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More Egyptian mythology test review

In the story of Isis and Osiris, who kills Osiris? Set
How many times is Osiris killed? 2
How many pieces is Osiris cut up into? 14
Osiris becomes ruler of Egypt when Isis learns: Ra's secret name
The only person Isis is allowed to share her knowledge with is: her son, Horus
What "gift" does Set give Osiris? the first sarcophagus
Who does Isis bless in this story? children
Who curses Nut so she cannot bear a child on any day of the 360-day year? Ra
Who does Thoth challenge to a contest of draughts? Khonsu, the moon-god
What 2 natural occurences are explained by the outcome of this contest of daughts? 365-day year & moon cycle
What custom for Egyptian pharoahs was started by Osiris and Isis? marrying their siblings
What material made up the boat that Isis traveled in while looking for Osiris? papyrus
What does Horus say is the noblest thing a man can do? "avenge his father and mother for any evil"
What animal does Horus say is best suited for this noble task? a horse
What animal form does Set take on in his final battle with Horus? a hippopotamus
Created by: MsForsberg