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Anne Frank Act 1:1-3

The Diary of Anne Frank Act I Scenes 1 - 3

On page 345 of the literature book, on July 6, 1942, it states that Margot was required to report for deportation. What does deportation mean? removal
What was one of the rights that the Nuremberg Laws of September 15, 1935, denied to the Jews? German citizenship.
Put the following events from Anne's early life in chronological order: A. Anne Frank received a diary for her birthday. B. The Van Pels fled Germany C. Germany and Italy became Allies. D. Fritz Pfeffer died. C. Germany and Italy became Allies. B. The Van Pels fled Germany A. Anne Frank received a diary for her birthday. D. Fritz Pfeffer died.
What are the last two entries on the time line mainly about? The surrender of the Axis power.
Why did the Franks move to Amsterdam? They moved there because the Nazis began persecuting Jews in Germany.
Which year of World War II did Nazi cruelty toward Jews apparently begin its most inhumane expression? 1942
Which event led to the United States' entry into World War II? The bombing of Pearl Harbor
What years did World War II run its course? 1939 - 1945
Which early event in the play provides the best evidence of a conflict in personalities between characters? Mrs. Frank attempts to stop Anne from answering back to the Van Daans.
Why do the characters arrive at the annex wearing several layers of clothing? They would look suspicious carrying luggage.
The hiding place of the Franks and the van Daans is in the building where Mr. Frank used to have his business.
Why does Mr. Frank decide that Mr.Dussel should join them in hiding, in spite of the concerns of Mr. Van Daan and Mrs. Frank? Mr. Frank is willing to make sacrifices in order to save another person.
Why does Anne get in trouble more often than her sister Margot? Margot is quiet and meek, while Anne insists on expressing her own opinions.
How does Peter feel about Anne in the first three scenes of the play? He finds her too talkative and resents her teasing.
How do Anne and her father get along? They have a close relationship.
How does the writer of the play transition to the flashback? Mr. Frank begins reading the diary, and Anne's voice continues reading.
In the play, a flashback is NOT associated with details of Anne's life before the war broke out.
unabashed unashamed
conspicuous particularly noticeable
loathe hate
indignantly angrily; irritably
fortify reinforce or strengthen
Which main characters in Act I of the play are not Jewish? Miep and Mr. Kraler
What symbol did Hitler require the Jews to wear in public? a yellow Star of David
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