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Stack #187265

Fang's final modifications +

What are functions of bai shao & xiang fu in Chai Hu San? bai shao - nourishes LR Blood. xiang fu - stops pain
What is action of Chai Hu Shu Gan San & what disorder is it used for? moves qi, disperses LR (derived from Si Ni San); treats hypochondria pain
What is indication for Long Dan Xie Gan Tang? damp-heat in LR/GB
Ingredients of Long Dan Xie Gan Tang? long dan cao(c), ze xie, mu tong, che qian zi, dang gui, chai hu, gan cao, sheng di
What is function of 'che qian zi' in Long Dan Xie Gan Tang? drain damp
What is dose of 'yinchenhao' in Yin Chen Hao Tang? Large dose 30-50g
What is often cause of LR yang rising? LR & KI yin Xu; branch(upper) = excess, root(lower) = deficiency
How is Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin prepared? Cook 'gou teng' only last 10 minutes.
What is function of 'chuan niu xi' in Tian Ma Gou Tang Yin? descends qi
Function of 'fu shen' & 'ye jiao teng' in Tian Ma Gou Teng yin? calms shen
Dizzines, distending HA, worse w/anger or fatigue, red face, bitter taste and frequent dreams - what formula & diagnosis? Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin; dizziness d/t LR Yang rising.
Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang can be modified with what for severe dizziness? bai jiang can (silkworm)
What does Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang (drive out the stasis in mansion of blood) treat? blood stasis from chest trauma
What does Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang (unblock the orifices & invigorate blood) treat and what can be added to decoction? blood stasis from head trauma; add wine to decoction to assist moving qi & blood
What are pre-windstroke symptoms? HBP, sudden weak legs, dizzness, numb hands/legs, distending HA
Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang (sedate the LR & extinguish wind decoction) - what type of windstroke is treated? KI & LR Yin xu with wind disturbing upward
What are the chiefs & their doses of Zhen Gan xi Feng Tang? huai niu xi & dai zhe shi - large doses 30g
What is the most common sequelae to windstroke? hemiplegia - Qi Xu w/blood stasis
What formula treats hemiplegia d/t Qi xu w/blood stasis? Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang (tonify the yang to restore 5/10th decoction)
What is chief herb of Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang & its dosage huang qi, start with large dose 20g & gradually increase to 120g
What are symptoms of hemiplagia d/t LR yang rising? hemiplagia, HA, dizziness, red face, HA, warm body, P-wiry/forceful, T-dark red or purple spots.
Formula for hemiplagia d/t LR yang rising? Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang (sedate the LR & extinguish wind decoction)
Formula for cold shan qi (hernia)? Tian Tai Wu Yao San (top-quality lindera powder)
What is function of xuan shen? tonify yin
what is function of mai ya? tonify SP & disperse LR
What herb disperse wind-phlegm on face? bai fu zi
what herbs disperse wind from the taiyang meridian? qianghou & fang feng
what is function of dai zhe shi? tranquilize shen
Symptoms of HT yin or blood xu? insomnia, red tongue tip, night sweats, poor memory, thin tongue coat
What is 'beng shi'? 'running piglet qi' - palpitations, restlessness from lower abdomen goes to throat.
What pattern of palpitations is An Shen Ding Zhi Wan used for? timid HT & GB Qi xu
What are the symptoms to use Gui Pi Tang? palpitations, fatigue, easily wakes, dizziness, sallow complexion
Patient has palpitations, SOB, pale face, cold limbs, cold intolerance - what is diagnosis & what formula treats it? HT Yang Xu; Gui Zhi Gan Cao Long Gu Mu Li Tang - mild formula
if patient has severe HT Yang xu - low BP, purplish tongue & lips - what formula? Shen Fu Tang
Formula to treat chest bi syndrome d/t heart blood stasis Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang (drive out stasis in the mansion of blood decoction)
formula which treats chest bi syndrome d/t chest yang blockage? Gua Lou xie Bai Bai Jiu Tang - for mild case.
Formula to treat chest bi syndorme d/t phlegm-heat or phlegm-fire obstructing Lung? Xiao Xian Xiong Tang (minor sinking into the chest decoction).
Symptoms of chest bi d/t HT blood stasis? fixed severe stabbing pain - worse at night & cold days.
Symptoms of chest bi d/t chest yang blockage (cold stagnation)? oppressive chest pain with tightness & congestion - worse w/cold weather; palpitations, can't lay flat, pale face, spontaneous sweating
Symptoms of phlegm-heat or phlegm fire obstructing lung? burning pain; thirst, irritability, loud breathing, thick yellow sputum & heat signs (fever, sweat, constipation).
what single herbs remove chest blockage? gua lou & xie bai
What is most common pattern of insomnia? HT & SP Xu
What are causes of HT & SP Xu? profuse menstrual bleeding, overstudy
Single herb modifications for insomnia? severe palpitations - shu di huang; lots of dreams - bai zi ren or suan zao ren;
Primary formula for insomnia d/t heat-phlegm? Huang Lian Wen Dan Tang > clears heat & phlegm; Wen Dan Tang > if more phlegm & less heat.
If patient has insomnia for several years - what is the result? Qi & Blood are consumed.
What is root cause of depression (yu syndrome)? LR Qi Stagnation
Formula to treat LR Qi stagnation & chiefs Chai hu Shu Gan Tang (bupleurum decoction to spread the LR) chai hu & bai shao = chiefs; or Xiao Yao San (rambling powder) chai hu(c).
What is Yue Ju Wan (escape restraint pill) & its ing & functions? first formula created for depression/stagnations; chuan xiong>blood, cang zhu>phlegm, xiang fu>qi, zhi zi>heat, e shen qu>food
Symptoms of Qi Stagnaion transformed to Fire? irritability, easily loses temper, acid regurgitation, burning sensation in epigastrium, dry mouth, HA, constipation...
Formula for depression d/t qi stagnation transformed to fire? Jia Wei San Xiao Yao San (aka Dan zhi Xiao Yao San) + mu dan pi & zhi zi
Symptoms of depression d/t Qi stagnation w/phlegm accumulation? feeling of suffocation in chest, frequent sighing, T-white greasy coat, P-wiry slippery
Formula for depression d/t Qi stagnation w/phlegm accumuation? Ban xia Hou Po Tang (pinellia & magnolia bark decoction)> moves qi & phlegm
If phlegm transforms to fire, what formula? Wen Dan Tang
What is the caution using Gan Mai Da Zao Tang (licorice wheat & jujube decoction)? if patient has wheat allergy
What is the best way to prepare suan zao ren? dry fry then add to decoction
What is "dian"? depressive stage, yin, damp & cold
What is "kuang'? manic stage, yang, damp & heat
What pattern of Dian Kuang is a later stage of depression? Phlegm & qi stagnation
What formulas treat dian d/t phlegm & qi stagnation? Chai hu Shu gan Tang > moves qi + Di Tan Tang (scour phlegm decoction) > disperse phlegm
What is most important factor of Dian Kuang? Qi stagnation; phlegm blocks meridians or mists heart
What is cause of epilepsy (xian syndrome)? wind-phlegm
What formulas are useful during attack period of yang type epilepsy? Qing Re Zhen Jing Tang > disperse heat, calms LR wind WITH Ding Xian Wan (arrest seizure pill) ingest both for 6 months
What is Yang Edema? Wind ededma; exterior wind attacks body, abrupt onset(1-2 days), begins at eyelids & spreads; tight skin, joint pain, sore throat
Formula to treat Yang Edema? Yue Bi Jia Zhu Tang (ma huang tang + bai zhu) > disperse LU Qi via sweat
IF after using Yue bi Jia zhu tang, exterior syx are gone, but edema still present, use what formula? Wu Ling San > drains edema
What is difference between Yin Edema d/t SP Qi Xu or KI Qi Xu More KI Xu = more coldness; digestive problems in both
Formula for Yin edema d/t SP Yang Qi Xu? Shi Pi San (bolster the SP decoction)> warms interior, tonifies SP & diperses edema
Formulas for Yin edema d/t KI Yang Qi Xu? Ji Sheng Shen Qi Wan (KI qi pill from formulas that aid the living) >tonifies KI Yin & yang PLUS Zhen Wu Tang (true warrior decoction) > strong dispersing
modifications for KI QI Xu edema? asthma - ren shen & ge jie (KI not holding qi);purple tongue/lips & SOB - triple fu zi dose
What is root of Xiao Ke? Yin deficiency
What are major organs involved in Xiao Ke? Lung, Spleen, Kidney
Formula for Lung (shang xiao)? Xiao Ke Fang > clears heat, moistens lung, generates body fluids
Formula for Spleen/ST (zhong xiao)? Yu Nu Jian (jade woman decoction) > clears ST heat, stops bleeding & acid regurgitation (d/t ST heat)
What is chief herb of Yu Nu Jian (jade woman decoction)? raw shi gao
Formula for KI (Xia Xiao) and chief herb? Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (6-ingredient pill w/rehmannia); shu di huang(c)
What formula can be used for all Xiao Ke (w/modifications)? Yu Ye Tang (jade fluid decoction) or Liu Wei Di Huang Wan > for all long term Xiao Ke.
What is Bi Zheng (bi syndrome)? invasion of wind, cold, damp or heat obstructing channels; block qi & blood causing pain
What condition do patients usually have prior to Bi Syndrome? general Qi Xu; external evil attacks, then lingers causing obstructions.
Which type of Bi has highest pain level? Cold Bi (tong = pain)
Which bi syndrome is easiest to treat/cure? Wind Bi (xing=moving) w/Fang Feng Tang
Which single herb treats spinal/lumbar pain? du zhong
Single herb for pain in shoulder / upper body? qiang hou
Herbs for severe leg pain? du huo & niu xi
Formula for Cold Bi & its chief? Wu Tou Tang w/wine > moves qi and blood; chief = wu tou (toxic) > warms & stops pain
if patient has extreme cold? lu rong > warms KI yang
What is treatment plan for Damp Bi (zhao = sticky/lingering)? drain damp & tonify SP
Formula for Damp Bi and its chief's prep? Yi Yi Ren Tang; yi yi ren(c) 20-30g > dry fry to increase drain dampness strength
Which Bi is sensitive to touch & what formula treats it? Heat Bi; Bai Hu Gui Zhi Tang
What type of herbs can be added for Heat Bi? clear heat toxin herbs:pu gong ying, jin yin hua, dao di wu gong
What causes exterior HA? wind combines w/other evil
What is most common HA (tou tong) and formula which treats it? LR Yang rising; Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin
Chiefs & preparation of Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin? tian ma, gou teng (cook only 10 minutes) & shi jue ming (pre-cook)
If distended HA with numbness, what single herbs? bai zhu & ju hua
What herb if HA has more heat signs - red eyes, T-dry yellow coat? long dan cao
What is Tan Yin? refers to interior phlegm retention
What type of herbs treat Tan Yin? warm herbs
What is mechanism of Tan Yin? similar to edema - but tan yin has more upper body involvement; it is d/t deficiency of Yang
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