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South America set 2

Andes Mountains 2nd highest mountain range in the world....over 4500 miles....stretch the length of S. America (western side)
Strait of Magellan strait located near the tip of S. America
Lake Maracaibo S. America's largest lake
Patagonia dry, windswept plateau....sheep raising.....southeastern Argentina
Gran Chaco vast lowland region in northern Argentina
Valdes Peninsula lowest point on the continent....131 feet below sea level
human rights rights that are inherent to all human beings....no matter what gender, color, religion, or political stance
life expectancy how long a person is expected to live
literacy rate percentage of people who can read and write
censorship power to examine books, news, stories, mail, and movies by a government
economic activities agriculture, manufacturing, and service industries
Created by: lstevens