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Computer Powerpoint

Powerpoint Terms

Normal View The default View in which you create and edit slides
Notes Pane The area of the PowerPoint window in Normal View in which you can key speaker notes or additional content
Outline Tab The area of the PowerPoint window in Normal view in which you can edit view etc.
Presentation a visual representation of something
Slide an individual page in a PowerPoint file that can contain text, graphics, video, audio, and animation
Slide Tab a thumbnail, or miniature view of the slides
Thumbnail A tiny version of a slide
Blank The slide layout that has no placeholders
Pace Holder A region of a slide, or a location in an outline reserved for inserting text or graphics
Slide Layout The arrangement of placeholders on a slide
Title and Content the slide layout that has only a title placeholder
Title Slide A presentation should begin with this. Including the presentation title, presenter name, and other needed info
Theme A preset collection of design elements including fonts colors and other effects
Slideshow The view that allows you to run your presentation and preview how it will look
Handouts a print option that allows you to choose the number of slides displayed per page and places a thumbnail, or small picture, of each slide of page
Shape The spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance
Text Box Container for text that can be placed and formatted randomly
Align place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight
Distribute to arrange in a systematic order
Reuse Slide Pane a task pane that contains slides from a saved presentation that you can insert in the current presentations
Slide master the template that provides the basic organization, formatting, and color schemes for the slides in a particular presentation
Slide master view the view in which you can modify the slide master and related layouts
Audio sound effects added to a slide
Motion clip animated clip art added to a slide
Video a recording of both the video and audio components
Slide timings the preset amount of time between slides as they advance automatically during a slide show
Loop To play a music clip or slide show continuously from beginning to end
Animation effects an effects that adds movement to slide elements
Emphasis intensity or forcefulness of expression
Entrance animation effects that occur when an element enters a slide
Exit animation effects that occur when an element leaves a slide
Motion Path animation effects that allow an element to move across or around the surface of a slide
Handout master the master view for the audience, handouts; includes placeholders for the slides, a header and footer, and the date and slide number
Handout master view the view in which you can add header or footer text, a date, and page numbers to audience handouts
Embedded Workbook Object data from an Excel worksheet pasted on a PowerPoint slide and edited with Excel features
Summary Slide a Title and Content slide that lists the title text of selected slides
Action Button a shape that is programmed to perform a specific action, such as running an application or jumping to a specific slide
Hyperlink a link from a hypertext file to another location or file
Notes page Printouts that contain the slide image in the top half of the page and the speaker's notes in the lower half of the page
Speaker notes information added to a slide that is not visible to the audience but can be used to prompt the presented
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