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PBHS Fine Arts

Fine Arts and Stuff We Still Need to Know

Dance Macabre Camille Saint Saens
March to the Scaffold Symphonie Fantastic by Hector Berlioz
Dream of a Witches' Sabbath Symphonie Fantastic by Berlioz
Romeo and Juliet Symphony Tchaikovsky
Romeo and Juliet (Ballet) Prokofiev
Art style pioneered by Mark Rothko in the late 1940s Color Field Painting
In the Hall of the Mountain King Peer Gynt by Grieg
Hebrides Overture Mendelssohn
Hungarian Dances Brahms
Hungarian Rhapsody Liszt
Trout Quintet Schubert
Opera based on a play by Dumas; the fallen woman, Violetta Valery, a parisian courtesan. (She, like Mimi, had tuberculosis.) La Traviata by Verdi
Violetta Valery La Traviatea by Verdi
German Baroque composer J.S. Bach
French Romantic composer; Treatise on Instrumentation Berlioz
Romantic; Polish composer and piano virtuoso; love affair with George Sand Chopin
El Salon Mexico, Billy the Kid (ballet) Copland
L' Orfeo one of the earliest operas Montiverdi (also a Roman Catholic priest)
Sleeping Beauty (ballet) Tchaikovsky
The hunch-backed court jester and his beautiful daughter, Gilda; the king of Mantua; based on a play by Victor Hugo Rigoletto
Parsifal Wagner
Known for uniquely English form Baroque music Purcell
Created by: gkarlish
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