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Animal Farm Vocabula

vocabulary from animal farm for final test

apathy lack of interest and emotion; unconcern; listless
benevolent doing good; kindly
comrade friend or close companion
cynical believing people are only selfish and insincere
ecstasy overpowered by emotion as by joy
enmity feelings of enemy; hostility
pre-eminent above or excelling others
reproach to accuse and blame for a fault so as to ashame
vivacious full of life; spirited; lively
fortnight a two week period
indefatigable cannot be tired out
irrepressible impossible to put down or subdue
cryptic mysterious, secret
maxim a concise rule of conduct
obstinate determined to have one's own way; stubborn
posthumous continuing after one's death
shirk to neglect or evade
toil to work hard and continuously
tractable easily managed
din loud and discordant noises
ensconced settled comfortably
indignation righteous anger
ignominy disgraceful or dishonorable conduct
laborious involving much hard work; difficult
malignity having an evil influence
procure to get; obtain
repose to lie at rest
restive nervous under restraint; restless
reverent feeling of deep respect, love, and awe
sordid dirty; filthy; ignoble
beatifically showing happiness or delight
capitulate to give up
conciliatory to win over; to make friendly
uproarous making great noise (not necessarily negative)
machinations to plot or scheme with evil intent
nocturnal active or done at night
retinue a group of persons attending a person of importance or rank
retribution punishment for evil done
treachery betrayal of trust; disloyalty
vanity overly proud of oneself
bon mot a clever or witty remark
borne to bear; to withstand or endure
falter to move unsteadily
filial due from a son or daughter
haughty arrogant; having great pride in oneself
inebriate a drunkard or alcoholic
knacker person who slaughters animals
morose ill-tempered; gloomy
piebald covered with patches of two colors
superannuated too old for work
taciturn almost always silent; not liking to talk
Created by: samyxox