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Physiology-Adrenal Glands-WVSOM Class of 2012

the glomerulosa layer has what enzyme present? cyp11b2
acth has primary influence on which cortex layers? fasiculata and reticularis
what inhibits glucocorticoid? anp
what disease is a defect / deletion in genes encoding StAR or steroidogenic enzymes? congenital adrenal hyperplasia
what is most common cuase of congenital adrenal hyperplasia? cyp21a2
cushing's syndrome vs. cushing's disease, which is hypersecretion of acth? cushing's disease
where is problem in cushing's in adults vs. children? pituitary in adults, kidney in children
what is primary stimulator of aldosterone? angiotensin II
what inhibits mineralocorticoids? anp
excess aldosterone leads to what? high blood pressure
adrenal androgens are more important in which gender? females
what cells in the medulla make catecholemines? chromaffin cells
what causes hypersecretion from medulla? theochromocytoma
Created by: mhassan