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Cyber Safety Words

Definitions of words about cyber safety

Flaming Constantly directing aggressive or abusive typed messages towards another person.
Harassment The act of aggressively pressuring or forcing someone to do something, usually by intimidation.
Cyber Stalking Stalking someone over the Internet.
Denigration The act of unfairly criticizing or denouncing someone.
Exclusion Preventing someone from participating, usually in an activity involving close friends.
Trolling Making ridiculous or offensive statements online, typically to provoke a reaction.
Impersonation Pretending to be a different person, usually for entertainment or fraud.
Outing Publicizing another person’s secret, usually without their permission or consent.
Trickery The act of deception.
IM Instant messaging.
Upstander One who stands up to bullies.
Malicious Wanting to do harm.
Crossing the Line Taking a feud or dispute too far, usually by making the quarrel personal.
Snapchat A web-based social media app that allows users to send photos and videos to others for a designated period of time, usually up to 15 seconds.
Anonymous Unknown; not identified by name.
Privacy The state or condition of being free from being disturbed or observed by others.
Posting The act of sending or submitting a typed message to an Internet location.
Settings A place where things on your phone can be adjusted.
Digital Media Digitized content that can be transmitted over the Internet.
Reputation The way one or one’s personality is perceived by others.
Texting Sending others a typed message via a cellular device.
Teasing Taunting someone with the intention of goading or provoking them.
Empathy Sharing the feelings of another person.
Criminal One who has committed a crime.
Report A spoken or written account of an occurrence.
App A piece downloadable content on mobile devices designed to fulfill a purpose.
Created by: ImAllTheRage