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BJU BritishLit Unit6

Study Helps for Unit 6 test

Who wrote "Lyrical Ballads"? Wordsworth and Coleridge
Who were the two crew members of the spectre ship? Death and Life-in-Death
Which section of "Ode to the West Wind" reveals Shelley's agreement with the romantic belief in the superiority of childhood innocence and communion with nature? Section IV
In Wordsworth's definition of the poetic process, what idea reflects the romantic dislike of control? the depiction of poetry as "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings."
Whose philosophy states that experience is the culmination of human philosophical growth? William Blake
Which ideology evaluates the goodness or badness of an action based on its production of happiness? Utilitarianism
Who credited nature as being the major formative influence on his writing? Wordsworth
Who collaborated on a children's version of Shakespeare's works? Charles and Mary Lamb
Whose first unquestionably great poem was "On Looking into Chapman's Homer"? Keats
What theme or focus is Wordsworth's contribution to the literary revolution instigated by the romantics? the redirection of the poet's attention to himself
Did Wordsworth name the Lucy Poems after his daughter? No
What does Blake's "London" condemn in society? religion, government and family
What are associated with mental suffering in "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"? stillness, heat and silence
The following absurdities are present in which poem? legs which support nothing; an empire which is now only desert; and the highest part of the statue is now the lowest Ozmandias
In "On This Day" which poetic device was used in "Then look around, and choose thy ground, / And take thy rest."? caesura
What is the controlling imagery of "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer"? explorers
What is ironic about Blake's inclusion of a graveyard in his "Garden of Love"? the garden is dedicated to love, but it produces death. Blake's defiance of God's law will only bring misery
Who died of tuberculosis (known as "English disease"? Keats and his brother
What makes the "she" of Byron's "She Walks in Beauty" most beautiful? her character
What did Rousseau believe caused human misery? society
What is the most important poetic achievement of British romanticism? "The Prelude"
What is the primary mood of Lamb's essays? nostalgic daydreaming
In "London," what does Blake associate with marriage by using the word hearse? death and mourning, rather than joy and life
What question in Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind" is probably the most famous rhetorical question in English literature? "If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"
What is the major theme of "Old China"? superiority of the old days of youth and poverty
Were Wordsworth and Lamb artistic rivals, since Lamb resided in the city and Wordsworth resided in nature? No, they admired each other
Who said that pleasure was the immediate end of poetry? Coleridge
In "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," what brought about the south to north directional change in the ship's course? the albatross
What poetic device governs the imagery in stanza 1 of "She Walks in Beauty"? simile
In "The Eve of St. Agnes," who helps Porphyro carry out his plan? Angela
In Kant's philosophy of transcendentalism, God is said to be within both nature and mankind and is known as what? the World Spirit
In his promotion of the idea that mankind is enslaved, William Blake is espousing the tenet of which French philosopher? Rousseau
What is the common element in all areas of romantic thinking? freedom from limits
According to the speaker in "The World is Too Much with Us," what have we exchanged for our hearts? materialistic cravings
What is the ultimate end of poetry, according to Coleridge? Truth
Who was known as the father of modern literary criticism? Coleridge
What characterizes the Byronic hero? arrogance, anguish, sullenness, solitude, self-will and rebellion.
What inspired "England in 1819"? the Peterloo Massacre
In "The Eve of St. Agnes," what brings Madeline and Porphyro back to reality? a storm
Whose policy of laissez faire advocated business noninterference in business? Adam Smith
What is the primary subject of the romantic poem? the poet himself
Which poet wrote the elegy of Keats in "Adonais"? Shelley
Who wrote under the name "Elia" so he would not embarrass his brother? Charles Lamb
In what aspect of poetry does Coleridge differ from Wordsworth? poetic diction
What simile does Wordsworth use to describe the daffodils in "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"? stars
What was ironic about William Godwin's anger when Shelley ran off with his daughter? Godwin's position against marriage
According to Wordsworth in Sonnet 1, what is the key difference between the child and the adult? the child communes with nature directly
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