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Egyptian mythology test review

As the sun god, he is seen by all. Ra
This "ugly" god is the fierce protector of home and family. Bes
This goddess of the sky is covered in stars. Nut
The son of Osiris, this hawk god is the protector of pharaohs. Horus
The wife of Osiris, she is considered the greatest magician in Egypt. Isis
Ironically, this god of growth, fertility, and new life, is the ruler of the underworld. Osiris
Son of Nephthys and Osiris, this jackal is the god of the dead. Anubis
This brother of Osiris, as god of chaos and disorder, is sometimes good, but usually evil. Set
Fittingly, this hippo goddess protects pregnant women, moms, and babies. Tawaret
This creator god of craftsmen, who made man and woman, has a ram's head. Khnum
Sister to Isis and wife of Set, she is usually more loyal to her sister. Nephthys
The husband of the sky goddess, he is kept from her for all eternity as the god of earth. Geb
This god of the Nile floodwaters was SUPER important to the Egyptians; his favor kept them alive. Hapy
The other "half" or "form" of the sun god, this king is a creator god known as "the hidden one." Amun
This god of writing (& knowledge) is usually depicted with the head of a long-beaked bird. Thoth
Created by: MsForsberg