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Channel Theory

meridian flow

This channel begins in the region of the stomach (middle-burner) Lung
passes downward to connect with the Large Intestine Lung
Returning, it follows the Cardiac orifice, crosses the Diaphragm, Enters the associated organ, the Lung Lung
Emerging transversely from the area between the Lung & the Throat Lung
the channel descends along the anterior aspect of the upper arm, lateral to the Heart & Pericardium channels Lung
Reaching the elbow, it continues along the anterior aspect of the forearm to the Anterior Margin of the Styloid process at the Wrist Lung
From here, it crosses the Radial artery at the Pulse & extends over the Thenar Eminence to the Radial side of the tip of the thumb. Lung
A branch splits from the main channel above the Styloid Process at the Wrist & travels directly to the radial side of the tip of the index finger. Lung
Channel begins at the radial side of the tip of the index finger Large Intestine
proceeds upward between the 1st and 2nd Metacarpal bones of the Hand Large Intestine
Then passes between the tendons of the: Extensor Pollicis Longus and Brevis Large Intestine
Continues along the Radial Margin of the Forearm to the Lateral side of the Elbow Large Intestine
From here it rises along the Lateral aspect of the upper arm to the Shoulder Joint Large Intestine
Then crosses behind the shoulder following the Anterior Margin of the Acromion before turning upward Large Intestine
Just beneath the Spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra, the channel enters directly into the supraclavicular fossa & connects with the Lung before descending across the diaphragm to the Large Intestine Large Intestine
Branch: separates from the main channel at the supraclavicular fossa & moves upward through the neck, crosses the cheek & enters the Lower gum Large Intestine
From here, it curves around the lip and intersects the same chanel coming from the opposite side of the body at the philtrum Large intestine
Created by: caitlyon