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Bladder Points

UB Overview (Chris- EWCNM)

What is Mu and Shu points? R3, UB28
What is Lou and Xi cleft point of UB channel? UB58, UB63
What is horary point of UB channel? UB66
What is 6 channel partner of UB channel? SI H-Taiyang
What is Zang-fu pair of UB? KID F-Shaoyin
What point known as "Bright Eyes" is the meeting point of all Yang channels (except LI) and can be used for all eye disorders? UB1
What point can be substituted for UB1 to treat all disorders of the eye as well as frontal HA, sinus HA and hanng over HA? UB2
Which point can you bleed to clear heat from the head? UB2
Which point benifits the nose to treat all disorders of the nose by apply moxa to the contalateral side? UB7
Which point expels wind-cold, wind-heat and wind-damp to treat bursting eye pain, occipital headaches and stiff neck and is used in a combination called 3 Gates: DU4/DU1 UB9
What is the window of the sky point? UB10
Which point regulates qi and pacifies wind to treat dizziness with collaspe of legs from rebeillous qi rising to the head? UB10
What point is the influential point of the bones to treat all bone disorders? UB11
What point that benefits the bones and joints can also expel pathogens and wind-cold to treats OBS and Alzheimer's mania? UB11
What point known as "Wind Gate" expels wind, strengthens the Wei Qi and firms the exterior to prevent colds? UB12
Name the Shu points on the Thoracic vertebra? UB13-LU, UB14-PC, UB15-HT, UB18-LIV, UB19-GB, UB20-SP, UB21-ST
Name the Shu points on the Lumbar vertebra? UB22-SJ, UB23-KID, UB25-LI
Name the Shu points on the Sacral vertebra? UB27-SI, UB28-UB
What point tonifes and nourshes the Lung Qi and is used to treat all disorders of the lungs? UB13
What point spreads Liver Qi and unbinds the chest and regulates the heart to treat pain and opression in the chest, palpations and restless zang disorder? UB14
What point Tonifies and nourishes the heart to treat all disorders of the heart, anxiety, insomnia, dreaming (fire); mania, epilepsy, dementia (phlegm), palpations, irregular pulse (qi), chest pain (stasis) UB15
What point is the best point for skin disorders such as psoriasis, alpecia and purritis? UB16
What point is the Influential point of the blood, used to invigorate blood, dispel bood stasis, cool blood, stops bleeding, nourished blood as well as harmonizes the diagphram? UB17
What point known as "diagphram shu" harmonizes the diaphragm and used to treat blood disorders as well as rebeillous qi causing vomiting, reflux and hiccups? UB17
What point spreads liver qi, regulates and nourishes liver blood, benefits eyes and sinews and pacifies wind to treat all disorders of the liver? UB18
What point tonifies and regulates the gallbladder and clears damp-heat from LIV/GB and clears pathogens from the shaoyang to treat jaundice and shaoyang disorders? UB19
What point tonfies spleen qi and yang, regulates spleen to hold blood and resolves damp to all disorders of the spleen? UB20
What point regulates the stomach and descends rebellion to treat rebellious stomach qi? ST21
What point regulates and moves the san jaio, resolves abdominal masses and regulates water passages to treat dysuria, hematuria or edeam? ST22
What point tonifies the kidneys, regulates water passages, benefits the ears, lumbar, uerus and essence to treat all disorders of the kidneys? ST23
What point treats cold in the ueterus causing infertifity? ST23
What point regulates the intestines to treat diarrhea, constipation or intestinal abcesses? ST25
What point known as "original gate shu" strengthen the lumbar to treat wind-taxation lumbar pain? ST26
What point regulates small intestine qi, seperates the pure from the turbid to drain tubidity downward to treat painful shan disorders (lower abd pain radiating to testes and lumbar)? ST27
What point regulates the bladder, clears damp-heat, dispel stasis and resolves masses to treat painful, difficult urination? ST28
What is the emperical point for leukorrhea? ST30
Which 4 bladder point benefits the lumbar, faciliates urination and defication, regulated menses and leukorrhea and are included in the 4 crevices? UB31/32/33/34
What is the emperical point for dysmenorrhea? UB32
What point the relaxes sinews and relieves pain to treat sciatic pain worse with sitting? UB36
What point is the lower Hea-Sea point of san jaio that harmonizes the San Jaio and regulates urination to treat enuresi UB39
What is the command point of the lower back? UB40
What point benifits is best for clearing summerheat, stop vomiting and diarrhea and benifits the bladder to treat heatstroke, ceaseless thirst, malaria and all types of urinay problems? UB40
What point is commonly used with LI11 to treat skin disorders? UB40
Were does the lateral Shu points start and were are they located? 3 cun mdline, starting at UB41 at T2 and ending at UB54 at SI4
Name the spiritual points? UB42-Po, UB44-Shen, UB47-Hun, UB49-Yi,UB52-Zhi
What point is the emperical point for TB? UB43
What point cures the 100 disease by tonifying the LU/HT/KD/SP/ST, nourishing yin and fosters orginal qi to treat any and all types of deficiency? UB43
WHat point that spreads liver qi and relaxes the sinews is used to treat contracted sinews causing whole body joint and bone pain? UB47
What point regulates spleen and stomach is the best point to treat wasting an thirsting? UB49
What point tonifies the kidneys, benefits essence, bladder and urination and is second best to treating disorders of the Kidneys? UB52
What point is the emperical point for sciatica and should always be needled if tender? UB54
What is the emperical point for hemmroids with a headache? UB57
What point activated the entire channel to be used to treat pain anywere along the channel and is known as the asprin point? UB60
What that strongly descends yang and pacifies wind is used as a distal point for treating occipital headaches? UB60
What point is the husband and wife points? KID3/UB60
What point that promotes labor is contraindicated in pregnacy? UB60, UB67
What point is the emperical point for epilepsy becuase it pacifies internal and external wind and opens and regulate the Yang Mobility Vessel? UB62
What point is the Xi cleft point that treats sudden onset shan disorder or sudden onset turmoil disorder? UB63
What point that eliminates wind and clears the head and eyes is used to treat pain and heaviness in head with splitting headache and cold feet? UB65
What point the clears heat in head, eyes and dissipates swelling to treat carbuncular back swellings? UB65
What point decends both LU Qi and ST Qi? UB66
What point should you moxa to turns a malpostioned fetus and induces labor (breech)? UB67
Created by: cawalte3