observed lunging out of the water to grab pigeons on land, what is the other name of a sheatfish? Wels catfish
In 2005, Barry J Marshall and J Robin Warren of Australia won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovering the role of what in causing disease? Helicobacter Pylori
Eleven people on the ground were killed and several others were injured, including the pilot of the plane when a plane crashed onto the A27 during which 2015 airshow? Shoreham Airshow
Which song, released April 6, 2015, became the then-second most viewed YouTube video with 1517 million views as of March 4th 2016? See You Again by Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Puth
"Lean On" was a critical and commercial success, peaking at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 and at number two on the UK Singles Chart, for which electronic music group? Major Lazer
Which founder of the school of individual psychology (1870-1937) coined the term "inferiority complex", recognized as an isolating element which plays a key role in personality development? Alfred Adler
Poem collections "Pomes Penyeach" (1927) and "Chamber Music" (1907) were written by who? James Joyce
In The Odyssey, on which island did Calypso detain Odysseus for 7 years? Ogygia
Which 2015 French crime drama film directed by Jacques Audiard won the Palme d'Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival? Dheepan
Which period of Chinese history lasted for 255 years between 476BC and 221 BC? Warring States period
Which is the northernmost of the 16 states of Germany? Schleswig-Holstein
What is the capital city of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, also known as Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in English? Schwerin
Frankfurt am Main is the largest city in which German state? Hesse
The flag of Monaco is virtually identical to which other - considerably larger - country's flag? Indonesia
Wild Bill Hickok was murdered by who in 1876? Jack McCall
Stephanus pagination is a system of reference and organization used in modern editions and translations of whose works? Plato
Suspiria de profundis (a Latin phrase meaning "sighs from the depths") is one of the best-known and most distinctive literary works of which English essayist? Thomas De Quincey
Born into slavery, the African-American abolitionist Sojourner Truth is best-remembered today for a speech she made in Akron, Ohio in 1851 which is now universally known by which title, a question repeated several times during the speech? Ain't I A Woman?
Which popular Egyptian condiment, consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices, has a name derived from the Arabic for 'to pound'? Duqqa
Barack Obama's father was a member of which African ethnic group, the third largest in Kenya (after the Kikuyu and the Luhya), and also found in Uganda and Tanzania, and in smaller numbers in Sudan and Ethiopia? Luo
Built upon the orders of Trajan, a famous bridge on the Tagus river is to be found in which Spanish city with a name aptly meaning 'the bridge' in Arabic? Alcantara
At the men's football event at the 2015 Pacific Games, which country made headlines by losing 30-0 to Tahiti, 38-0 to Fiji, and 46-0 to Vanuatu? Micronesia
The only person to have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony, a Pulitzer Prize, and a Golden Globe is which composer responsible for the scores to films such as The Way We Were, Ordinary People, and Sophie's Choice? Marvin Hamlisch
The oldest motorcycle speedway race in the world - known as the Golden Helmet - has been hosted annually since 1929 in which Czech city? Pardubice
Founded in 1725, the Sobrino de Botín in Madrid is the world's oldest example of which type of establishment still in existence? Restaurant
The soprano Fanny Salvini-Donatelli is best-remembered today for being the first person to take the role of which courtesan - the central character in Verdi's La Traviata? Violetta Valery
Which 1977 Sam Peckinpah film - set during World War II - is based on Willi Heinrich's 1956 novel The Willing Flesh? Cross of Iron
Andrija Mohorovičić gives his name to the discontinuity forming the boundary between the Earth's crust and the mantle, but which German geophysicist gives his name to the discontinuity forming the boundary between the lower mantle and the outer core? Beno Gutenberg
The only painting by Leonardo da Vinci on public display in the Americas is a portrait of which woman on show at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC? Ginevra de Benci
Islamic State is a jihadist organisation with a political ideology based on which ultra-conservative movement within Sunni Islam with a name derived from the Arabic for 'pious forefathers'? Salafism
As of 2015, which driver won the most F1 Grands Prix without ever being crowned champion (16)? Stirling Moss
Rose Atoll is the southernmost point belonging to the USA. It is to be found within which territory? American Samoa
Which Malian kora player is probably best-known for his work recorded with his Symmetric Orchestra composed of griots from the across the old Mande Empire of west Africa? Toumani Diabate
Which tiny filamental structures found in rocks and sediments are about 10% the size of bacteria, leading to claims that they are the smallest known life. This is controversial, however, and many biologists believe them to be crystalline structures. Nanobes
The first German book ever to top the New York Times best-seller list, Der Vorleser (The Reader) was a 1995 novel by which law professor and judge? Bernhard Schlink
natural nuclear fission reactor is a uranium deposit where self-sustaining nuclear chain reactions have occurred. The first such reactor was discovered in 1972 in Oklo province in which African country? Gabon
Inspiring an American TV series written by Stephen King, which 1994 Danish television miniseries - created by Lars von Trier - follows a number of characters as they encounter bizarre phenomena in the neurological ward of a Copenhagen hospital? The Kingdom
Summer of 1915 is the subtitle of which work for voice and orchestra by Samuel Barber? The piece is named for the city in Tennessee in which the Pulitzer Prize-winning author James Agee (on whose work the music was based) was born. Knoxville
The best-known of the Nag Hammadi texts is almost certainly a gospel consisting of 114 sayings attributed to Jesus. This gospel is named for which of the Twelve Apostles who, according to the text's introduction, authored it? St Thomas
Gauguin's 1889 painting The Yellow Christ is often cited as the quintessential work of which style of post-impressionist painting in which bold, flat forms are separated by dark contours? Cloissonism
What is the name of the cowboy known to 'shoot faster than his shadow' who was created by Belgian cartoonist Maurice De Bevere - better known as Morris – and at one time written by René Goscinny? Lucky Luke
Which Portland Thorns forward featured on the cover of the US edition of the FIFA 16 video game? Alex Morgan
Who wrote "Goodbye To All That"? Robert Graves
Who wrote "The Happy Hooker" in 1971? Xavier Hollander
Who wrote "Inside The Third Reich" (first published in German in 1969, in English in 1970)? Albert Speer
Imprisoned in Germany, whose biography was published in the United States in 1941 under the title "I Paid Hitler"? Fritz Thyssen
Alfred E Neumann is a recurring character who appears in which magazine? MAD
Who devised Andy Capp? Reg Smythe
Who is Andy Capp's wife? Flo/Florence
Which pair drew and wrote the Asterix stories? Goscinny and Uderzo
Who created the character of Barry McKenzie? Barry Humphries
Which cartoonist created and drew Fred Basset? Alex Graham
Which famous artist had the 'surname' Di Bondone? Giotto
In which year did St Francis of Assisi die? 1226
Which artist (c1240 – 1302) is traditionally, and according to Vasari, said to have been Giotto's master? Cimabue
What was Dante's surname? Alighieri
The Scrovegni Chapel in which Italian town or city was designed by Giotto? Padua
The artist Duccio hailed from which city? Siena
In which building did John Bunyan write "A Pilgrim's Progress"? Bedford Gaol
Who wrote epistolatory novels "Clarissa" and "Pamela"? Samuel Richardson
Which painter, who lived from 1284-1344, born in Siena, was a major figure in the development of early Italian painting and greatly influenced the development of the International Gothic style, and was believed to be a pupil of Duccio? Simone Martini
Which structure in Florence, its first stone laid in 334, was designed by Giotto and is often named after him? Campanile/Giotto's Campanile
In which country is the Braslau Lakes National Park? Belarus
Gamla Stan is the central, old town part of which European city? Stockholm
Which theory, devised in 1992 by economist Hyman Minsky, received greater attention in the media following the subprime mortgage crisis of the late 2000s? Financial Instability Hypothesis
Which shell beads were traditionally used by the north-eastern Native Americans as a form of gift exchange, and mistaken for currency by early colonists? Wampum
In which decade was the US dollar uncoupled to the gold standard? 1970s (1971)
The Lotos-Eaters (sic) was an 1832 poem by who? Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Which country was named by Ruy López de Villalobos? Philippines
In which English county was Francis Drake born? Devon
What is the capital and largest city of Cape Verde? Praia
Francis Drake's ship "The Golden Hind" had what original name? Pelican
Located in Djurgardens, Stockholm, what is the world's first open-air museum, designed by Arthur Hazelius, and opened in 1891? Skansen
Which Swiss-born visual artist who works with video, film, and moving images which are often displayed as projections, won the Joan Miró Prize in 2009, and created the works Pepperminta, I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much, Pickleporno and Ever is Over All? Pipilotti Rist
What was the surname of the father and son Swedish architects (1615-81, and 1654-1728) who designed, among other things, the Drottningholm Palace? Tessin (both called Nicodemus)
The assassination of Swedish king Gustav III in 1792 formed the basis for which of Verdi's operas? A Masked Ball
What was the old name for Taiwan, taken from the Portuguese for 'beautiful island'? Formosa
What the most populous city in Flanders, with around 510,000 inhabitants? Antwerp
Give a year in the life of the man sometimes described as Scotland's first king, Kenneth MacAlpin. 810-858
Which American jazz clarinetist and saxophonist from Chicago, Illinois (1899-1972), briefly the manager of Louis Armstrong, is remembered for being a colorful character, as portrayed in his autobiography Really the Blues, as for his music? Mezz Mezzrow
Arabella and Benjamin Allen are siblings that appear in which Dickens novel? The Pickwick Papers
Based on the number of participating athletes, what is the second most popular winter sport in the world? Bandy
In which year did Queen Victoria come to the throne? 1837
Who was US President on 1st January 1900? William McKinley
In which year did British VAT rise from 15% to 17.5%? 1991
Who was forced to resign as Austrian Chancellor in 1848? Metternich
What was a sepoy, historically? The designation given to an Indian soldier (today it is a private in various armies of the subcontinent)
Which pioneering British photographer took pictures of the Crimean War, including a series entitled The Valley of the Shadow of Death? Roger Fenton
Which colonel seized power in the military coup d'état that took place in Greece on 21 April 1967? Georgios Papadopoulos
Enoch Powell was the MP for a constituency in which town from 1950 to 1974? Wolverhampton
In the traditional office, which hymn is sung at the end of Matins on all days when the Gloria is said at Mass; those days are all Sundays outside Advent, Septuagesima, Lent, and Passiontide; on all feasts and on all ferias during Eastertide? Te Deum
Which British sociologist who is known for his theory of structuration, (born 1938) was influential in creating the idea of the political "Third Way" embraced by Tony Blair? Anthony Giddens
Give a year in the reign of Henry III of England. 1216-72.
What is the name of the Israeli parliament? Knesset
Which Israeli Prime Minister's brother died leading Operation Entebbe? Benjamin Netanyahu
Modelled after the British Army's Special Air Service, what is the name of the Israeli Special Forces unit created in 1952? Sayeret Matkal
Former Taoiseach of Ireland Charles Haughey was tried but acquitted of what offence in 1970? Gunrunning
Who first entered the UK Parliament in 1982 as MP for Peckham? Harriet Harman
From 1949 to 1957, Sidney Holland was the PM of which country? New Zealand
Which man, credited with devising the concept of sending greetings cards at Christmas time, also assisted Prince Albert in organising the 1851 Great Exhibition? Henry Cole
Robert Peel died three days after what accident befell him? Falling off his horse
At which battle was Ethelred I of England killed (or sustained wounds that led to his death)? Merton
Which architect designed Edinburgh's Charlotte Square? Robert Adam
Which portrait painter, portraitist to King George IV in Scotland was Scotland's first significant portrait painter since the Union to remain based in Scotland? Sir Henry Raeburn
Which Scottish artist (1877-1931) lived in the USA between ages 15 and 30, was a member of the four Scottish Colourists and is among the most popular Scottish artists, his paintings critically acclaimed for their treatment of light? Leslie Hunter
Sir George Frederick Harvey, born 1806 in Stiring, dying in Edinburgh in 1876, was famed in what field? Painting/art
The Great Rhetra was the oral - and quasi-mythical - constitution of Sparta, believed to have been formulated and established by which legendary lawgiver in accordance with the Oracle at Delphi? Lycurgus
Annie Clark, of St Vincent, was formerly a member of which collective or band? The Polyphonic Spree
Robert Pershing Wadlow is the tallest man ever to have lived whose height has been medically verified. But second on that list, standing at 8'10", was which African-American (1865-1905)? John Rogan
Dating from pre-Columbian times, tepache is a popular Mexican fermented beverage made from which fruit? Pineapple
Which physical law states that the rate at which a fluid flows through a permeable medium is directly proportional to the drop in elevation between two places in the medium and inversely proportional to the distance between them? Darcy's Law
Which peninsula in Senegal serves as the most westerly point on mainland Africa? Cap-vert
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