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Computer Terms

I'm Fairly Local; I've been around. (definitions for computer)

Flaming Sending offensive messages over the internet
Harrasment The act of bullying someone over and over
Cyberstalking Seeking someone out on the internet and obsessing over them; using the internet to find out personal information about someone
Denigration Speaking about someone in a derogatory way
Exclusion Leaving someone out of things
Trolling The act of posting negative things online to provoke a response
Impersonation The act of pretending to be someone you're not
Outing To reveal secrets about someone
Trickery Deceitfulness
IM Instant Messaging
Upstander Someone who stands up against bullying
Malicious Intentionally harmful
Crossing the line Overstepping boundaries (used figuratively)
Snapchat A social media site used to send pictures that last for only a few seconds
Anonymous Of unknown author
Posting Making messages or comments available to see online
Settings Used to control how you want your websites to work
Digital Media Anything that can be created digitally
Reputation The estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally
Texting Messaging sent over devices such as cellphones
Teasing Picking on others
Empathy Having feelings or compassion for others
Criminal Guilty of a crime
Report To make known someone’s wrongful actions to be punished
App Short for application
Privacy Freedom to be let alone; independence from intrusions
Created by: Fairly Local