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Rhino 3D Quiz 1

Rhino 3D quiz 1

Fillet: Connects two lines, arcs, or curves extending or trimming them to intersect or to join with a circular arc.
Chamfer: Connects two curves by extending or trimming them to intersect or to join with a beveled line. Chamfer works on convergent or intersecting lines.
Mirror: Creates a copy of the objects flipped over a specified axis on the construction plane.
Split: Splits one object with another, or a curve at a point. Split breaks the object where it intersects of the cutting object, but does not delete anything.
Extend: Extend lengthens an object to make it end precisely at its intersection with another object or you can lengthen an object when there is no intersection.
Elevator mode: Lets you pick points that are off the construction plane. Elevator mode requires two points to completely define the point.
Object snaps: Tools for selecting specific points on existing objects.
Analysis commands: Are used to find lengths, angles, areas, distances, volumes and centroid of solids.
Circumscribed: To draw a line around.
Join: Join unites curves that meet at a common end, making a single curve. Join can unite curves that do not touch, if you select them after the command has started.
Scale: Changes the size of existing objects without changing their shape.
Array: Use Array commands to make multiple copies of selected objects.
Offset: Offset creates an object parallel or concentric to another object.
Perpendicular: Standing at right angles to the plane of the horizon, meeting another line at a right angle.
Viewports: Displays different views of the model within the graphics area.
Command line: Lists commands you enter and information produced.
Status bar: Displays the coordinates of the pointer, the status of the model, options, and toggles.
Flyout toolbar: Sub-toolbar that includes options. Buttons that have flyout toolbars are marked with a small white triangle in the lower corner.
Ortho: Restricts the movement of the cursor to specific angles. Normal angle is 90 degrees.
Created by: jniebergall