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French - Personal

Personal Details

adolescent adolescent
l'adresse address
l'age age
aine elder
l'anniversaire birthday
cadet younger
celibataire single
code postal post code
coordonnees address and telephone number
dame lady
date de naissance date of birth
demeurer to live in
deparement department
divorce divorced
domicile home
l'enfant child
epeler to spell
femme women
fille girl
fils son
garcon boy
habiter to live in
l'homme man
l'indentite identity
les jumeaux twins
jumelles twins (girls)
lieu de naissance birth place
madame mrs
mademoiselle miss
marie married
monsiuer mr
pays country
separe separted
nationalite nationality
ne born
nom de famille surname
numero de telephone telephone number
prenom first name
retraite retired
route road
rue street
s'appeler to be called
seul alone
signature signature
unique only
veuf widower
veuve widow
ville town
village village
vivre to live
Created by: mishamoo