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Ch Theory Concepts

nomenclature, pathologies, headaches

Hand Tai Yin Lung
Hand Jue Yin Pericardium
Hand Shao Yin Heart
Hand Yang Ming Large Intestine
Hand Shao Yang San Jiao/Triple Burner
Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine
Foot Tai Yin Spleen
Foot Jue Yin Liver
Foot Shao Yin Kidney
Foot Yang Ming Stomach
Foot Shao Yang Gall Bladder
Foot Tai Yang Urinary Bladder
Frontal Headache LI & ST - Yang Ming
Temporal Headache TB & GB - Shao Yang
Occipital Headache SI & UB - Tai Yang
Vertex Headache Liver - Foot Jue Yin
deafness, yellow sclera, sore throat, swelling of the cheeks (mumps), distension and pain in the lower abdomen and pain in the posterior border of the lateral aspect of the shoulder & arm (hint: also known as the shoulder channel) Hand Tai Yang (small intestine)
diarrhea, or abdominal pain with 'dry' stool or constipation, numbness of the mouth & tongue, pain in the neck or cheek, sore throat, stiff neck Hand Tai Yang (Shanghai)
pain in the lower abdomen, enuresis, retention or urine, painful urination, mental disorders, alternating fever & chills, headache, stiff neck, pain in the lumbar region, nasal congestion, diseases of the eye, pain along the back of the leg and foot Foot Tai Yang (Bladder-Shanghai)
retention of urine, enuresis, manic and depressive disorders, malaria, pain of the eyes, lacrimation when exposed to wind, nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, epistaxix, headache, pain in the nape, back, buttocks, and posterior aspect of the lower limbs Foot Tai Yang (Bladder- CAM)
enuresis, epistaxis, nocturnal emission, impotence, irregular menstruat, asthmatic breath, hemoptysis, dry tongue, congested & sore throat, edema, pain in lumbar & in posterior-medial aspect of thigh, weakness of lower limbs, heat sensation in soles Foot Shao Yin (Kidney-CAM)
vertigo, facial edema, ashen complexion, blurred vision, shortness of breath, drowsiness & irritability, loose stools, chronic diarrhea or constipation, abdominal distension, vomiting, impotence-organ or channel pathologies? which channel? organ; for Foot Shao Yin (Shanghai)
pain along lower vertebrae, low back pain, coldness in feet, motor impairment or muscular atrophy of foot, dryness of mouth, sore throat, pain in sole of foot or along posterior aspect of lower leg or thigh-organ or channel pathologies? which channel? channel; Foot Shao Yin (Shanghai)
cardiac pain, palpitations, mental restlessness, flushed face, depressive & manic disorders, stuffiness in the chest, swelling in the axilla, spasm of the upper limbs, heat sensation in palms Hand Jue Yin (Pericardium)
impaired speech, fainting, irritability, fullness of the chest, motor impairment of the tongue, palpitations, chest pain, mental disorders-organ or channel pathologies? which channel? organ: Hand Jue Yin (Shanghai)
stiff neck, spasms of the arm, flushed face, pain in the eyes, subaxillary swelling, spasms & contracture of the elbow & arm, restricting movement, hot palms-organ or channel pathologies? which channel? channel; Hand Jue Yin (Shanghai)
abdominal distension, edema, enuresis, dysuria, deafness (ear channel), tinnitus, pain in the outer canthus, swelling of the cheeks, congested and sore throat, pain in the posterior-auricular region, shoulder, and lateral aspect of the arm and elbow Hand ShaoYang (San Jiao)
abdominal distension, hardness & fullness in the lower abdomen, enuresis, frequent urination, edema, dysuresis-organ or channel pathologies? which channel? organ; Hand Shao Yang (shanghai)
swelling & pain in the throat, pain in the cheek & jaw, redness in the eyes, deafness, pain behind the ear or along the lateral aspect of the shoulder & upper arm-organ or channel pathologies? which channel? channel; Hand Shao Yang (shanghai)
headache (temporal), pain in outer canthus, pain in jaw, blurring of vision, bitter taste in mouth, swelling and pain in supraclavicular fossa, pain in axilla, pain along the lateral aspect of the chest, hypochondriac region, thigh, and lower limbs Foot Shao Yang (gallbladder)
pain in the ribs, vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth, chest pain-organ or channel pathologies? which channel? organ; Foot Shao Yang
alternating fever & chills, headache, ashen complexion, pain in the eye or jaw, swelling in the sub-axillary region, scrofula, deafness, pain along the channel in the hip region, leg or foot-channel or organ pathologies? which channel? channel: Foot Shao Yang
low back pain, fullness in the chest, pain in the lower abdomen, diarrhea, hernia, vertex headache, dryness of the throat, hiccups, enuresis, dysuria, mental disturbance Foot Jue Yin
fullness or pain in costal region or chest, hard lumps in the upper abdomen, abdominal pain, vomiting, jaundice, loose stools, pain in lower abdomen, hernia, enuresis, retention of urine, dark urine-organ or channel pathologies? which channel? organ: Foot Jue Yin
headache, vertigo, blurred vision, tinnitus, fever, spasms of extremities-organ or channel pathologies? which channel? channel; Foot Jue Yin
the 3 Hand Yin channels start in the ? and end in the ? trunk ; extremity
the 3 Hand Yang channels start in the ? and end in the ? extremity ; head
the 3 Foot Yin channels start in the ? and end in ? extremity ; trunk
the 3 Yang channels start in the ? and end in the ? head ; extremity
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